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Crack the bank or defeat the robbers in this asymmetrical, tower defence style cooperative board game for 2-5 players!
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
- 1 vs Many - Modular - Asymmetrical Perfect Crime is a 1 vs. many game of building and breaking banks set in the modern day.  It’s tense, it’s gritty, it’s multilayered and it’s as authentic to real life bank robberies as we're allowed to make it.
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    1. EVS on

      Grublin is a genuine publisher, I have no doubt that Henry is genuinely ill - illness comes in many forms, and can impact people in all sorts of ways, even making it impossible to work on projects like these. I believe that the game is as close to finishing as they have reported (it's been presented at expos for playtesting). I think it's unfortunate that Henry is the only one who could move this project further in the last couple of months, but that is a risk with smaller publishers. I still have faith because of how previous projects were handled. We'll have to wait and see. Like Michael said, here's to optimism.

    2. Michael Frank on

      I’m awaiting a March update. Should be the latest since Henry’s approximate return was schedule for February. Since the game was supposedly near finished before this mysterious illness, I imagine that once Henry gets better, he will be able to get it finished in no time.
      With regards to the shop being closed, that definitely is unnerving. However, if Henry has been ill for the past 10 months, then it makes sense that he can’t keep paying for the space. It seems strange that he would be the only person who could finish the game, and others would not be able to help get it printed. However, working with artists and designers, I know that they are perfectionists and prefer to do it themselves rather than delegating and get a (not noticeable) lower quality result.
      I am hopeful still, however am quite aware that this may well be one of the last comments on Perfect. Crime’s Kickstarter page. Here’s to optimism.

    3. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      Well... I'll guess we'll just see, how it turns out. Won't let me lose sleep though - the money I spent was designated to be expendable. I get what I expected in return - perfect. If I don't - I'll consider it an education . Either way I'll get something ;)

    4. Nate Hasiak

      @Elyas Machera Unfortunately we're not creditors. Kickstarter just doesn't work that way. If the game never ships, Henry keeps our money and we have no recourse.

      It's possible for the company to sell off it's assets as it goes under to cover debts (at least in the US, I don't know UK law for certain, but I doubt it's much different in that regard) It could be that part of the sale contract would be a guarantee that our copies get produced by the new owner, but, based on how often he would fail to update and the empty promises he constantly made, Henry doesn't care about us. We're almost certainly never going to see anything in exchange for our money.

      We're well over a year late on the original estimation and none of us really know what's going on. I don't believe the sudden illness excuse. He doesn't have any credibility left with me. What kind of illness would prevent him from giving even bare bones updates, but wouldn't prevent him from logging onto Kickstarter several times in the past 6 months. His last login was Nov 24th, but the last time he updated was June 1st. Why would I trust this super convenient illness would suddenly keep him from posting anything or working on a game that should already be done and shipped a year ago?

    5. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      @Bruce Bernard
      Someone posted a link to the companies official paperwork with tax authorities, etc. below.
      From what I see, the substantial liabilities of Grublin should refer to us backers.
      From what has been posted by Henry my guess would rather be, that the money was spent, before he could "enjoy" any of it (not that I mean to infer that he did). The messages concerning the illustrator and the deadline have the ring of "we need to get this done before the money runs out"

      @Simon Tuckley
      Yeah, the irony of the game title certainly isn't lost on us. But to be fair: they obviously HAD game materials, illustrations,etc. And none of those come for free, so our money was (at least to some degree) spent on the game. It doesn't make up for the lack of transparancy and communication. But mismanagement isn't fraud.

    6. Simon Tuckley on

      Well the name says everything
      Maybe we should have all read between the lines before backing........
      They have managed to pull of the PERFECT CRIME and steal from us all without any way for us to get our money back while getting away with it. As the title says PERFECT CRIME

    7. Bruce Bernard

      This project is a perfect example of one of the risks of backing a KS project from a small company that is rarely if ever stated in the ‘risks” section: illness or death of the creator. Unfortunately for backers we have no way of verifying the facts. At least with this project the story has the ring of truth, since Grublin has actually published a few games before this. Compare that to “Custom Game Dice” where the creator’s illness was at the least exaggerated and perhaps fabricated. What I am most curious about is whether the funds from KS were set aside to cover production or if they have been used to support Henry since he’s not working. Unfortunately the latter is probably true, in which case it’s unlikely we’ll ever see our games. As a lawyer I would be disbarred or go to jail for such behavior. No such rules apply to game publishers. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of man Henry is.

