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DKK 61,099 pledged of DKK 250,000 goal
DKK 61,099 pledged of DKK 250,000 goal

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    1. Creator on

      @peter Rush. I'm not quite sure if such a cable exist. Sorry. Maybe you could go for the MDP to DVI adapter and then get a cheap DVI to MDP cable?

      Regarding a hole for the Power LED, we ended deciding against it. We thought it would compromise the aesthetics of the Bracket, and since Bracket has a very firm grip of the power cable it is actually not really needed (you can also see the charge state in OSX)



    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Rush on

      Sorry, one more thing: have you considered having a hole drilled through the top of the bracket above the magsafe connector, so you can see the charging led?

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Rush on

      Great idea, I've been looking for just this product for a while.
      Does anybody know of a MDP to MDP cable that has the same size plugs as the Apple MDP adapters? Unfortunately, Apple don't do a MDP to MDP cable (that I'm aware of)..and I'd like to avoid paying £££ for a Thunderbolt cable which I dont really need.
      Many thanks, Peter.

    4. Philipp Beckers on Thank you for the reply and I must say sorry, I should have checked the updates. But also I want to say thank you for this improvement, it makes it perfect for me since I'm also one of those using a dock connected to the thunderbolt port (a Belkin Express). I hope we make it reality together!

    5. Creator on

      @philipp. Thanks for your comment! We made some modifications to Bracket last weekend and you are now able to use the Bracket with Both Thunderbolt and MDP cables :).
      Basically Bracket will come with two small aluminium clamps. You insert the clamps if you use Bracket with MDP cables and remove them if you use it with Thunderbolt

      You can see the update here

    6. Philipp Beckers on

      I would also love to see a bracket with two Thunderbolt connector places then the miniDP. But I must say I love the general idea of bracket, great work.

    7. Creator on

      @ingo. Got it! :-) I'll make a note about it. I think it is pretty likely that we will end up composing a CablePack with no DVI cables, or sell the cables individually. It simply boils down to the logistics in the different scenarios.

    8. Ingo Devooght on

      Just USB as an Add-on would be fine. I am using audio speakers over bluetooth. :-)

    9. Creator on

      @inco we are considering offering up other CablePacks. It is however complicated to produce ThunderBolt cables, since they require some licensing from Apple. Would you like a CablePack with for instance only USB&Audio?

    10. Ingo Devooght on

      just realized... you are offering an Male USB to female USB cable (20 cm). This should work for patching through for USB. But maybe you could offer it as addon. Unfortunately I don't need 2 MDB to DVI cables.

    11. Ingo Devooght on

      I have the same issue. I am using one port with MDP (external screen) and one for Thunderbolt (Ethernet). I think most people won't use both MDB/Thunderbolt-ports for Displays.
      Maybe this problem could be solved, if you sell small adaptors for patching through the dock. This is also an issue for the USB-Port. I am using an USB cable connecting the USB-hub of my monitor. Maybe you could make some addons, so people could buy the adaptors and cables they need?

    12. Creator on

      @Georg Lutz
      Hi Georg,

      We are currently discussing creating a Bracket with two ThunderBolt slots instead of MDP slots.

      I'm, however, a bit unsure about the measurements on the Thunderbolt to firewire and Thunderbolt to ethernet. It seems Apple really like different measurements for all cable headers:) - are the cable headers having same sizes?
      As long as the measurements of the cable headers matches the cable headers on ThunderBolt to ThunderBolt a Bracket ThunderBolt Edition should be fine.

      Would That solve the problem for you?



    13. Creator on

      @Jim Kirk

      Hi Jim,

      Yes. The ThunderBolt Cable Connector is longer, than the one on the MiniDisplayPort. Unfortunately that means that Bracket will not work with ThunderBolt cables. We are, however, discussing creating a Bracket with two ThunderBolt slots instead of MDP slots. Would That solve the problem for you?



    14. Georg Lutz on

      I just backed the project to this great idea! Thank you for making this happen BUT I also see, that I do use the original  Thunderbolt to EtherNet Adapter, which unfortunately will not fit your Bracket. Also I do use the original  Firewire to Thunderbolt Adapter which will be left unused.
      Will this be supported in the final release, otherwise I would have to take my pledge bach…which I really do not want to…

    15. Jim Kirk

      I use a Belkin Thunderbolt dock connected via a Thunderbolt cable, and the connector is very sensitive to moving my MBP-r and disconnecting everything, so I am very interested in this, but it seems that while the physical connector configuration is mechanically the same, Thunderbolt is not the same as mini-display port. From your photos, it looks like the plastic enclosure on the Thunderbolt cable may be longer than on the mini-display port. I'd like to get this, but I need Thunderbolt cables.

    16. Creator on

      @Ingo Devooght:

      Hi Ingo,

      Thanks for backing!

      We went with DVI because pretty much all newer screens support it while SOME miss display port and/or HDMI. That said, we might still end up providing DisplayPort cables if there is a demand. ThunderBolt cables is however a bit tricky because they require certification from Apple.

      You are right! Of cause we should provide the correct cable measurements. I will put them on our site as soon as possible.



    17. Ingo Devooght on

      Great idea ... Maybe you could post the exact measures for the mini display port plug. I'm sure that many people here are using third parties cables here. Also I'm wondering who is still using DVI? Isn't this a technology from the last century? Even my 6 year old 27" Dell has a display port. And there are 2 DVI cables in this set. Maybe you should reconsider this. Or maybe people could later choose a set out of a selection of cables.

    18. Creator on

      Hi Endless,

      Thanks for backing!

      Yes we have it on our list of potential Streth Goals. Among with some other interesting stuff! :-)


    19. TheEndless on

      Would you consider Mini DisplayPort to HDMI and Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort, and/or a combination of the two for your cable packs?