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Thunk Tank: Corpus Absurdum Art Show's video poster

Corpus Absurdum is a photography show by Bronwyn Carlton and Jay Bachhuber, co-hosts of the Thunk Tank program on WFMU-FM/ Read more

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Corpus Absurdum is a photography show by Bronwyn Carlton and Jay Bachhuber, co-hosts of the Thunk Tank program on WFMU-FM/

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About this project

The Corpus Absurdum photography show represents the first trans-media foray of the cultural juggernaut that is Thunk Tank. Having conquered the airwaves with literally tens of listeners, Bronwyn and Jay have decided to expand the scope of their artistic empire by sharing the photographic fruits of their decades of creative labor. Bronwyn, having shown her art in several West Coast galleries, is an artiste par excellence with a refined oeuvre, while Jay is a wind-up cymbal-playing monkey doll who gets drunk and takes photos with his iphone. The combination of contrasting styles is like pairing a glass of Domaine Romanée-Conti with a chipotle corn dog: exquisite.

We’re seeking financial assistance in paying for the advertorial post cards, printing of the photographs, and high-quality wood-look frames. WFMU has kindly agreed to sponsor our opening reception and listener meet-up on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 6-9 PM, so we need no financial assistance with that. While we can and will self-fund the show if necessary, we are but poor servants of the public, volunteering at a listener-supported radio station, and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Here is our artists' statement, and if this vision resonates as much with you as it does with us, please support our endeavor.

“With the collection of imeographs in Corpus Absurdum, Thunk Tank has attempted to bring forth a Verschiedenheit to confront bourgeois notions of gender, the body, space, and relationships between “real” art and classical notions of bodily “humors.” Transcending photographic norms vis-à-vis transgressional associations between lay perceptions of the image as object/bearer of meaning and techno-normative arousal mechanisms, it is our intention to force the observer/observed into a dichotomous engorgement with the turgidity of representation and the ecstatic. In fact, our intention is to instantiate congress with established methods and practices of the wider artistic community through the auto-erotic, solipsistic act of artistic creation—without ceasing, without sensation, without sense: Thunk Tank.”

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    Pupal Paul level - Get a signed post card from the show and an on-air thank you during the opening party broadcast.

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    Snowy the War Bear level - For $50, contributors will receive a full pack of Thunk Tank's official alternate currency, the Beib. These high-quality bills are legal tender for all thunk-related transactions, and will prove invaluable in the coming Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic future.

    Bills included in the set are: $25 (the Skull Sandwich), $50 (the Pedobear), $100 (the Unicorn), $200 (the Putin), $500 (the Cthulu).

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    Putin level - For $100, a patron will receive an exhibition print of his or her choice. These signed photographs will be welcome additions to any discerning art-lovers collection, and are sure to at least maintain value over the coming years, until the arrival of our impending Mad Max-style post apocalyptic future, at which point they can either be placed in altars and worshiped as vengeful gods and granters of good fortune, or used as valuable tinder during a cold nuclear winter night.

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