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Crack the bank or defeat the robbers in this asymmetrical, tower defence style cooperative board game for 2-5 players!
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
602 backers pledged £22,103 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nate Hasiak

      Here's the news: If this kickstarter had failed to produce production copies of the game, but Henry had just owned up to it as poor planning or an underestimation of the funds needed, and told us that "I'm sorry. I messed up. I can't get you a copy of the game." we would have been frustrated and justifiably angry, but at least we'd know.

      What has happened is that Henry bungled the f*** out of the funding and spent it all on payroll in an attempt to save his already dying board game publishing company. Then it failed anyway to no one's surprise. Now he has ghosted us, pretending to be so sick he can't even type on a computer, mocking people that actually have serious illnesses that prevent them from working. All because he's too much of a worthless coward to admit that he's a failure, and we'll never see a copy of the game.

      We deserve answers and an explanation, Henry. It's not fair to force us to sit in limbo like this, when all we did was make the mistake of funding your stupid doomed dream.

    2. Michael Foden

      Any news?

    3. Kat Rance-Shilbach on

      Seeing as they filed a solvency statement on companies house in May 2016, a month prior to the campaign ending, there were obviously some financial issues going on... let's hope they didn't just launch the campaign as they'd made an undertaking that they would be able to pay their debtors...

    4. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      All in all I think it’s pretty off for absolutely no one in his company or family not to be able to update us. Illness aside it wouldn’t take much. I live in Cornwall and visit Penzance quite often, I think I would find it extremely difficult to hold my tongue after this treatment

    5. Missing avatar


      I doubt there was any deliberate attempt to deceive. The company has produced games in the past so why risk that reputation on a deliberate scam?

      If you look at Henrys profile etc it looks like he gave up a regular job to start this company up so I cant see it being a concious decision to let it go to the wall for good to scam a few 10ks out of strangers.

      It would be nice to get some closure on the project. An explanation would be even better. But it feels like Henry is unable to respond in an official capacity and other previous employee's of the company either can't say or won't say or feel bo obligation to let backers know what they know.

      I would have hoped Mary would have at least posted an unofficial update in the comments given her previous status in the company. Even if it were just to tell everyone it is highly unlikely to be finished.

      For me, this was my 4th project I backed and the only one that has not delivered out of the 50 i have backed in total. It's a real shame as it's one of the more unique games out there.

      I doubt the comments get read by anyone with any power or desire to do anything but some news either way or a release of the digital files or something would be nice.

    6. Jamie Glasgow

      @Lee the Kickstarter funds were clearly for "development" of the game and the costs for artwork quickly spiralled for me. Fraudulent implies they deliberately set out to mislead and steal backers. They have more to lose from the game not being produced than us backers. I imagine they banked on pre-orders to assist with production, which never materialised. Using the money to assist in going to Essen, etc - while maybe a bad taste to backers - fits in line with my theory of them pushing pre-orders and exposure to cover any unforeseen costs.

      No question has they failed the backers though - just think calling it pre-planned is absolutely nonsensical.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christian Schicke

      They were in Essen in 2016. 2017 they were not there.
      Any chance someone pick the development up and continue?

    8. Missing avatar

      Lee Valentine

      @Nate, I agree that if the creators took backer funds to travel to Essen instead of actually manufacturing the game, that would be an outrageous waste of backer funds.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lee Valentine

      @Jamie, how did the campaign funds quickly disappear? Were they spent on anything other than the production of the game? Were the creators paying themselves a salary to produce nothing? I am having a hard time seeing how it is not fraud or a major breach of duty toward the backers if the funds necessary for the manufacture of the game were spent on anything other than the manufacture of the game. Unless that type of dishonesty occurred, I am left wondering how some large chunk of that money is not sitting in a bank account still. For a game of this scope, it certainly should not cost 22 thousand pounds to purchase art. That's why I would like a full accounting. Absent that, I think the legal liability here is substantial, and is not just "cowardly antics."

    10. Paul Toderas

      @Nate Hasiak

      2016 for sure!

    11. Jamie Glasgow


      Don't think it's fraud. It's more a case of the money from the campaign quickly disappeared and the gamble that pre-orders would provide the resource the fund the game spectacularly back-fired.

