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Terralith are organically designed metal dice - a thematic upgrade to your RPG/D&D dice collection, available in 12 different finishes
Terralith are organically designed metal dice - a thematic upgrade to your RPG/D&D dice collection, available in 12 different finishes. Missed the Kickstarter? Don't worry!
Terralith are organically designed metal dice - a thematic upgrade to your RPG/D&D dice collection, available in 12 different finishes. Missed the Kickstarter? Don't worry!
206 backers pledged £9,340 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael DeMeritt on

      Last update is 30 days past -- anything to report?

    2. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      Oh... i might have made an error there :( lol when you contact us for colors and what not will i be able to give you my address in the e-mail because i didn't realize thats what it ment. Sorry for the confusion

    3. Missing avatar

      David Matthew Collinson on

      Any idea when backer surveys will be sent out?

    4. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      @michael one is your standard ship it to your house pledge. The other one is for folks going to a convention in the UK to pick it up there in person.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael DeMeritt on

      What is the timetable for selecting our dice finish?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      I keep forgetting to ask but what are the differences between the two £27 rewards?

    7. Paul Saint on

      Congratulations! Glad I could contribute to such a good project.

    8. Martin Kosub on

      Congratulations - see you in Essen, friends!

    9. SchilMil Games (Amanda Milne)

      WooHoo - well done :)

    10. Rob on

      Well done guys! Like all the backer's, I'm very much looking forward to seeing these beautiful dice! Just glad I could help my little bit. They are beautiful! I think I'm going for the old silver! That's red and brass though...

    11. davide Irondrake on

      Congrats everybody and thank you!! these dice would never seen the light without your efforts. Now working on product finalization, maybe we can stretch more..... :)

    12. Duke of Dice

      Very cool to be a part of it! I am very happy to meet you in Essen on Spiel again!

    13. Neil Horabin on

      Wow, great effort folks!

    14. Tiffany Fordyce

      Well, we didn't quite make the fudge dice cut. I'm a little sad... but I'm still SO EXCITED about these!

    15. Rosie on

      Sooooooo Close!!!!!!!

    16. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Only 15 minutes left!

    17. Tiffany Fordyce

      We're -so- close to fudge dice.... sooooo close.

    18. davide Irondrake on

      and we're 201! congrats and thanks all new and veteran backers.

    19. Wortsenawl

      WOWZERS! This has climbed nicely... congrats on top of congrats!!!

    20. elliott ireland on

      Hi just pledged for you was looking at getting 5 d6 ones do u just need me to pledge £25 or will there be an option after it ends thanks Elliott.

    21. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Hi everyone! One of the problems with going to all these shows is that your body forces you to take a day off every now and again (this is what happened yesterday), but coming back today not only have we unlocked another strecth goal(!!!!!) but we're actually pretty close to unlocking the fudge dice as well!

      Welcome to all the new backers! (messages & update being written up now) - we are on the last day today so if you could all give one last push to share, tweet and let everyone know about Terralith then that would be AMAZING!!!

      @Zachary & Guodin - for add-ons just include the additional amount in your pledge and I'll get in touch once the campaign ends to get the details of which add-on you would like

      @Lavaeolous - Battle Finishes are totally included in the £27 tier =)

    22. Lavaeolous on

      Are the Battle Finishes included in the 27£ tier?

    23. Missing avatar

      Guodin on

      Just wondering. How do I put in add-ons ?

    24. Camilla

      Battle finish isn't listed in the pledge levels. I'm assuming that we can just choose battle, in place of unlimited, raw or galvanic though?

    25. Zachary "Bakon Smaschur" Bouchereu on

      How do I put add-ons in my pledge?

    26. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      WOW! A little bit overwhelmed today. We got back from the UKGE last night after showcasing Terralith and demoing games - utterly incredible to see so many new backers (welcome!) and a really fun time with the hand modelling competition (see if you're not sure what I'm talking about;) - we won best family game for Waggle Dance so I've been a completely inundated with emails, phone calls, facebook & twitter messages, posts, notifications the whole lot & we've smashed past our next stretch goal!!!!! Like a tsunami of amazing things! Focusing on editing the rolling vids, getting an update up, a newsletter out and as much as I can do before I finally collapse into a happily grinning ball of happiness=D But until then, there's much work to do! We're into the last days of the project now so please, keep sharing and let's have one final push to let as many people know about Terralith as we possibly can! Utterly incredible!!!!

      I can see there's a clear winner for the next Battle Finish (I've made the poll results public for those that would like a sneak preview:;) so I'll update the main page image now=D (this is turning into more of an update than a comment so I'd best stop otherwise I'll never get this video edited!!!) WOW!!!!!!!!!

    27. Wortsenawl

      Great to see you guys at the expo. Also, well done on your coup for best family game!

    28. Rich Anderson on

      Saw these at the Birmingham Games Expo on Friday, knew I needed a green D20 and decided it was worth getting the whole set - and to think I almost didn't stop at the stand!

    29. Missing avatar

      Heather Telfer

      When will the winner of the survey for the second battle finish colour be announced?

    30. Wortsenawl

      Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Expo tomorrow (though you are all probably there now). Good to see another strong campaign under your belt too.