    8. Missing avatar

      Elyas Machera on

      Well, I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think that some other company taking over Grublin buying the rights to Perfect Crime is likely. Technically all of us are creditors, so if a company were to take over Grublin, it would also take over it's liabilities. Since there is no surefire way to estimate the demand for the game (leaving us aside - but we would only cost and not produce money), it would be a giant risk for any investor.
      So, basically it boils down to three possible outcomes:
      a) Henry recovers, gets in touch and figures out a way to fulfill the pledges
      -> Seems rather unlikely. Yeah, I was more optimistic once, but it's been a while and judging from what I hear and read about Grublin, it would basically just amount to scraping together money for us (can't really imagine a scenario where the company gets back on track now)
      b) Bancruptcy is filed, nobody gets to see Perfect Crime forever
      -> Most likely outcome in my opinion
      c) Bancruptcy is filed, the basic game idea itself (minus the name) is sold to some other company by Henry, they publish it under a different name
      -> Unlikely. I still attribute a basic decency to Henry and that would be about the most indecent thing to do. Besides, it wouldn't really be that much of a bargain, since none of the official materials (illustrations, etc.) could be used, lest there be repercussions. And the consequences of getting caught would be drastic (since no assets of a company that has declared bancruptcy may be set aside legally - and the game certainly qualifies as an asset)

      Truly sad. It was the second project that I funded here and it will be the first to actually fail. But such is life.

    9. Alex Koder on

      So if this is a wash and Perfect Crime is sold to some other company, will backers still get a copy of the game or are we completely hosed?

      Been holding out hope, but with news of offices closing and Mary leaving Grublin in November (not long after the last update) it feels more and more likely that all the game amounted to was some pretty pictures and a rule book. Nothing else and that it would never be ready for backers regardless of funds or time.

    10. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      I live just up the road from their offices which they ceased paying rent on sometime last year. I’m more than happy to go and knock on doors if some one has a firm address. There is a part of me that’s still hoping that the game will come good but I’m increasingly beginning to think they’ve done a runner. Maybe Bonhommie games can get in touch with Henry again....another update would allay any fears

    11. Nate Hasiak

      I'd be willing to bet that the money has been spent and they are just delaying with the "illness" story until February. Then they can give us the news that Grublin games is declaring bankruptcy and/or dissolving. Grublin will sell off all it's assets to cover debts and that will include the Perfect Crime IP leaving us with nothing.

      That would be the reason we don't have at least a prototype print and play. If they just released the files to us, even raw, we could put one together ourselves, but they couldn't sell it off if the contents aren't exclusive.

    12. Chris Ford on

      The money is obviously spent. No offer to pay us back.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stephen Steels

      Still no news? There goes my perfect kickstarter record, all but one delivered, I'm still hoping though

    14. Nate Hasiak

      There isn't any competitive component and it seems to be a lot smaller in scale, but I'd check out Burgle Bros by Tim Fowers. There is also an app for it on iOS and Android.

    15. Missing avatar

      inerstrength on

      Well anyone know of a game that would be just as good?

    16. Nate Hasiak

      Perfect Crime: Ghosting on backers after spending their £22,103

    17. Garth Westphal on

      I'm fairly certain this is a wash. And I just want to say how disappointed I am that the people running this campaign haven't owned up to it. I think it shows some rather poor character traits and would endorse a boycott of any of their future products or endeavors. Not only did they fail, but they failed without style/class.

    18. Jamie Glasgow

      I see Mary has made a comment on another campaign the other day on 18th December.

      "Is there a realistic date when we can expect our copies? Sorry to say it but I’m beginning to be a bit concerned, having experienced another apparently successful project that never actually materialised."

      While the irony is certainly not lost on me, I think any kind of update from her would be appreciated.

      I'm entirely convinced that we will never see this game. All signs point suggest as much.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      If you follow this link you will see that the company has most probably hit a brick wall;

      In fact, one of the directors (Mary) was terminated by herself on the 6th of November 2017, most probably to have no liability once the company declares bankruptcy!

    20. Paul Toderas

      He most probably had a nervous breakdown. Shame, this had a lot of potential.

    21. Michael Foden

      How do I update my shipping address?