      However, the doesn't explain the cowardly antics by creators - illness or not - in not owning up their backers (who are financial investors) and coming clean that this is what happened.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lee Valentine

      I would like an accounting of the funding on this project including the following: how much the project the campaign netted after Kickstarter fees, an itemized list of major expenditures, and how much funding remains. This is starting to smell like potential fraud, and I would like to believe that no fraud has occurred. Absent some information from the creator of the campaign, I may call UK authorities. That the creator is sick should not make it difficult for a loved one to find out how much money remains of our pledges.

    13. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Jaworski on

      No matter the circumstances Backers deserve updates......time to say "That's All Folks" and [*] Perfect Crime....

    14. Chris Ford on

      Anyone else think the name of this kickstarter is way too ironic?

    15. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      RIP Perfect Crime...

    16. Missing avatar

      Tobias Orth on

      I met him 2016 there and took a look at the game. I thought it was nearly finished...

    17. Nate Hasiak

      @Paul Toderas

      Are you talking about the Essen Spiel 2017? Hopefully you're thinking 2016.

      Because if Henry spent money taking it to Essen Spiel 2017 in October during his "I'm too sick to work or post things on the internet" blackout then I'm even more angry than I was previously.

    18. Paul Toderas

      Saw this demoed at Essen Spiel.... or was it? Tables were full.

    19. Hinho Santos on

      From what i can tell, Rosie no longer works for the company.

    20. Missing avatar


      I'm no expert but I suspect there will be no refunds on this one. It seems that the whole gang involved with grublin are not contactable.
      Maybe someone can get intouch with Rosie or Mary via another channel to see about an update. I'm sure they're easy to find on say facebook or something.
      It would be nice to have an update even if it's just no further news

    21. Missing avatar

      Hana on

      How can I submit a request for a refund?

    22. Dammit Coleman! on

      @Luke Mildenhall-Ward
      Hi, I have a friend that writes for a tabletop magazine and she's looking to interview people with experience in purchasing for retail through Kickstarter (I remembered your comment and suggested you).
      Would you be up to talking with her at all?

    23. Michael Foden

      Do we have any news?

    24. Nate Hasiak

      I really don't understand the faith some people have in this guy.

      He can't make an update in time for a 4 month deadline of just posting an update, but you'll still hold out hope? Please. What kind of illness could he possibly have that would allow him to login to kickstarter on several occasions, but would prevent him from typing an update? He's tried to use illness/health issues several times to explain away delays before. Now, all of a sudden, after a year's worth of delays, he's too sick to work at all? I'm not buying it. I don't think he's sick at all. He's just a coward that can't bring himself to tell us how he failed. The only thing he's consistent at is how often he misses deadlines. He has missed every single deadline he has set for himself on this project. That's not an example of a good person. If you have a friend, who is late every single time you make plans, you have a shitty friend.

      Hell, he couldn't make timely payments for his own website. Grublin games has no employees, no office, and no website. How does anyone think that it's just temporary?

      Consider yourself lucky that you got to play it. I never did. Now, I'll never even see a copy and I'll probably never get an apology for Henry having wasted my money.

    25. Keith Robbins on

      All I can say is I know that Henry is a very good person and I am willing to wait and see.
      I know that Grublin have already prublished several games in the UK (Cornish Smuggler and Waggle Dance) for example.
      Keep the faith. I know he has been very ill and has a young family who would be very worried.
      I have played a demo of the game last year and it was fantastic.

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard Kirke on

      Another disappointed backer here. I really had hoped the delays were just delays but it has been such a long time now.

      Given that my money is gone, I would happily pay a small top-up fee to get a box in my hands but it doesn't feel like things are in a state that a few hundred pounds will fix them.

      Short of a print and play option being available, is there anyone out there who has a version of the rules booklet that they had for proof reading? Can we share that around? Would love to adapt some of the ideas for other purposes.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tobias Orth on

      I dont think that we will see this game one day. This is for me the first Kickstarter that didnt worked.
      Its very sad because this game looks very good and whem I talked to the designers in Essen at SPIEL 16 they were very excited about it.
      But I wish they could send to those who pledged for the mugshots (like me) the finished images in a high resolution, so we have at least a small thing from this KS.
      And of course I like to hear something official from the author...

    28. Matthew West on

      Company website has been suspended. Assume that’s a bad sign.

    29. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Di Vincenzo on

      I personally don't want to spend more cash on this game because one of its selling feature was to be cheap.
      I would like to hear some news from Grublin's and to know if I can change the delivery address (LOL...)

