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Retro space exploration game in the spirit of Starflight and Star Control, set in an infinite procedural universe. Combat,quests,loot!
Retro space exploration game in the spirit of Starflight and Star Control, set in an infinite procedural universe. Combat,quests,loot!
Retro space exploration game in the spirit of Starflight and Star Control, set in an infinite procedural universe. Combat,quests,loot!
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    1. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Hello, Kurt,
      I see your name on the splash screen all the time :)
      (brought to you today by...)

      A status update? well...

      Approaching Infinity was released in Dec 2014 by shrapnel games. Kickstarter backers received a download link and serial # in their kickstarter accounts.
      A few weeks ago, we released the 2nd update (version 1.20) , with lots of awesome new content. You can get the update for free at :

      As for the previous commenter (Joel Detrow) : I am *NOT* Shrapnel Games. I did not sign the deal with them until 6 months after the kickstarter ended.

      I tried for more than a year to get AI on steam to no avail. Shrapnel has done some beautiful work producing a physical copy of the game, complete with 48 page manual. Very old-school. Also very pricey in the current market. But that is not my doing. It is what it is, and will remain that way as long as i am contractually bound.

      Bob (Project Creator)

    2. Kurt K

      Hello, could we get an update on the current status of the project, please.

    3. Joel Detrow on

      Are you guys at Shrapnel Games ever going to get with the times and introduce a DRM-free version (which is also cheaper), preferably on You really have to realize that your restrictive DRM practices and high pricing turn off a ton of modern gamers who would otherwise be quite happy to give you money to play your game.

      Heck, it almost turned *me* off when I had to enter a key to "activate" my copy, and I was shocked to learn the full version is $40 (if that was stated somewhere on the original KS, I missed it). If it was $10 and on either Steam or (or the Humble Store, which can give both or neither), I would have no problem convincing my friends to buy it, but the way you're selling it now, people just see the price tag and hear about the DRM scheme and say "I don't care how good the game is, I'll never buy it." If I even manage to get them as far as the website, that's where they stop - I mean come on, just look at it. Would you trust a site that looks like that?

      The painfully antiquated website says "Entertaining you since 1999" and it almost seems like the company is stuck in a time loop. You could sell the game for a full-price $10 or $15 on GOG, Steam, or the Humble Store and get five times your current income easily, and even more during the sales. Take it from me, show me any sale price under $10 on a known distribution platform for a good game which gets good reviews and is in a genre I like, the gamer's brain says, "Well, I *do* want to play it, and you can't beat the price. Even if I don't plan to play it right away, why *wouldn't* I buy it?" Literally hundreds of thousands of gamers do this all the time. Take advantage of that, leverage your good games to make lots of sales and get your games out there.

      Plus, Steam has the Steam Workshop, so think of how easy that makes it for players to create mods and share them with each other. It would really boost the game's community by adding more players and making it easier for them to connect. It would put your game on the map, versus now where it seems like no one knows about it and no one I talk to will buy it (even if they want to).

    4. Foamed on

      Hi there, Bob. I responded to the survey a few days ago but I've still not received any link to download the key (or serial for that matter).

    5. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      I tried to reply thru email, but i don't see that showing up anywhere.

      Have you tried maximizing it?
      Are you playing Mac or windows? What is your preferred screen res? (and also what is your max?)

      There is a known issue with mac and anyone who tries to use any software not made by apple; Unity users commonly experience such problems with retina displays and such.

      Over the coming months a graphical redesign will be considered, but i will need users to help me collect data on common screen resolutions, etc.

      Please understand what a monumental undertaking this will be, since there are over 2400 images and ~40-50 individual screens to completely re-do.

    6. Buodonn on

      How do you change resolution or put the game in full screen mode? Game is unplayable on high res displays... :/

    7. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      I have to go to work now. Will send more emails later...
      Next time I do a kickstarter, we really need to push for that "full time game dev" goal, ok?!

    8. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Yes, it does.

