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Modular laser fabricated corridor terrain kits for 28mm miniature wargaming. Get more from your gaming!
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Bug Hunt Roofs now available to order!

Posted by Fantasy Arc (Creator)

Hello all. I am very happy to announce that the Bug Hunt Roofs are up on the website and available to order! Click the link right there on the home page to go directly to the roof portion of the shop. All of the roofs are available individually, or in Groups that match the contents of the Kickstarter pledge levels.  Additionally there are Roof Groups that match the Complete Corridor Sets and Bundle Packs available through the website.  Purchasing roofs with the Groups will get you a better price than picking and choosing individually.

With the release of the Bug Hunt Roofs, all new Endcaps purchased will include the matching roof free of charge.  Since the Endcap roofs are included with the regular purchase they are not in any of the Roof Groups (though they are available individually should you need a few).  For all of you, I realize you already have your Endcaps so I have added the Endcap roofs to the special Kickstarter Groups free of charge.

I am glad that the roofs are now finished and ready for you all.  I already have a few ideas for what is next to come.  I have received some great suggestions for different entryways in addition to the Airlock, and I think those will be next on the design list.  I also have a few ideas I want to develop for some different kind of rooms.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page and for these new developments.

 Take care all.

Ken is open for business!

Posted by Fantasy Arc (Creator)

I am very happy to announce that is now live and open for business!  I believe all the sections of the site are working properly, but please do contact me if you find something that doesn't seem to do what it should.  There are contact links on the homepage and the About page for both my direct email and the Facebook page.  I will continue to monitor activity here on Kickstarter, but the website will be my main point of contact going forward.  I will be adding a forum to the site in the coming days, which will be a great location to converse with each other and share ideas, but priority one was getting the main site together and the shop up and running.

You will notice right away that the new roof sections are only in the Coming Soon part of the site and are not yet available in the Shop.  I am sorry for this, but they aren't quite ready yet and I didn't want to delay the launch of the website any longer.  I am just now finishing up the couple orders I took at Gencon, so I will have a block of time coming up to get them finished and all the retail details worked out.  For example, I need to have the designs completed, or nearly so, so that I can lay out the production files, see just how many of each section I can fit on a single sheet of wood, and work that info into the final pricing.  Check back at the site for the launch of the roofs, and I will announce it on the Facebook page, and in another update here (if it doesn't feel like I am spamming your inbox too much).

Thank you all again for your participation in the Kickstarter campaign and I look forward to seeing you over at


The end is just the beginning.

Posted by Fantasy Arc (Creator)

I am very happy to announce that all Kickstarter orders have been shipped!  We are done!!

I can't thank all of you enough for putting your support behind my little project.  I truly believed it was going to be just a little project when I launched the Kickstarter all that time ago, but because of you it turned into so much more, and I thank you.  I also want to thank each and every one of you for the generous patience and trust you showed me throughout this process, especially when it became clear that production was going to take much longer than any of us expected or hoped for.  I understand from Kickstarters I have backed myself how hard it can be when the news comes through that it is going to take even longer to get your rewards, but you all hung in there with me.  It really has been a pleasure working with you on this.

So what is next?  Not another Kickstarter, not anytime soon at least. :)  I am happy to report though that should be open for business by the end of next week.  I just have a final few graphics to get together, a few more product pictures to take, maybe a little tweaking to the overall look of the site, and then a test or two to make sure the store works as it is supposed to.  The full BHC line will be available there, except the Mod Room and acrylic pieces, which I will not be taking to retail at this time (pending demand of course).  If you have a specific need for more of any of those, please send me a special request and I will be happy to help you out.  I will also be working on the roof sections over the next two weeks and expect to be able to get them finished rather quickly, now that I am not consumed with getting KS orders out the door.  I plan on having them ready for the launch of the website, but if for some reason they are not finished, I will launch the website anyways and add them in later.  I still need to work out the exact details, but I will be offering, for a limited time, roof packs that are specifically designed to match the KS pledge levels so that you can easily fill in roofs for your full set.

So as the title of this update says, the end of the Kickstarter is only the beginning of many new things to come.  I am very excited to get the website up and running and start taking orders there.  The roof sections are going to be great, and I fully intend to keep adding to the BHC line as time goes on.  I also plan on eventually branching out into other lines (my head is full of ideas to work on), so there is much more to come in the very near future.