    30. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      All I would like to know is if the game is still a go

    31. Missing avatar

      Edward Crabtree on

      I'd happily stump up another £8 to £15 if it meant a guaranteed box in my hand... The problem is, I don't know if I could trust them to deliver... And I'd still have to give up the cash first.

    32. Missing avatar


      When was the last you heard from them out of interest? Do you have a contact channel you could try to see if anything is happening?

    33. Luke Mildenhall-Ward on

      Slightly more optimistic comment incoming...

      I’m one of the 31 retailer backers of this, and have 12 copies of Perfect Crime on backorder — so ready to hand over £200-250 for the first shipment when game is ready. Multiply that by the other 30 retailer backers, and that’s a decent amount of cash. If the money is needed for manufacturing, Grublin can easily take retailer pre-orders to the bank to get a manufacturing loan, and that’s just from KS retailer backers — he could increase the pre orders from non-KS retailers and distributors too. So it’s definitely feasible from a financial standpoint to finish this game.

      I also like @jamie glasgow’s idea of seeking some additional funding from the community to finish the game if that’s needed. I think the backer price of this game is quite cheap at £27 (in fact, all Grublin games seem a bit underpriced to me as a retailer), so for it to go up to £35-40, I think a number of backers would consider that reasonable. A few updates ago, Henry said the biggest hurdle was the rulebook — I bet there are backers who’d be willing to help with that as well.

      So, all in all, the hurdles can be overcome. Henry just needs to sit down, look at what is left, figure out a schedule and a timeline, then let us know the plan.

      ...Unfortunately — and here’s the more pessimistic side of my comment — I worry the problem could be deeper than simply running out of money for the project. I’ve heard some horror stories about self-funded game designers who’ve mortgaged their home and spent upwards of £100,000 on projects. I don’t know if that is the case here, but if it is, that would explain why this is so serious for them, and is a big shame. Grublin were regularly calling me to make orders of their other games all of last year, and seemed a little desperate for new orders. Unfortunately for them, my reply was always the same: “I’ll just hold on until Perfect Crime before we do our next order”, and that’s still my position now.

    34. Missing avatar

      Edward Crabtree on

      If they aren't going to finish... fine... but at least give up the assets that they did produce so we can pay someone else to finish what they started.

    35. Bruce Bernard

      @tony broad -I agree with you, but the fact is that KS has become a money-grubbing company that doesn’t give a s**t about their own TOS, let alone the backers. I have reported projects that clearly violate their policies and they do nothing. In my profession we pay a fee every year to make sure no money is every lost by the misdeeds of a few bad apples. I have suggested that KS raise their fees and use the additional money for a “security fund”to protect backers from fraud. Certainly there would be many details to work out, butKS has no interest in doing anything for backers. All they are interested in is catering to Creators and helping them to raise as much cash as possible.

    36. Alex Koder on

      You know I have tried to be patient, and I have tried to hold onto hope.

      But honestly If things went bad I would rather have open and honest communication.

      If Henry legit got sick and that totally derailed things then I can understand that. Even an explanation of "got sick. Kickstarter funds used up due to being sick so long." Though at this point I have to wonder if it wasn't a result of stress.

      When we go so long with no communication or promises of updates that never come. It just leads to more trouble and problems.

      News of Henry being sick back in October led to well wishes. But now it's February, when another update was promised. At this point I will be legit surprised if we do get any kind of an update this month.

      Heck I wonder if the email supplied in the October update even works.

      If this gets read by anyone who knows anything. Please give us an update and explanation as much as possible.

      That way we the backers can either have our fears laid to rest, or determine if we should give up all hope of ever getting to play this.

      I wonder how many even remember they backed this.

    37. Nate Hasiak

      @Tony This whole thing isn't really Kickstarter's fault.

      I back a lot of games on here (I should still have a Superbacker stamp next to my name). This is the only one that has completely failed to deliver after being successful. This one had most of the earmarks of a successful campaign when I backed. There was already art, there was a playable version, the company had successfully launched games before, and some of those games were through Kickstarter. It looked like a project that would be done and done quickly. This was more of a fluke than most. Please don’t judge other Kickstarter projects based on what happened here. There are some cool and unique games available. For board games, I’d check out UBOOT and maybe Rambo and see if those suit your style. Stuff can be expensive, but know what you can afford to spend.

      I've been vocally mad longer than most, but I don't think this was some plan for them to get the money and run. I think it fell apart because Henry just sucks as a businessman. It made me angry that it was clearly falling apart and he didn't have the decency to tell us that the production of the game was in jeopardy of never happening. That just means he sucks as a fellow human being. He doesn't have the courage to tell us what happened. But it was never intended to be a scam. No real way Kickstarter could have done anything. Henry screwed up, but it’s all on him.

