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Crack the bank or defeat the robbers in this asymmetrical, tower defence style cooperative board game for 2-5 players!
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Clemens Guettersberger on

      As of 24 July the company is dissolved, so I guess the Money is gone and we won't see the game ever :-(

    2. Ben Turner

      Not sure I can muster the same level of ire, but certainly sad that no attempt was made to share what assets existed with the backers before folding the company.

      At least the community could have a chance of pushing this through as some form of print and play with those. Guess other artist's work are tied up in those, which might make sharing them non-trivial from that regard (especially if they haven't been paid for the work yet)

    3. Nate Hasiak

      Emailing the Queen is probably more likely to get a response than trying to contact Henry. She's not a coward.

      While I haven't totally lost faith in the system (I've backed far riskier projects and they turned out fine), but I'll be damned if this is the end. Even if I never see a copy of the game, I will get an explanation from the horse's mouth. I'm owed that. Henry won't be able to work in the games industry or exist on the internet without me popping up to demand answers.

    4. Toby de Burgh on

      The important point here is that backing any crowd funding project is high risk. It is nice when it goes well and we help startups, it is bad when it goes wrong and we get nothing for our money. However, to ignore your customers is unacceptable, and at least being honest shows empathy with the customers who have been let down. Personally I saved money as I rarely back anything now as I have lost trust in the system. Sad but true.

    5. Costa

      Can you imagine the queen getting spammed with emails about a perfect crime? Lol

    6. Missing avatar


      Does anyone have the queens email address?

    7. Nate Hasiak

      I'm not sure Henry owns the game anymore. I"m not exactly familiar with the law in the UK (so please correct me if I'm wrong), but according to these documents, if Grublin Games had held the IP instead of Henry, now it belongs to the Queen.

      The important part being "Upon dissolution all property and rights vested in, or held in trust for, the company are deemed to be bona vacantia and accordingly will belong to the crown"

      As of yesterday Grublin Games and all their property, which most likely includes Perfect Crime, belong to the crown.

      Thanks, Henry. Your cowardice at facing the people you took money from then betrayed may have cost us any chance of ever getting the game.

    8. Dan Ankney

      +1 Nate, I agree with your comment 100%. We’ve asked them nicely for the files for months and months. We have waited over a year and the comments here are tame compared to some other failed projects I’ve seen ( go look at the evil dead 2 board game). If this game was actually done, they would’ve sent files to us. It’s really frustrating to hide behind excuses of illness to try and manipulate our feelings of anger and disappointment into sympathy. It’s a disgusting move that the creators should be ashamed of. Hiding from the problems that contributed to said illness cannot be healthy. Gaining a measure of catharsis by fulfilling some small part of this project would have to help. If they really want to lay this project to rest, they would’ve given us what they had. I sent a similar message months ago saying that I meant it with no ill will, but patience is gone and only closure by admitting that there’s nothing to show and the money is gone or giving us the files and rights to print will satisfy me. It’s crazy to see a company with a successful prior Kickstarter record tank as hard as this one.

    9. Nate Hasiak

      I ran out of sympathy a long time ago. We're still looking at the same BS excuses that we were last July. Now, Mary is having medical problems and is "disobeying advice by posting here now." The idea of a doctor giving medical advice stating "Don't post things on the internet" is beyond comprehension. She was just attempting to post on another page! Was that against medical advice too? It's just another excuse to stop posting here. It's not even a new excuse; it's the same one we heard last year.

      The rest of the messages are the same excuse we've been hearing for a year now. "Henry is so incapacitated with issues that he can't post things. Please wait another year or more in the hopes that Santa will descend from heaven and make everything better." The clear message is that no one is doing any work and there is no plan to start anytime in the next few years. The chances of enough money to produce the game falling into Henry's lap is the same as finding out that the Nigerian prince that contacted you via email was legit.

      At this point, I doubt that the game is as finished as we were told. I've offered several times, in email, kickstarter messages, and in comments, that if someone were to send me the files, I would organize and edit them for Print and Play and share them with other backers, free of charge. I even thought about the logistics of making one set for home printers, one set for a professional printer that ships to the US and Canada, and at least one more that ships in Europe. I have the file templates saved on my hard drive, ready to put images into. Henry has been looking for excuses not to talk to us, meanwhile, I've put more effort into figuring out how to get other people the game than he has.

