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Retro space exploration game in the spirit of Starflight and Star Control, set in an infinite procedural universe. Combat,quests,loot!
Retro space exploration game in the spirit of Starflight and Star Control, set in an infinite procedural universe. Combat,quests,loot!
Retro space exploration game in the spirit of Starflight and Star Control, set in an infinite procedural universe. Combat,quests,loot!
421 backers pledged $8,669 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. TeeJay on

      Congrats on the funding!!!! <3

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Sebastian on

      Hey Bob, nice work! I just made it in time. :) I found your project because I live right down the road in Woodbridge, and backed it because I love the game!

      I've been programming since the third grade when I got my Commodore 64, so I can definitely respect what it is you are doing here. (and I also remember printing out my BASIC code for my text adventure games on my dot matrix printer).

      I'd love to help out in any way I can. I just wish I could back at the highest level!

    3. Jörn Huxhorn

      I really hoped the $10k could be reached. ;(

    4. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Thanks to everyone! Today is the day, and everyone who pledged will receive the new version with the save function. People who pledge at the "PLAYTESTER!" and above will continue to receive new versions approximately every 2 weeks, and will have direct input into the finished product.
      Time for breakfast! Thanks again!

    5. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      If AI hits 600+ backers, regardless of pledge level, I'm going to add a special play mode for all the supporters.

      Keep spreading the word!

      Thanks from work,

    6. Joshua Warren on

      Thanks, Bob! I have a background in software development (but luckily - I think - most of the development I do these days is in PHP, for the web) so I know how challenging building an awesome product from the ground-up and supporting two platforms while doing it can be, so I'd rather see Approaching Infinity become an awesome game on Windows than a mediocre game on Windows & Mac. So, let me know what I can do to help as you test on the Mac platform, but I understand if you have to prototype things out on the Windows version first!

      And you're welcome, Jörn. I always seem to find Kickstarter projects after it's too late - when they're already too short of a stretch goal, or just hours after they ended. So I'm just excited I came across a project I was interested in at the right moment to make a difference!

    7. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Joshua , you are a wonderful human being!
      A single high value backer dropped out right after I updated the front page!
      Something came up, and I'm sure he'll be back at some pledge level.

      Because of your dedication, I'm going to do everything I can to include Mac in some of the betas.

      Thank you everyone!

    8. Jörn Huxhorn

      @Joshua On behalf of other Mac-heads and myself: Thank you very much!

    9. Joshua Warren on

      Just backed at a fairly high level specifically to push the total back above the Mac goal. I use both Windows and Mac for gaming, but games like this I see myself playing the most on my laptop, which is a Mac.

      If you need an alpha or beta tester for Mac releases, let me know!

    10. Kahuna Kevin on

      I think Mac goal will be possible given the remaining time, possibly the next stretch goal or 2 after. The last 24 hours usually see a big surge from watchers who receive their reminder emails and people browsing noticing the project is ending soon.

    11. Jörn Huxhorn

      Yikes, we dropped below the Mac goal!

    12. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I hope this makes it onto Steam!

    13. Jörn Huxhorn

      Ongoing Mac support? I'm in!
      (No chance for a Mac alpha, I suppose?)

    14. Missing avatar

      Nico Denevi on

      Congratulations!! Excelent work, I make a few suggestions:

      Better than a sector-based map game would make one giant, infinite...
      Support for high resolutions, the game window is very small in 1920x1080
      More detail for the crew and RPG elements both on the ship and planetary descents
      Greetings from Argentina

    15. Frogdice on

      Hello fellow project creator! I really dig your game. As much as I love fantasy, there aren't enough sci-fi games out there. And a sci-fi roguelike is DESPERATELY needed.

      Well, I better get back to managing my own campaign. I'll check back and make sure to tell as many folks as possible about this cool game.

    16. Kahuna Kevin on

      I hope this at least makes the ongoing Mac support stretch.

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven Wall on

      I was planning on backing this at a lower tier, and at the last minute, but I decided to do it now anyway. Auto Explore is go!

    18. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Really glad to see this funded! Very modest goal, so I hope we can hit a lot of the stretches. I'd personally like to see this on Steam Greenlight, but I know that might be beyond the scope. Happy I found out about this project!