      What I really want is an apology for wasting my time and money, and a copy of all the files for the components. If I can get the game files, I'll try to assemble a print and play and figure out a way to share it with the other backers. I doubt I'll get either.

    38. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      I really do think that kick starter should consider some sort of safety net for backers in this situation....doesn’t seem fair that the company walk, Scot free and Kickstarter just don’t seem to concerned despite a potential impact on their reputation. Yes I know it’s all a bit of a risk but when funding is reached and they then take your money you’d expect something in return..Personally I’m gonna think twice about using Kickstarter again particularly as games in particular are getting more and more pricey

    39. Jamie Glasgow

      I really wish they would just come clean. "Hey, we are truly sorry, but we ballsed it up, your money is gone and so is our company and any chance of ever seeing the game. The guilt/failure/pressure has been so severe it has crippled Henry to the point of breaking". In not doing this they turn the whole matter sinister, more akin to robbery than things going wrong beyond their control. Had they been more transparent then maybe a solution could have been found from the backer community - paying a little bit more for example. They have choose not to, they have opted for the cloak and dagger approach using a defence so vague that it's as watertight as a colander.

      The "nonsense" we have been drip fed on this project just doesn't add up one bit, and revelations out-with that backers have discovered paints a very unfavourable picture of the whole debacle and left a very bitter taste in (I'd imagine) most backers mouths.

      Henry has logged in to Kickstarter since his "illness" so surely could have updated us?! His last log in was November 24th 2017. Mary is VERY active, logging in frequently - last time being 1st February. This is as black and white as it comes that we are being ignored and they have washed their hands of this project.

      I'm entirely convinced we will never see this game. I'm largely convinced we will never even get another update.

      And as terrible as it may sound, I do take some comfort from the fact that this appears to have pushed them as a company under. Mismanagement and deceitfulness is all the worse when the culprits walk out the other side unharmed.

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      @all, I wouldn't really get my hopes up for this, IMHO, as happens with a number of projects, the money received from backers was used to fund the process of game development and Grublin were most probably counting on pre-order money to fund the actual production of the game. If no pre-order money was received, this would have most probably driven funding to a halt thus stopping the company from printing and publishing the game.

      Consider that the company had two directors, Henry and Mary, both bearing the surname Jasper, so I conclude that Mary is some relative (most probably his mother) who has now decided to resign from the company. Do you actually think that a person would resign from a family business if there was really any chance that the company will get back on it's legs?

      As for the sickness reason/excuse, at this point I do not buy this anymore.

    41. EVS on

      Grublin is a genuine publisher, I have no doubt that Henry is genuinely ill - illness comes in many forms, and can impact people in all sorts of ways, even making it impossible to work on projects like these. I believe that the game is as close to finishing as they have reported (it's been presented at expos for playtesting). I think it's unfortunate that Henry is the only one who could move this project further in the last couple of months, but that is a risk with smaller publishers. I still have faith because of how previous projects were handled. We'll have to wait and see. Like Michael said, here's to optimism.

    42. Michael Frank on

      I’m awaiting a March update. Should be the latest since Henry’s approximate return was schedule for February. Since the game was supposedly near finished before this mysterious illness, I imagine that once Henry gets better, he will be able to get it finished in no time.
      With regards to the shop being closed, that definitely is unnerving. However, if Henry has been ill for the past 10 months, then it makes sense that he can’t keep paying for the space. It seems strange that he would be the only person who could finish the game, and others would not be able to help get it printed. However, working with artists and designers, I know that they are perfectionists and prefer to do it themselves rather than delegating and get a (not noticeable) lower quality result.
      I am hopeful still, however am quite aware that this may well be one of the last comments on Perfect. Crime’s Kickstarter page. Here’s to optimism.

    43. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      Well... I'll guess we'll just see, how it turns out. Won't let me lose sleep though - the money I spent was designated to be expendable. I get what I expected in return - perfect. If I don't - I'll consider it an education . Either way I'll get something ;)

    44. Nate Hasiak

      @Elyas Machera Unfortunately we're not creditors. Kickstarter just doesn't work that way. If the game never ships, Henry keeps our money and we have no recourse.