      All he has to do is send me the files and I'll figure the rest out, but apparently putting files into a dropbox or google drive and hitting "Share" is too much to ask. You know, provided we weren't lied to again and the game is actually finished.

    10. Jamie Glasgow

      @JimShessler 100% agree. I applaued you for being first to speak what many of us are thinking.

      Without belittling the personal hurdles faced by Henry, it simple does not excuse the lack of transparency which is downright rude and insulting to backers.

      The fact the only reason we got an update from Mary because she "accidentally" posted on the wrong campaign is telling.

      I have sympathy. Mental health is a taboo subject and deserves all the support and understanding going.

      However, it does noy facilitate the degree of apathy and rudeness we have been subjected too on this campaign.

      Still zero admission ALL our money is gone, which at the very least is what we deserve.

    11. Mike Nudd

      Mary if you read this can you please contact me? I know Henry (and Rosie) have my details, but I don't have yours.

    12. Glen Kehoe on

      This was / is a heist. For 1 to 602 players. The Perfect Crime. You couldn't make it up....

    13. Jim Shissler

      It's more disrespectful to backers to keep stringing us along and pulling at heartstrings than just admitting the project failed. Everyone has personal problems, most likely every backer of your project has personal problems and wouldn't mind having the $ they put toward to your project to deal with said problems BTW.

      Few people allow personal problems to impact their work. Fewer still use them as running excuses to backers that took a leap of faith in them.

      I suggest ripping the band-aid off and simply cancelling the project. Make amends when you can, as you should.

      Mary, the more you keep leading people on, the more time and energy of theirs you waste on something that's likely never going to happen. Just put an end to it and simplify things for everyone. This way you'll also have more time to focus on your personal problems that derailed this project and the backers can have closure.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bryce Summers on

      I'm glad to know what's happened. I had my own version of a mental breakdown earlier this year and it was certainly tough shifting my obligations to other people. It was also almost impossible for me to type even the simplest form of email to my acquaintances, so if the creators of this project are in a similar state now, then I hope they focus on their health. In creativity failure is an option, but I feel that when appropriate, it would be great if the task of printing the game could be delegated to someone else assuming it is in a state that meets the description of what the game is.

      Best Wishes.

    15. Missing avatar


      I supported the project as I liked the look of the game and wanted to support a smaller publisher. If all thats keeping it from being made is a relatively insignificant extra investment then I would be happy to contribute more.

      That said, I would do so only if there was some explanation of what has happened. People can make mistakes with estimates on costs. Political upheaval can make things more expensive all of a sudden.

      As for the illness, i expect this relates to domething mental as opposed to physical so may take a long time to sort. Doubly so if the company has gone to the wall which all the evidence suggests it has. This could have taken a huge strain on Henry's life and caused him to snap.

      It has been very dissapointing at the lack of communication. That is something that has frustrated me. Some reasons have been given of late but that only came about by mistake. I hope the lesson is learnt and future updates come along, even if the news is no news

    16. Garth Westphal on

      Please tell me no one is willing to send him more money to steal?
      I get that he says he has an illness. Personally I don’t know of any illness that prevents you from typing on a keyboard or having someone else type on a keyboard for you for over a year.
      You’re telling me that he doesn’t have a single family member or friend who could type something? Convey any sort of regret over this whole mess?
      I for one am still disappointed and won’t accept. Sorry not sorry.

    17. Dan Ankney

      At this point, many of us would consider it a win to receive the files, via Dropbox or some other means, so that some of the talented backers could make a print and play of the game. There are even some local backers that would probably be willing to personally transfer whatever files exist. It seems like the best solution at the moment to relieve the burden that is probably weighing on the creators and at least give the backers something of substance to make our investment feel meaningful. That’s my 2 cents. I say this without aggression or ill will.

    18. Mary Jasper on

      Thank you, Ben and Occam.

    19. Ben Turner

      Thank you for posting this comment Mary - so sorry to hear about the health issues not just with Henry but also yourself.

      Whilst I would love to see this game in production one day, I suspect there isn't a scenario out there that will achieve that and offer you all some chance of improving your health. Not every project on KS will deliver (at least 9% don't, in fact, might be more) and I've seen many not deliver for far more tenuous reasons.