    22. Garth Westphal on

      No I'm pretty sure it's done. More than likely the kickstarter money is all gone now and if he's been out of service for this long then I'm doubting the company has any funds (I think someone said their offices have shut down). I'd actually be more impressed if they just owned up to it and said "We fucked up, sorry but no game".

    23. Topolino on

      Maybe more info in February 2018 (Update Nr. 20) - if i am right ...

    24. Missing avatar

      Jan Wauters-Schauvlieger

      any hope this one will get a second life ?

    25. Alex Koder on

      Glad to have an update. I worried that it was something major and likely life threatening.
      I hope he makes a full recovery.
      Knowing that this hasn't been completely forgotten is good to hear.

    26. Alex Koder on

      @Randal Lloyd
      I thought it was just a matter of scanning them into a computer. Good to know though. Thank you.

    27. Randal Lloyd

      @Alex - Unfortunately, PnP files take just as long to setup (if not longer) than print files. I can't image they would be able to do so.

    28. Alex Koder on

      Really hope Henry is doing better. If we can't get a physical copy is there any chance of a "print and play" version so we can at least still enjoy this game regardless of what happens?
      I know other games released print and play versions and hope that could be a possibility with this.

    29. Missing avatar


      Nice to hear that contact has been made. Frustrating that it is still not a general communication to all backers.
      The longer the silence goes on the more frustrated people will become.

    30. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Hi Cris, thanks for the slightly heartening update.
      Having had my life’s card flipped on more than one occasion I have some idea of where Henry is, that said there are others that are close to him that could have popped online and said what you have just said, be that in here, Twitter or face book or just posted “still no news”.
      I sincerely wish Henry a speedy recovery but surely someone close to him can take some responsibility for occasional coms while he is on that road. It’s a win win situation if they do, Henry doesn’t have to worry about the backers, which is good for his mental well-being, and the backers don’t have to worry bout the games future

    31. on

      Hi folks

      Cris here from Bonhomie Games. We are Retail backers of this game, and have traded with Grublin for three years on good terms. We trust the small team that runs Grublin and they've always dealt fairly with us.

      Like you we're backers who want to see a great game come to our gaming table. Like you we are out of pocket, and we also find silence one of the biggest challenges to deal with in this kind of situation.

      Are we happy at this point? No, but life goes on. This is the 29th Kickstarter we've backed, and our fifth major delayed project. From what we've read that is probably a fairly typical ratio, as Kickstarter is not like buying a retail item - it is always to some degree a work of love and a work of art. Sometimes Kickstarters are very late (we have had one that was 2 years late, including a year of complete silence due to ill health) and sometimes they fail (9% according to Kickstarter). Sometimes they nearly destroy even fairly well established companies (Google the story of the Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter by way of an example) and sometimes something truly magnificent arises phoenix-like from the ashes (again, see Call of Cthulhu).

      We like and respect Henry and Rosie, having met them at the UK Games Expo a couple of times, and spoken with them on numerous occasions in the past. Grublin could be a phoenix. We'll have to wait and see.

      The offices are shut, so as Tony has written (below) face to face contact isn't possible. It might sound daft to say it, but they haven't shut the office to cause us bother - the office is shut because the company has some serious, unwanted problems.

      We have had contact with one of the Grublin directors today, however. From the discussion today and those previous to this it is clear that health is a major factor. If you work for yourself, like Jo and I do, you know the impact of ill health on a small business. Also, there are some health issues that mean that sitting in front of a computer keyboard and addressing 600 people who you know are relying on you is too much. You'll either have had that experience, or know someone who has, or you won't - but it happens all the time - perhaps more so in the gaming community than in others. So, like you, we are frustrated. We're not suggesting people are wrong to be cross, or fed up, or angry. But we're also understanding, because but for the turn of a card in the game that is our own life story we could be facing the same challenges as the Grublin team. Right now I'd rather have our challenges than theirs.

      We've reached out to Grublin to offer support and if we can help them in any way, we will. Maybe there will be an update today. Maybe in a month, or three months, or. . . but wishing it different won't change things alas.

      So, we're backers and not empowered or informed enough to give a proper update. What we have been told is that the game is complete. By that we assume it means rules, artwork and so on. We're told the next stage would be printing. We don't know if that requires computer-based layout work first, or if the project is 'print ready'. If we can help Grublin unlock that stage of the project, we will - either directly, or just by being here ready when the team are able to deliver. They certainly want to deliver, and clearly still believe 100% in the project - but wanting things and them being possible don't always coincide.