      It's possible for the company to sell off it's assets as it goes under to cover debts (at least in the US, I don't know UK law for certain, but I doubt it's much different in that regard) It could be that part of the sale contract would be a guarantee that our copies get produced by the new owner, but, based on how often he would fail to update and the empty promises he constantly made, Henry doesn't care about us. We're almost certainly never going to see anything in exchange for our money.

      We're well over a year late on the original estimation and none of us really know what's going on. I don't believe the sudden illness excuse. He doesn't have any credibility left with me. What kind of illness would prevent him from giving even bare bones updates, but wouldn't prevent him from logging onto Kickstarter several times in the past 6 months. His last login was Nov 24th, but the last time he updated was June 1st. Why would I trust this super convenient illness would suddenly keep him from posting anything or working on a game that should already be done and shipped a year ago?

    45. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      @Bruce Bernard
      Someone posted a link to the companies official paperwork with tax authorities, etc. below.
      From what I see, the substantial liabilities of Grublin should refer to us backers.
      From what has been posted by Henry my guess would rather be, that the money was spent, before he could "enjoy" any of it (not that I mean to infer that he did). The messages concerning the illustrator and the deadline have the ring of "we need to get this done before the money runs out"

      @Simon Tuckley
      Yeah, the irony of the game title certainly isn't lost on us. But to be fair: they obviously HAD game materials, illustrations,etc. And none of those come for free, so our money was (at least to some degree) spent on the game. It doesn't make up for the lack of transparancy and communication. But mismanagement isn't fraud.

    46. Simon Tuckley on

      Well the name says everything
      Maybe we should have all read between the lines before backing........
      They have managed to pull of the PERFECT CRIME and steal from us all without any way for us to get our money back while getting away with it. As the title says PERFECT CRIME

    47. Bruce Bernard

      This project is a perfect example of one of the risks of backing a KS project from a small company that is rarely if ever stated in the ‘risks” section: illness or death of the creator. Unfortunately for backers we have no way of verifying the facts. At least with this project the story has the ring of truth, since Grublin has actually published a few games before this. Compare that to “Custom Game Dice” where the creator’s illness was at the least exaggerated and perhaps fabricated. What I am most curious about is whether the funds from KS were set aside to cover production or if they have been used to support Henry since he’s not working. Unfortunately the latter is probably true, in which case it’s unlikely we’ll ever see our games. As a lawyer I would be disbarred or go to jail for such behavior. No such rules apply to game publishers. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of man Henry is.

    48. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      Well, I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think that some other company taking over Grublin buying the rights to Perfect Crime is likely. Technically all of us are creditors, so if a company were to take over Grublin, it would also take over it's liabilities. Since there is no surefire way to estimate the demand for the game (leaving us aside - but we would only cost and not produce money), it would be a giant risk for any investor.
      So, basically it boils down to three possible outcomes:
      a) Henry recovers, gets in touch and figures out a way to fulfill the pledges
      -> Seems rather unlikely. Yeah, I was more optimistic once, but it's been a while and judging from what I hear and read about Grublin, it would basically just amount to scraping together money for us (can't really imagine a scenario where the company gets back on track now)
      b) Bancruptcy is filed, nobody gets to see Perfect Crime forever
      -> Most likely outcome in my opinion
      c) Bancruptcy is filed, the basic game idea itself (minus the name) is sold to some other company by Henry, they publish it under a different name
      -> Unlikely. I still attribute a basic decency to Henry and that would be about the most indecent thing to do. Besides, it wouldn't really be that much of a bargain, since none of the official materials (illustrations, etc.) could be used, lest there be repercussions. And the consequences of getting caught would be drastic (since no assets of a company that has declared bancruptcy may be set aside legally - and the game certainly qualifies as an asset)

      Truly sad. It was the second project that I funded here and it will be the first to actually fail. But such is life.

    49. Alex Koder on

      So if this is a wash and Perfect Crime is sold to some other company, will backers still get a copy of the game or are we completely hosed?

      Been holding out hope, but with news of offices closing and Mary leaving Grublin in November (not long after the last update) it feels more and more likely that all the game amounted to was some pretty pictures and a rule book. Nothing else and that it would never be ready for backers regardless of funds or time.

    50. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      I live just up the road from their offices which they ceased paying rent on sometime last year. I’m more than happy to go and knock on doors if some one has a firm address. There is a part of me that’s still hoping that the game will come good but I’m increasingly beginning to think they’ve done a runner. Maybe Bonhommie games can get in touch with Henry again....another update would allay any fears

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