      Kevin, I'm sorry.
      I never thought of it.
      I'm kinda crazy right now.
      ANYONE who I've sent an email to, who wants a mac version,
      just say so and you'll get it.

      I will include it in the future emails. thanks for pointing my mistake.


    9. Kahuna Kevin on

      Will the boxed version you mentioned in the update contain the Mac build?

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Today! Like, momentarily, man!
      I am working on going thru kickstarter today, and there are unique serial #s to distribute, so everyone needs to actually respond accordingly to the surveys or whatever that they get.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Andrew Barton

      How do you join the new forums? There's a login button, but no register one.

    14. Mike Mudgett

      Oops, I already gave you all that back in April. I have the memory of a goldfish. Apologies!

    15. Mike Mudgett

      Bob, now that release is pending, when do your higher tier backers get to insert our names , engravings, etc? Did I miss an email? Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Steven Gonda on

      I lost my game and all the download links in the emails are dead. Is there an active link for backers so I can download it again? Thanks.

    17. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Hi, it's been a while since i've posted right here, but i want you to know that things are going well.

      There is no central location, but I know that would be great. I am sure that once the game is truly released, there will indeed be a forum.

    18. Missing avatar

      Phil Allen on

      Hi Bob. First of all, I'm enjoying the game and am very grateful to have funded it.

      Is there a website we can visit to discuss strategies, look up tips, and get general answers? For instance, I'm stumped on what to do with artifacts. I've found a few, but whenever I try to guess what they do, they nearly destroy my ship. One wrong guess and it is very costly.

    19. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Pretty big announcement, check your kickstarter-associated email ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Nico Denevi on Abril? No… May? No… June? No… and now… “a few months down the road” without any precision … This is disappointing, unfortunately you already have my money, which was given in exchange for a game that would be released in April, then in May, then in June and now … in a few months. No more frequent updates of content on your blog … shame

    21. Missing avatar

      Nico Denevi on

      Any news? Your blog development has a month without updates and we are in June ...

    22. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Hi, Russel,
      Wow, you scared me there for a second.
      Actually I posted an update on 1/30/14 on kickstarter. here's the Link:
      The beta is out now for Playtesters, and I'm working on quests this month.
      The game is still scheduled for april of this year. (prob the end)
      You can also get a new demo here:

      Thanks, It's coming along nicely!

    23. Missing avatar

      Russell Sullivan on

      Last update on Jan 7th? How are things going? I know your active on Twitter but can you provide an update here as to when the full game will be released? Thanks!

    24. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      OK, my playtesters already know this, but the tutorial has been fixed.
      I've made a lot of progress lately:
      - the randomized crafting system works, and i'm getting ready to make it look nice
      - the speed system has been implemented
      - controller support is done (until I get feedback about it!)
      - i'm now working on officers
      - a mac version should be coming at the end of january!

    25. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      WHOOPS! I broke the tutorial!

      Apparently, in the new playtester-only alpha, I caused the tutorial to malfunction. Hopefully most of you are already familiar with the game...

      If it really is your first time playing, let me assure you, the tutorial makes sense when played the way it's intended. I just broke it, and haven't played it in forever, so i didn't know. sorry...

    26. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Right now i'm in the process of contacting all PLAYTESTER! and above backers ($25+) and sending out what i'm hoping will be the last "alpha" release. The target is to release a Beta in one month's time, with all the major features and systems implemented. After that, it will be all content, fine tuning, and polish!

    27. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      My friend, I wish! No, the yellow stretch goals were just "possible" at the time, so I made them yellow. Now, I can't change the main KS page's set in stone.
      It is still possible for the job-quitting, alien-race-increasing goals to be met, but I need more of the game income. And I am taking a break from promotion for now. I am coding coding coding!

    28. Tired Gamer Syndrome on

      Do the yellow stretch goals mean we have them unlocked through paypal?

    29. Frogdice on

      Congratulations Bob!!!!!