      If you guys like RPGs, check out Guido Henkel (Planescape: Torment, Realms of Arkania trilogy)'s Deathfire. It's been greenlit on Steam, but it is far, far short of its funding goal, and it looks awesome. Only a couple days left to go on it. :(

    19. RagerX on

      Funded! Now for those stretch goals. We need auto-explore bots. :D

    20. FedoraG4mer on

      Awesome guy Jim Shepard pointed me in the direction of Approaching Infinity. And I am glad he did. This is a wonderful spin on a more "traditional" roguelike and I quite enjoy it.

      So I covered it on my "Kickin' It" kickstarter spotlight video series :-)

      This needs to be funded! :-)

    21. Bennie Hero McCool on

      Been playing the demo all day, loads of fun and well worth my $10 already!

    22. Luke Hughes on

      I like your emphasis on 'help'. You will keep people that way since they can get into easily. It would be nice if text identifying things that are happening to you (or objects you are finding) could appear on the GUI showing the object so you don't have to contact look down to the text area..
      Good luck, hope you are posting whereever you can so you can get the $$ you need. I have backed you.

    23. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Thanks a lot! It's a great milestone. Still a long way to go in the grand scheme of things, but we're working on it!

    24. Kahuna Kevin on

      Congrats on reaching past 50%!!!

    25. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Hi, You can send me a personal email at Saunders72{at}hotmail[dot]com if you want to keep this going. (That goes for any of you!)

    26. Tired Gamer Syndrome on

      I'd be happy to give you more information on Prospector and just talk to you about it.

    27. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Ok, I'll respond to that! No, I'm not the creator of prospector, but I have talked to him, and played it a little. Never got past one planet. Basically, Prospector opened my eyes to the fact that you could do something like "star trek the roguelike", or whatever.
      Approaching Infinity has been called "a Starflight-like", or "EGA Trek and Elite had a space baby." So yeah, AI has its influences. But this is definitely my take on it, and it's meant to be accessible.

      What happened to me in so many games is that I would try them, and then say, "OK, this is a cool idea, but what do you do?" I've tried to help the player avoid that feeling as much as possible. With the tutorial, loot, monsters, quests, graphics, sound, feedback, tool-tips, in-game messages, etc. I'm trying to avoid that "What is going on?" feeling in players.

      Approaching Infinity has a lot in common with prospector, but it has a much different focus (from what I've heard... I don't know much about prospector from personal experience.)

    28. Tired Gamer Syndrome on

      i'm not saying it is bad that it is like Prospector. I'm actually excited about that! I loved prospector and would love if he took a few ideas from it. It'd make me super happy to be able to explore, mine, ect... planets freely

    29. Missing avatar

      Henry Akeley on

      So, what have we here...a StaRfLight - like? Brilliant stuff. Plus, a modest goal, playable demo, experienced designer - seems a Kickstarter 101...whats not to like.

      I love Prospector, and sure, this game might look similar to some, but they`re ultimately different. And anyway, it`s not like SF RL is a crowded genre, so the more the merrier I say.

    30. Paul Hocker on

      Holy Cow! I just realized there was a Demo.

    31. Tired Gamer Syndrome on

      Taking inspiration from Prospector? OR are you the old dev from Prospector?

    32. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Yes, indeed, Game Saves will be in the Beta, one of the first features implemented, but not before that. The alpha is for demonstration purposes, and it continues to evolve, but I feel that game saves are not needed to properly showcase the game (and I want to offer backers some exclusive content, because you deserve it!)

    33. Barry Pitcher on

      Really enjoying the demo. When will the save option be available? If it is a Beta thing you can consider my pledge upped :)

    34. Gabriel Hernandez on


    35. Alexander Pavlovsky on

      This game looks very promising. Good luck man.

    36. Zwarteziel on

      Great to see AGK being used so creatively. Good luck with the campaign!

    37. Simon Ernst on

      The new music is great! So much hope and curiosity in there :)
      All the best for the Kickstarter!

    38. Eeve Somepx on

      Go Bob, best wishes! :D