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- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
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Mass Production, UKGE, Address Confirmation

Posted by Henry Jasper (Creator)

Hello Perfect Crime Kickstarters!!

Ok - first things first, where we are with production on Perfect Crime?

This last month I've mainly been working side by side with Ian on getting all the graphic design components completed.

This has basically been a lot of small things, but a whole load of them - if you think there are 192 cards in the game, 145 tokens, 7 game boards, the front & back of the box, the privacy screen and meeple colours - adding it all up has meant a lot of work, but we have been able to make very good progress, spotting (& fixing) a raft of accessibility issues - another very busy month, but a rewarding one as well.  It's easy to get so (almost myopically) focused on a single aspect of a game, it's easy to forget about it as a whole - seeing this has been something else =)

The other thing I've been working on has been the rulebook and this is what's holding us up I'm afraid and that's most definitely my fault.

As you know, I was expecting to get this wrapped in the second week of May(!), but typesetting this has proved to be a much larger job than I was ever expecting. Although Ian is going to be doublechecking and signing off on this, the amount of time that's gone into the graphical components of Perfect Crime has been so much more than any of us was expecting it's really not realistic to ask Ian to do this without paying him more, something I can't sign off on without blowing the budget (which is absolutely sacrosanct). So, I'm very sorry to say it's me, I'm the hold up.

But before you all decide to chase me down for being so rubbish, bear in mind Perfect Crime is still coming, quality isn't slipping (it's all still being doublechecked by a top quality professional) and it is very, very much still a bloody brilliant game. A fantastic one in fact!

Seeing Perfect Crime come together really reminds me how proud I am of this game and actually how proud we should all be of this game. Perfect Crime wouldn't even exist without the support and enthusiasm of every single one of you - for a game that allows you to plot, scheme and steal (vicariously of course) with your friends, that bonds players together through the shared experience of having completely ripped off a Bank (again and of course - this is vicarious), that engages you mentally (without bogging you down with accounting) and morally (did you _really_ have to use that minigun?). A game that is modular, asymmetric, authentic, moddable and, compared to what you originally backed back last June, shear orders of magnitude better than it's ever really just needs to be finished - for you guys, for Nick & Ian, for me, for my family, for Grublin and for our retailers - Perfect Crime just needs to be completed now.

I'm writing this to you all now fresh (a slightly relative term tbh) back from setting up at the UK Games Expo with my friend Pete (he's #Sevendust on the cards you're about to see if you're interested) - we've spent 7 hrs in the car, ~ 1 hr walking around the NEC gawking at games like lushed out fanboys and the rest of it sorting out the booth. In the course of writing up the scenarios for you all, I thought it would be cool to do a short one for the UKGE, to quickly demo the game and show everyone Perfect Crime. If any of you are going to the UKGE this weekend, I'm planning to be welded to that booth for the duration and would seriously, seriously love the opportunity to show you Perfect Crime in person - we're on T12, right next to the massive dice bar, directly to your left as you first walk in. Viewing from anywhere else in the NEC & looking towards the entrance, we're right underneath the massive 'FIRE POINT' sign next to the YuGiOh guys =)

Updated Timeline to Mass Production

Work left to do:

Complete Rulebook - progress: 75% - Completion Date: between the 8th & 16th June - it _has_ to be then as that's when Ian is signing off on it. This is non-negotiable - as I said, Perfect Crime really needs to be completed now.

Complete Scenarios - progress: 90% Completion Date: see above.

Lighten Artwork for print - progress: Nick & I have been discussing how to go about this as to be honest, it's been a bit of a nightmare. So, if you are able to make it to the UKGE this weekend, you'll see that the illustrations on all the cards printed are 1) too dark and 2) all are very slightly different shades. The reason for this is because all of these cards get sent over to Nick when I get back so he has physical references to base his adjustments on. Completion date: depends on how Nick gets on & how many times we need to print professional representations but I think we can look at end of June as a latest.

Proof-checking: So many of you have been waiting for me to get the rulebook over to you, hopefully you'll be ok to wait a tiny bit longer. Ian categorically does not need to sign off on this, so this will be going out to everyone who has been in touch to say they would like to help. I know you guys have been incredibly patient with me on this and I'm really very appreciative of that as if there's one thing that ruins boardgames - it's inconsistent, poorly proofed rules. This will not be the case with Perfect Crime, but I'm not going to send you all a word document text block of the rules as that's not the sort of proofing I'm talking about. Text needs to be seen next to images, in context with the rules as a whole & for that...I need to just bloody finish the rulebook. Completion Date: The very second I have this finished, you will know. Proofing does take a few weeks so end of June is realistic - very much earlier if possible.

Address triplechecks: progress 0% - as is natural, circumstances change & address' with them. I've done my best to keep on top of all these but if there's one place errors will creep in, it'll be the human introduced ones so I'm going to be sending out a very short & sweet email to you all just to confirm your address. Completion date: once we have started mass production.

Mass Production. End of June. Non Negotiable.

Right - you've probably had enough of me talking now and we've got an early start to what will be a busy day so let me end on these: incredible, brilliant and the very last illustrations Nick had to complete. Your promo cards, the secret Crew, the Hackers.









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    1. Ralph Severson on

      October now. What is the status of the game!?

    2. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Di Vincenzo on

      Hello everybody, we are now in september, do you have any updates?

    3. Gregor F. Eschenbacher

      Hi there. How long do we have to wait for this game?

    4. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      August now. Anytime soon?