      Now you can rest up a bit and then finish the game. :)

      25 more days to go in our campaign so I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me! :)

    30. Jörn Huxhorn

      Congrats! And "Yay!" for the $8.5k goal! \o/
      (But sorry for not reaching those other stretch goals. I would have loved to make your dreams come true...)

    31. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Yay! Sure hope this gets on Steam.

    32. RagerX on

      Congrats! I was really rooting for your 10k wish.

    33. TeeJay on

      Congrats on the funding!!!! <3

    34. Missing avatar

      Jason Sebastian on

      Hey Bob, nice work! I just made it in time. :) I found your project because I live right down the road in Woodbridge, and backed it because I love the game!

      I've been programming since the third grade when I got my Commodore 64, so I can definitely respect what it is you are doing here. (and I also remember printing out my BASIC code for my text adventure games on my dot matrix printer).

      I'd love to help out in any way I can. I just wish I could back at the highest level!

    35. Jörn Huxhorn

      I really hoped the $10k could be reached. ;(

    36. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Thanks to everyone! Today is the day, and everyone who pledged will receive the new version with the save function. People who pledge at the "PLAYTESTER!" and above will continue to receive new versions approximately every 2 weeks, and will have direct input into the finished product.
      Time for breakfast! Thanks again!

    37. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      If AI hits 600+ backers, regardless of pledge level, I'm going to add a special play mode for all the supporters.

      Keep spreading the word!

      Thanks from work,

    38. Joshua Warren on

      Thanks, Bob! I have a background in software development (but luckily - I think - most of the development I do these days is in PHP, for the web) so I know how challenging building an awesome product from the ground-up and supporting two platforms while doing it can be, so I'd rather see Approaching Infinity become an awesome game on Windows than a mediocre game on Windows & Mac. So, let me know what I can do to help as you test on the Mac platform, but I understand if you have to prototype things out on the Windows version first!

      And you're welcome, Jörn. I always seem to find Kickstarter projects after it's too late - when they're already too short of a stretch goal, or just hours after they ended. So I'm just excited I came across a project I was interested in at the right moment to make a difference!

    39. Bob Saunders 2-time creator on

      Joshua , you are a wonderful human being!
      A single high value backer dropped out right after I updated the front page!
      Something came up, and I'm sure he'll be back at some pledge level.

      Because of your dedication, I'm going to do everything I can to include Mac in some of the betas.

      Thank you everyone!

    40. Jörn Huxhorn

      @Joshua On behalf of other Mac-heads and myself: Thank you very much!

    41. Joshua Warren on

      Just backed at a fairly high level specifically to push the total back above the Mac goal. I use both Windows and Mac for gaming, but games like this I see myself playing the most on my laptop, which is a Mac.

      If you need an alpha or beta tester for Mac releases, let me know!

    42. Kahuna Kevin on

      I think Mac goal will be possible given the remaining time, possibly the next stretch goal or 2 after. The last 24 hours usually see a big surge from watchers who receive their reminder emails and people browsing noticing the project is ending soon.

    43. Jörn Huxhorn

      Yikes, we dropped below the Mac goal!

    44. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I hope this makes it onto Steam!

    45. Jörn Huxhorn

      Ongoing Mac support? I'm in!
      (No chance for a Mac alpha, I suppose?)

    46. Missing avatar

      Nico Denevi on

      Congratulations!! Excelent work, I make a few suggestions:

      Better than a sector-based map game would make one giant, infinite...
      Support for high resolutions, the game window is very small in 1920x1080
      More detail for the crew and RPG elements both on the ship and planetary descents
      Greetings from Argentina

    47. Frogdice on

      Hello fellow project creator! I really dig your game. As much as I love fantasy, there aren't enough sci-fi games out there. And a sci-fi roguelike is DESPERATELY needed.

      Well, I better get back to managing my own campaign. I'll check back and make sure to tell as many folks as possible about this cool game.

    48. Kahuna Kevin on

      I hope this at least makes the ongoing Mac support stretch.

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