    31. Drea Shumate on

      Thanks, voted!

    32. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Hi Drea, sure thing - you can see a larger image via: ...just don't forget to vote after having a look!=)

      Busy putting all the finishing touches together for showcasing Terralith at the UK Games Expo before we leave tomorrow - full update incoming!

    33. Drea Shumate on

      Are there closeup images of the battle finishes so we can see all the details?

    34. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Welcome to all the new backers over the weekend and thanks to everyone for voting for their favourite Battle Finish! If you haven't already, then don't forget to vote! >>>

    35. davide Irondrake on

      hi Mechell: BZ + red is cool, and already in development list. :)
      ciao everybody!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      I would love to see a BZ+red (two of my favorite colors) thanks for replying so quick too :D

    37. davide Irondrake on

      well Drea, how can i say no? :) silver purple in the queue, black red... i ll do my best!

    38. Drea Shumate on

      I'd still like to see silver/purple and black/red. I think those would look great together!

    39. davide Irondrake on

      Dear Mechell, thank you for your encouragement! we do love encouragements!
      Colors: unlimited is cool , i like it, but i also delicate and, unless you don't care of their safety as me you can roll them and see the battles take their tolls on the varnish; Unlimited is best for collectors. On the other hand Battle finish also look gorgeus and more readable to me, but more, i can roll it without thinking too much the varnish (color) wears off, as it already has! ( the battle is that: color took away from protrutring/embossed parts, then transparent varnished to stabilize both color and galvanic).
      So if you want to have some of these color combination tested just name it starting from this point:
      1) choose a galvanic finish: Old Silver, Old Brass, Old COpper, Black Zamak.
      2) choose a color: white, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, orange.

      like for examp: BZ+Orange, OB+Green etc. (last one actually already in list for testing)

      i have 2 sets x each base Galvanic ready for test, just name the galvanic/color combo and next wednesday i'll be finalizing them. -

      tnx Mechell and all for your help!, stay tuned

    40. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      I just wanted to stop by and say how excited I am for these dice to be finished! They look beautiful and roll pretty uniform. I can't wait to see how all the colors come out what's everyone's favorite so far? I'm pretty pumped about this "battle finish." As for suggestions to color options, maybe you could do similar concepts but with colors like red and purple ect. Keep up the great work guys :)

    41. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Taken a bit longer than expected, but I've just added the first of the dice rolling videos (Old Silver) to the front page. Videos of the other finishes are just uploading to Vimeo and photos are _almost_ finished (they've taken MUCH longer than expected!!!)

    42. Drea Shumate on

      What would you think about making pledge rewards for bundles that give a possible discount for getting the bundles? This could take away the math from people wanting multiple sets and offer incentives for pledging multiple sets at once. It could also help increase your pledge amounts. After seeing the prototype pictures, I know I'd definitely be interested in a bundle.

      Maybe something like:
      Galvanic Bundle: Black Zamak, Old Brass, Old Silver and Old Copper
      Unlimited Bundle: Purple, Orange, Blue and Green
      Rare metal Bundle: Gold, Palladium and Ruthenium

      Also, I noticed the addon sets don't include the rare metals, so this might help

    43. Drea Shumate on

      I figured that might be the case. Looking forward to seeing the alternate colors!

    44. davide Irondrake on

      @Drea : tnx for you suggestion, unfortunately is tecnically possible but not affordable: to have number stand out you have 2 choices: paint them or "polish" them: painting or polishing the single numbers would really raise their price too much; consider the number design (embossed instead of engraved), allow the tumbling/polishing process to actually make numbers stand out (showing galvanic finish) in contrast to oxidized parts (deeper parts, darkened): this is especially effective on galvanic metal finish ( OS, OB, OC). On unlimited color is more difficult to notice: you still have darker areas around embossed details on metal galvanic but everything is covered by a thin layer of color: we're right now testing with alternate colorings, that will be probably added to stretch goals, and will show numbers better, being a mix of colored areas and galvanic finish bursting out on emboss. The final suggestion is that you can actually take a small caliper or nail and carefully scrat color away from numbers, or paint them; i do this to my personal colllections, but again, it would be incredibly expensive to mass produce. tnx for your suggestion, stay tuned for developments!

    45. Drea Shumate on

      Would love to see colors where the numbers show up in contrast to the rest of the dice. Right now the numbers are kind hard to see. But if the numbers were in white/yellow on the darker dice, or black on the lighter dice, this would really make them pop. Not sure if this is possible with the complicated design though.

    46. davide Irondrake on

      Congrats everybody!

      so i'm back in the color lab, to see if we can arrange some new weird colors.... (spoiler alert!,, too late)

    47. Margaret St. John


    48. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Well done everyone!!!! and THANK YOU!!!!

      Utterly and completely AMAZING!!! Davide & I ended up jointly celebrating last night so we've been taking a short break today to recover and will have a project update up tomorrow with some details on stretch goals=D

      So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! to you all for your utterly incredible support for Terralith, welcome to all our new backers and thank you to everyone for sharing the project and really helping so much to make these dice a reality!!


      @Martin - I've updated the add-ons image to include additional sets of 7 dice=)

    49. Neil Horabin on

      Brilliant, well done!!

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