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Terralith are organically designed metal dice - a thematic upgrade to your RPG/D&D dice collection, available in 12 different finishes
Terralith are organically designed metal dice - a thematic upgrade to your RPG/D&D dice collection, available in 12 different finishes. Missed the Kickstarter? Don't worry!
Terralith are organically designed metal dice - a thematic upgrade to your RPG/D&D dice collection, available in 12 different finishes. Missed the Kickstarter? Don't worry!
206 backers pledged £9,340 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. elliott ireland on

      just got my dice today thank you very much

    2. elliott ireland on

      I still don't have my dice and had no reply from them who do I need to contact

    3. Missing avatar

      Joel Plunkett on

      Anyone we can check with I got No Dice lol

      Got Email on the 1st of October to confirm my address and nothing since

    4. Tiffany Fordyce

      All right, so... these were a Christmas gift for one of my poly collector friends. When he opened the big box with these in it, he picked them up and put them back and said, "These dice are too much awesome for me to handle right now." There you go. Epic review from one of the biggest collectors I know.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      Got my dice on the 5th and they look and feel great! i hope to see a continued sale of these for future purchases!

    6. Zachary "Bakon Smaschur" Bouchereu on

      Anyone Order Black and White Zameck or Orange and received theres yet? I'm in Arizona USA, No sign of muh Delishozz Dice.

    7. Drea Shumate on

      Got my dice. Very detailed and beautiful. They match the pictures as expected. Great work!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      is there any way to check the status of your individual shipment like a tracking number or anything?

    9. Missing avatar

      Aleopheus on

      Got mine 2 days ago.

      Old Brass and Old Copper looks fantastic. The only downside are the dice out of Ruthenium. They don't look like on the pictures and are a little bit deformed. But still very nice. I have issues to clearly read the numbers.

      But I am happy that I've backed this project. If they are available for purchase via the webshop of Irondrake or grublin. I'll sure will stock up my copper or brass dices.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alan Stephen

      Mine arrived today as well. Look great.

    11. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      Got my dice today. Totally forgot about them, saw a package from the UK and was like "What did I order?" Was a nice surprise to open up the box and see these.

    12. Jeff bell on

      Just got my in today...they are awesome!

    13. Jeff bell on

      Just got my in today...they are awesome!

    14. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      I'm in Canada and mine just got here today.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alan Stephen

      I haven't got mine in the UK either, my guess is that they're being shipped by colour rather than region since some other UK deliveries have been made?

      I'm Old Copper.

    16. Missing avatar

      Corey on

      I still haven't got mine. I ordered Old silver. Any idea when the deliveries will hit MN, USA?

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Taylor on

      Okay, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed. The product I've received doesn't match up with the image's on the site. I went for the old brass finish, but what I've ended up with is just plain brass, the dark finish to make the number's really pop is missing.

      And to boot, there's a slight cosmetic defect/imperfection to the D20. Sadly, I won't be recommending them.

      Hope everyone else is enjoying their dice.

    18. Steven Dowse on

      Got my dice today, thanks very much ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      I've been wondering about that also

    20. Chris Nicholls on

      Has anyone got their dice yet?

    21. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Hi guys - apologies for the delay and thanks for bearing with us - it's been mentalbusy at this end getting everything prepped and ready for the Terralith launch - update just posted (you have no idea how long these take to write...) and very much still on track for shipping!!! Terralith is looking AMAZING!!!

    22. Sezra on

      There was an email that said they were shipping when back from Essen. Won't be long now.

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Taylor on

      Voicemail on their office number (01736 448070) states they're in Germany, sounds like at some convention. Still, doesn't stop them posting a quick and reassuring update on here, does it?

    24. Zachary "Bakon Smaschur" Bouchereu on

      Not to sound antsy or anything but, Yo! Whats the dealyo?

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Taylor on

      I've got to reiterate Tiffany's comment's. We're due an update. Is the shipping taking place as scheduled?

    26. Tiffany Fordyce

      @Creator: I hate to be the one to constantly ask for update, but we could stand for one right about now. It would be nice if you'd keep us up to date on how things are progressing without being asked, though. How are things going?

    27. Tiffany Fordyce

      @Creator: In your comment on July 27th, you said you were, "...just catching up on messages today and will have a full update for you all in the next few days." I've not seen an update since then. Did I miss something?

    28. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Hi guys - apologies for the lack of update over the last few weeks, I took the opportunity to take a sneaky bit of holiday while I still could ;) However, Davide and I have been in full contact over this time and have been mainly working through the packaging design - am just catching up on messages today and will have a full update for you all in the next few days.

      From a production point of view, I'm happy to say that we are very much still bang on schedule but will have more detailed info on that in the update. The fudge dice design has been a little tricky (just from a casting pov), but I know that Davide has been working on this over the weekend and I am meeting (skype) with him this evening so will collate all of this and get an update out asap.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael DeMeritt on

      Last update is 30 days past -- anything to report?

    30. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      Oh... i might have made an error there :( lol when you contact us for colors and what not will i be able to give you my address in the e-mail because i didn't realize thats what it ment. Sorry for the confusion

    31. Missing avatar

      David Matthew Collinson on

      Any idea when backer surveys will be sent out?

    32. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on

      @michael one is your standard ship it to your house pledge. The other one is for folks going to a convention in the UK to pick it up there in person.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael DeMeritt on

      What is the timetable for selecting our dice finish?

    34. Missing avatar

      Mechell Cruz on

      I keep forgetting to ask but what are the differences between the two £27 rewards?

    35. Paul Saint on

      Congratulations! Glad I could contribute to such a good project.

    36. Martin Kosub on

      Congratulations - see you in Essen, friends!

    37. SchilMil Games (Amanda Milne)

      WooHoo - well done :)

    38. Rob on

      Well done guys! Like all the backer's, I'm very much looking forward to seeing these beautiful dice! Just glad I could help my little bit. They are beautiful! I think I'm going for the old silver! That's red and brass though...

    39. davide Irondrake on

      Congrats everybody and thank you!! these dice would never seen the light without your efforts. Now working on product finalization, maybe we can stretch more..... :)

    40. Duke of Dice

      Very cool to be a part of it! I am very happy to meet you in Essen on Spiel again!

    41. Neil Horabin on

      Wow, great effort folks!

    42. Tiffany Fordyce

      Well, we didn't quite make the fudge dice cut. I'm a little sad... but I'm still SO EXCITED about these!

    43. Rosie on

      Sooooooo Close!!!!!!!

    44. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Only 15 minutes left!

    45. Tiffany Fordyce

      We're -so- close to fudge dice.... sooooo close.

    46. davide Irondrake on

      and we're 201! congrats and thanks all new and veteran backers.

    47. Wortsenawl

      WOWZERS! This has climbed nicely... congrats on top of congrats!!!

    48. elliott ireland on

      Hi just pledged for you was looking at getting 5 d6 ones do u just need me to pledge £25 or will there be an option after it ends thanks Elliott.

    49. Henry Jasper 4-time creator on

      Hi everyone! One of the problems with going to all these shows is that your body forces you to take a day off every now and again (this is what happened yesterday), but coming back today not only have we unlocked another strecth goal(!!!!!) but we're actually pretty close to unlocking the fudge dice as well!

      Welcome to all the new backers! (messages & update being written up now) - we are on the last day today so if you could all give one last push to share, tweet and let everyone know about Terralith then that would be AMAZING!!!

      @Zachary & Guodin - for add-ons just include the additional amount in your pledge and I'll get in touch once the campaign ends to get the details of which add-on you would like

      @Lavaeolous - Battle Finishes are totally included in the £27 tier =)

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