      My best wishes to the future health of all involved this game.

    20. Missing avatar

      Occam on

      Thank you for the update Mary and all the best to you and Henry. I think we all appreciate hearing from you!

    21. Mary Jasper on

      And thank you Bonhomie Games! :)

    22. Mary Jasper on

      Thanks for that, SteJ. It’s very kind of you, but the sums involved are very large, and I doubt if you could meet them. In any case, it’s out of my hands. The person who has the knowledge to deal with it is Henry (who, you have probably guessed, is my son.)

      I absolutely agree that it should be published, but all decisions are out of my hands. I will, however, speak to someone, and that’s all I can say for the time being.

    23. on

      Thank you for posting so openly and frankly Mary.

      We’ve lost two family members to strokes in the last four years. I have three friends in the gaming industry who have suffered breakdowns in the last five. If the Doctor says don’t put yourself in stressful situations, please - follow their advice.

      I backed this game as a retailer; it is one of my three part time jobs. It pays the bills - but that’s nothing without good health and peace of mind. Please take care of yourself. That is more important.

    24. Missing avatar


      Hi Mary,
      Thankyou for the update. I'm sorry that you have suffered a serious illness and that Henry is still unwell.
      I hope you both make full recoveries in the near future and are able to continue with your lives.
      If extra funds for production are required I would be happy to pledge more funds to help see this over the line.

    25. Mary Jasper on

      An understandable comment, Kaitlin.

      I am very sorry that I made the mistake of misposting here my thanks to the creator of another Kickstarter Project, one that was in fact every bit as delayed as Perfect Crime, though that’s not relevant now. However, I personally think it’s time you were all told everything that has happened. Everything for Perfect Crime was, and as far as I know, still is or could be perfectly ready for Perfect Crime to go into production by the end of last summer. Everything except the funds to get it printed. Money that Henry was sure was going to be there just didn’t materialise. At that point, Henry had a total breakdown and became unable to do anything. For nearly a couple of months Rosie and I did our best to keep it all going. Rosie was only working part time for Grublin; she had another job. I am in my seventies. Neither of us was earning any money from Grublin. In fact, in my case it was entirely the other way round.

      We did our best to deal with what was a very dire situation. It became clear that Henry was going to be very ill for some time. And then, in the middle of October, I had a stroke. Some of you may have family members who have had strokes, and will know their effect and how long they last. Since last October I have been dealing with the effects of my stroke and trying to rebuild what I can do. I’ve made good progress, but I could not have written anything here or anywhere else for many months. I am disobeying advice by posting here now.

      Henry remains very unwell. If he were himself, and if he were able to, he would have been in touch with each one of you. But he is not himself. One or two of you who know us have been in touch with me personally and already know some or all of this.

      I don’t know how it is all going to work out. I am very sorry that this has been so upsetting for some of you, and I am very, very grateful to those of you who have looked a little deeper on the basis of the Henry you’ve known, especially those lovely people who have written to me. I am very sorry that you have all lost least, lost it insofaras you have not yet received copies of the game that you backed. But remember, it still exists in potential. I am not able to, nor in a position to, get it into production. But the game does exist in its full state. Just not in a printed state. I’ve read some interesting ideas on here as to ways forward. Perhaps some of you will be patient enough to hope that something will eventually be able to be salvaged.

      I know that some of you have lost the price of fully backing this project, and I am very very sorry that it’s so, but let me assure you that not only have I done the same (yes, I backed it too) but I have lost infinitely more. That’s irrelevant here, but it is the case. And Henry has lost his health. He is unable to write here.

      Kaitlin, I do remember your emails to Henry. I think you felt that your portrait hadn’t been done, or something, didn’t you? Sorry if I’ve got that wrong.i remember Henry was nonplussed by your complaint and he felt that as he had sent you the picture that had been made from the picture you had submitted, you were not only mollified but actually satisfied. Naturally you are not the only one whose picture has not yet been printed. Nobody’s picture has been printed, because the game has not so far been printed!

    26. Missing avatar


      Hi Mary, could you kindly provide an update on the state of this project? Is this project still being progressed?

