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A mysterious, interactive, pan-religious, proto-orgiastic portal of sound and image to transport participants beyond consensus reality.
A mysterious, interactive, pan-religious, proto-orgiastic portal of sound and image to transport participants beyond consensus reality.
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MerKaBa Project installed on my school campus


 Here is a photo of MerKaBa installed on my school campus with some seating added from a previous project. I took this photo after hours since its probably  illegal and unethical for me to post photos of underage students. However they seem to enjoy and hang out in mass all around the dome during all their school day breaks. I'm thinking to bring this project out to the playa next year with seating as well as other improvements. Played the videos on "Back To School Night" parents and students loved it. Did not install the sensors since so many of the sound files where very playa friendly (not G-rated)

Video of The MerKaBa Project at BRC

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I hope you all enjoy this video I just finished editing of The MerKaBa Project at Burning Man 2013. It took me a while to edit and post to YouTube but I hope it was worth the wait. . This video is of the sculptural centerpiece of MerKaBa,  a hexagonal 9' tall onion dome fabricated from 12 gauge steel and plasma cut with a complex fractal pattern. Within the dome a 7" tall hexagonal mirrored obelisk turned. The dome also contained an amplifier playing a looping soundtrack. The dome was also fitted with 12 infrared sensors which when activated triggered over 200 small sound files played on top of the sound track. At night 6 LCD projectors (housed within projection boxes designed to relate to the domes design) projected an hour long hallucinatory dreamscape video montage. The video montage was looped playing for the duration of the night.



I plan to finish sending out my remaining "Thank You" gifts as soon as I have finished with the video. Notwithstanding  a full time teaching job demanding most of my time

Come visit

Just finished installing the MerKaBa dome on my school campus.  I will have our video montage projected onto it with our background sound track playing this Wednesday (10/2) at our "Back To School Night"  If any of you are in the area please come visit.   The address is Soquel High School, 401 Old San Jose Rd, Soquel, Ca 95073

My sculpture is in the second quad (park then walk past the front building to the second quad)
The time to come is after dark (about 7:45). I will be in my classroom with parents till about 8:45 then i will come hang with sculpture till later in the evening (dark thirty more or less)
I will be working this week on installing electronics for sound and video then will get back to producing a you tube video.  Curently i have edited down to 6.5 minutes gonna get sound and credits added then I will post along with a shorter 3 min video. Hope to have this done and links sent out by next week
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screengrabs from video footage

Finally got my computer to sucessfully download video footage of The MeKaba Project at night. Gonna be spending about a week editing and uploading to you tube. I dont know why i get involved in techy art projects when I'm such a Ludite.

The project was beautiful at night.

The video should be beautiful as well.

The screengrabs are pretty grainy.

Hope you enjoy

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