Thank you all again for coming along with me on this ride, and indeed making it possible in the first place.  Expect at least one more official update from me in a couple weeks announcing the launch of the website.  Until then.


July Production Update and Gen Con

Posted by Fantasy Arc (Creator)
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Hello all.  Another month in the books, and it sure did fly by again.  Production moved along smoothly last month and a lot was accomplished.  Up next in the production queue is production #203.  Work on this order will begin as soon as I return from Gen Con.  Looking ahead this leaves only 19 orders to finish up!  Thank you all again for your continued patience.  This is the final stretch!

And speaking of Gen Con.

I leave for Indianapolis tomorrow with the guys from Games Plus to set up our combined booth, #1840.  We will be across from Cool Mini, and next to The War Store.  The convention then opens Thursday morning, at 9am I think for the "VIP" badge holders, and runs through Sunday.  I will have the full set of corridors there on display, as well as the prototypes of the new roof sections.  I will be accepting pre-orders for the regular corridor sections (the roofs are not quite ready yet), but I will also be making it abundantly clear at that time that these orders will only be slotted in after the remaining Kickstarter orders are done.  I will not have any product on hand at the convention for sale, and I WILL NOT ship any of these new orders until every Kickstarter order has shipped.

I realize that the majority of you cannot/will not be attending Gen Con, but never fear, the Fantasy Arc website will open sometime shortly after I return from the convention.  The specific date is still to be determined.  I need to see how the convention goes first and what the production queue then looks like with the remaining Kickstarter orders before I open another ordering source.   My goal is to prevent the production queue from getting overloaded again right away and generating long wait times.

The corridors will be priced at their retail level at the convention and on the website, which is based off the a la carte pricing from the Kickstarter for the individual corridors, with a few exceptions (you all got a very nice deal on the Airlock and Cargo Hold).  Corridor sections will be offered individually, or in bundle packs at a discount (a 3-pack of Straight Sections for example).  I will also be offering two levels of complete sets, the "Starter Set" and "Advanced Set", which are based off the KS Level 1 and Level 3 sets respectively.  These sets come in at similar price points to the KS levels, but do not include everything the Kickstarters had (Interior Walls, Wide Corridors sections, Airlocks, and Cargo Holds will be separate items only, not to mention the Hex Crates, Lock Tokens, and Ganeway which are not going to retail at this time).  The bottom line is, if you were to make up a retail order to match your Kickstarter order, you would discover that you got a 20-30% discount by being first on Kickstarter, with the majority of pledges being right around 25%.

I will leave you all right now with a picture of some corridors laid out with their new roof sections.  Pretty much every section is shown here except for the Airlock, Cargo Hold, and Wide Sections, and roofs for the Narrow Side Room and Corridor End Room were designed after this picture was taken (how to roof the Mod Rooms is still to be resolved).  If you look closely in the foreground at the section with the ladder/stairs, you will see that it matches up with a Stairwell Addition in the Straight Section below.  Or, of course, you can simply place it on a regular Straight Section and call it an overhead hatch that requires a ladder, stack of hex crates, or whatever to reach from the inside.  The roof section will come with a door to cover the opening that slides out the opposite side from the ladder/stairs, not unlike the doors on the various room sections.

I look forward to seeing some of you in person at Gen Con.


June production update

Posted by Fantasy Arc (Creator)

Hello everyone.  I trust the summer is off to a great start for you all.  Output for June was a little less than usual, for a couple of reasons.  One, I ran into a number of large orders in the production queue, so that takes a little more time to work through.  I also took a couple very needed days off to go to Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee.  It was a really fun time and I have to say I was rather impressed with what they put together for their first year.  The last production delay this month is due to the very frustrating return last week of a technical issue with one of the lasers.  Just my luck that the problem occurred right before the weekend and I had to wait until Monday for a part to arrive.  Unfortunately that first part didn't solve the problem so I have spent the last two days working on another fix.  More new parts will be arriving tomorrow.  Hopefully we will be good to go then with the new parts.  So that leaves work currently underway on production #180.

In other news, I have finished some preliminary design work on the first post-Kickstarter expansion to the BHC, roofs!  The picture below is a Corner Section and Straight Section with roofs (and a good old beakie Space Marine for scale).  Please comment on the design of the roofs.  I would very much like to hear what you think and will work your feedback into the final design.  Back to work now for this guy.  Until next time.