      It has been a long time since any official communication has been given to backers. Whilst you may not be involved in the company in an official capacity you have made updates on Henry's behalf.

      Could you please give the backers an update even if the news is not good.

    27. Kaitlin Montanari on

      So clearly, as evidenced by the comment below - Mary is keeping an eye on this page. Not even having the decency to post an update for us about THIS game, makes me lose the little amount of sympathy I did have left for the "illness' that has struck Henry down. I sent Henry several strongly worded e-mails back when the game was still supposedly in production because I had not gotten my Mugshot illustration when they were all "completed and sent to everyone." I had initially felt badly about them and considered that I may have had some small part in contributing to his "illness." I no longer feel that way. I will gladly share the e-mails between us if anyone wants to see them as well. We last spoke 7/26/17.

    28. Mary Jasper on

      Sorry, the comment below was posted in the wrong place.

    29. Mary Jasper on

      Superlative! My parcel has just arrived, traceable all the way, no damage whatsoever, and I am delighted with the book. It’s lovely, and the little bookmark too. I love it! Thank you! Having said that, I think I’m lucky that my copy has not met with any damage. To post a book anywhere, especially a beautiful and substantial book like this, without even any bubble wrap or padding, is asking for trouble.

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon White on

      Alex, not that it helps in any way, but they were quite a way along with the game as they had at least one set of complete components. I did get to play the second part, the actual robbery part, of the game at the UK games expo almost exactly a year ago.
      They had cards with the art, the bank set up tiles/cards and whatever else they needed to demo it. I liked the game playing it but it definitely needed a little bit more work.

      I now consider myself lucky to have actually had a mini play of the game and to have the card designed from my photo in my possession.
      This time last year Henry definitely seemed very determined to release the game. It’s a shame it all went wrong

    31. Alex Koder on

      Honestly with all that has gone down. I am beginning to doubt that the game was even as far along as they claimed.

      After all what were we really shown? Some pretty pictures, a screengrab of rules? Maybe I am missing some other stuff.

      Still I wish I could get something tangible from this because I liked the concept and idea of this game.

    32. Dan Ankney

      At this point, that would be our best case scenario. I hope Henry releases the files and rights to us backers. If someone like Nate could make them print ready, we’d at least get to play the game. Then it wouldn’t feel like we were completely ripped off.

    33. Nate Hasiak

      I've never really bought into the fake illness that Henry conveniently came down with just as people were starting to ask if the project was being abandoned, but I'm sure the guilt he feels at stealing our money would probably be partially alleviated if he just distributed the files to us. I'd volunteer to put the cards together in common print and play templates.

      I've had card sets professionally printed before. I would be happy to put them in templates that we could order, so we could have something better than a standard laserjet printer run or the like.

      I'd need the files first though.

    34. Missing avatar

      Zavia on

      Is there any chance we can be given the files? Since it's almost completed(according to what i remember) with some editing and stuff, we can pnp it.

      Hell, if we can somehow get together, i believe we can eventually print this at a bit more costs n sell the rights to profit from other non backers.

    35. Jim Shissler

      Agree with all the other contributor comments related to closure and explanation - we all know the risks of supporting KS efforts, but there can and should be grace and politeness, even in failure. C'mon creators...

    36. Andreas Josefsson on

      I fully understand that, as the say, 'Man plans, and God laughs'. The creators have my full sympathy and I really wish for his full recovery.


      Comparing this to another seemingly hopeless project, my first backed project, Storm Hollow, this has definitely not been handled well.
      Storm Hollow began as the love child of two enthusiastic designers that went through illness and cluelesness regarding the project scope.
      All through this they communicated, they took steps. They involved an external project manager and in the end even help from an external publisher for help with quality control and production management. The game was delivered something like five years late, but the end result is amazing and was well worth the wait.

      Grublin could have done this. With a neigh finished product, and a proven solid interest, another publisher should not have been that hard to find. They could just have handed everything over and accepted their loss instead of making it our loss.

      This could still be done. Someone
      involved should just hand over all current files and material as is to some publisher and let them take over. Such a gamble is better than than nothing. The legal stuff be d**ned.

      I'm even prepared to pay for the game again when it is once in stores, just because I'm so enamored with theme and where the game seemed headed.

