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A fast paced multiplayer game with diverse gameplay
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I've had this as a project for three months or so and its actually turning out be quite some fun but as i'm in the last year of school and graduation is coming up soon money is a bit short. I've always wanted to get a game out on steam but as they now have implemented Steam direct it can be quite expensive. And not to mention that the money that i spent might be wasted since i don't even know if anyone will buy the game. So this kickstarter is to se if there's any interest.

I'm currently working on making the levels more interactive and fixing/adding new abilties

You can try it here

The game is a multiplayer fighter game, you have one bullet that kills a player directly if you hit them. You can choose between 10 abilities (ATM) to survive during the time that you are unequipped with a bullet. Every bullet drops a ammo ball that you can pick up to shoot again








Risks and challenges

If i die i can't finish the game.

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