    37. Nicholas Rogers on

      *Henry Jasper and his family

    38. Nicholas Rogers on

      Hello all,

      Apologies if this has been posted already but I just looked up Grublin Games on the Companies House website which essentially registers companies here in the UK.

      It appears that Mary Jasper resigned as a company director on 6th November last year. Henry Jasper is still listed as a director. On the 8th May this year, a notice for compulsory strike-off was issued to the company directors. I'm no lawyer, but in the letter itself it says the following;

      "The Registrar of Companies gives notice that, unless cause is shown to the contrary, at the expiration of 2 months from the above date the name of


      will be struck off the register and the company will be dissolved."

      Short of someone at their end doing something pretty quickly, I think we can safely say that the company won't be fulfilling this project.

      I am frustrated as I'm sure all of you are and would have definitely appreciated better communication but would like to remind all of you that at the end of the day, health, happiness and family would come before everything else for any of us and should be more important to us than any board game as much as we love them. Trusting that Mary was truthful in her previous update, I would like to send my best wishes to Jasper and his family at what is most likely a very difficult time for them.

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      No one has the balls to even let us know that the project is a failure. I have absolutely no sympathy for the creator, whatever his reasons are.

    40. Missing avatar


      It's a sad state of affairs. I emailed the info email address and it bounced back.

      From my standpoint, I'm happy that there is a risk a project is late, not up to standard or doesnt deliver at all. That for me is part of the fun of kickstarter in taking a risk to support the little guy in trying to make a dream happen.

      My dissapointments are around the complete silence over the last 6 months. Yes Henry is the man on point but others are involved like Mary so why cant she give an informal update.

      In the real worst case and Henry is too ill to do anything ever again it wouldnt take much to pop an update up to that effect. "Guys, Henry will not be returning. The project will not be fullfilled" whilst not ideal at least lets everyone know whats happening.

      6 months since any communications of an official sort is a very very long time

    41. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      @Simon White:
      Yeah, KS doesn't have any other obligations except facilitating communications ...
      wait a second...DID they facilitate communications? Isn't the main problem the profound LACK of any sort of communication?
      Closure would be nice to have.

      On a side note I find KS gets a bit ... bipolar here. There ARE guidelines for project creators, that they are supposed to fulfill. On the other hand KS clearly states that it's only job is to provide a platform and they have no further obligation whatsoever. One can only wonder why they bother to put down a framework of rules a all if violations against it are not sanctioned in any way.

      But anyway, nothing says "buyer beware" than the ONE failed project in your KS timeline

    42. Scott Owen Lucas

      Maybe they should sell us stock in their company? j/k

    43. Missing avatar


      Same here. Closure would be nice with an explanation as to what has happened.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tobias Orth on

      On the one hand I know the risk of KS and accept that my money is lost, but on the other hand I want an official end of this project, a last message (maybe an excuse) from the creator, so I can say ok its over now.

    45. Missing avatar

      Simon White on

      I think that is the best you/we are going to get out of this.

      Kickstarter don’t have anything (as I understand it) To do with the project other than facilitating the contact between the creator and investors (as that is what we are effectively)
      As investors sometimes it goes wrong and you lose money. It’s not good but I think that is the only way to think about any
      Kickstarter project when you go into it

    46. Matthew West on

      Kick starters response after the standard “projects get delayed,contact the creator” email.

      “We've reached out to this creator and offered our assistance. In our note, we've encouraged them to provide an update on their project for backers, as well as respond to any messages sent through Kickstarter. Our goal is to open the lines of communication and encourage them to update more openly moving forward. You should continue reaching out to them on your end as well. Through this joint effort, we’ll be reminding the creator to check in.

      I really appreciate you reaching out and being an active backer. The creative process can sometimes be unpredictable, but we hope ultimately worthwhile for you as a backer.

      I hope you hear more from the project creator soon.


    47. Missing avatar

      Tobias Orth on

      Is it possible to get Kickstarter involved in this case?

    48. Missing avatar


      Yep, all the below would be lovely but if no one is logging in to check and no one is chasing from the kickstarter end then it feels like nothing will happen.

    49. Nate Hasiak

      I wasn't joking when I said we're owed answers and an explanation. In Terms of Use, it says this:

      If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

      they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;

      they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers;

      they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;

      they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and

      they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

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