      All we can say as a fellow backer, to the community here, is that we're sat here ready and waiting, and if and when Grublin are able to move to the next stage of the plan, we're ready to put the gang back together and crack this thing.

      Good gaming to you all

      Cris and Jo.

    32. Kaitlin Montanari on

      Reported. Does anyone want to tell me how I submit a request for a refund? Which I know will ultimately be ignored but, make me feel better.

    33. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Well I’m not letting it lay, illness or not.

    34. Jamie Glasgow

      Not looking good at all. Putting this one down as a project that will never see the light of day and a pledge lost. Such as shame as it looked a promising game.

      Illness or not, the way the backers have been mislead on the projects is absolutely shocking.

    35. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Ok further update, the letting steam tried to contact Henry but the number was no longer in service......things are looking gloomier and gloomier

    36. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Ok further update, got in touch with the people that manage the business park and grublin games gave up their offices a while back so anyone thinking of getting in touch with them via the number on the website I wouldn’t bother. The person I spoke to wouldn’t give me Henry’s number but did promise to pass on my details. I have asked to pass on the fact that there is a lot of anxious people who want an update. Lets see what happens eh

    37. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Simon I don’t think they look at this anymore

    38. Simon Tuckley on

      Hello sorry to message you guys but can we please have some details or a full refund please. Many people are very upset with the way this project has been managed I understand illnesses and other things but there has been a lot of excuses one after another. But we as backers deserve better and deserve the truth and the item we have kickstarted and put out hard earned wages into

    39. Chester

      #1 Hope Henry is ok.
      #2 Hope this game sees the light of day...someday :)

    40. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Ok, visited the industrial park where they are based and although there is still signage up it looked very quiet which is not surprising bearing in mind it’s a Saturday. Next step is to call the owners/managers of the park to see if they are still paying rent

    41. Costa

      the 448070? :s That's not a good sign. My guess no one will be at the office if you get there tomorrow

    42. Missing avatar

      tony broad on

      Quick update, rang the grublin office today prior to popping down tomorrow and got a “this number is no longer in service” which doesn’t auger well �

    43. Topolino on

      It's all not about delays or anything else - it is ALL about the communitcation.
      As written: no problem to wait another year or two, BUT keep us "up to date" ...

    44. Garth Westphal on

      I've pretty much written this game off.
      Yes games are delayed on kickstarter, most are never on time, but as others have said those project leaders update the masses of supporters instead of just hiding out of shame or guilt.
      I realize mental health is an important issue. I also realize that the world does not stop for those who must deal with it, and as a responsible adult those people should usually attempt to make arrangements so that their commitments to the world at large are met. If he couldn't accomplish this project then he should be handing off the reigns and stepping aside until he feels better.
      Logging on to update me about how there is no update is pointless at this stage. It's quite obvious that this project faltered and he is now either attempting to sell enough pre-orders or other game titles that he can 'get back on track'.

      One thing is certain, he will never again have a successful kickstarter. Of that much I can be certain, unless he somehow manages to change his company name or become a silent party he has pretty much tarnished his reputation.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ben Timpson on

      I completely concur with EVS; clearly this is a bad situation, and things have gone a little bit pear-shaped. I still hope and believe we can get a positive solution out of this, but we might just need to give Henry plenty of time and support while he recovers and can start to dedicate time to this again.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jan Wauters-Schauvlieger

      Communication is all !!! I would like to get an update. Might be good might be bad news. But at least something to keep the community informed. There's a guy below living 30 minutes from their office ... Pls. check it out & report any findings as everything so far has been a big thumbs down on communication management ...

    47. EVS on

      Grublin games is a genuine publisher. I backed Waggle Dance in the past, and everything from beginning to end was brilliant. The game itself is well worth, and I am happy I backed them. There's no doubt in my mind that these people are stand-up people that are just dealing with this poorly. But I don't think it's because of a lack of good will. My reading of this situation is that it's a desperate and hopelessly depressing one for Henry.

      From the start, this was a much more ambitious project, and I felt like it wasn't ready to the same level as Waggle Dance was. I think to come to Kickstarter when they did considering the progress at that point in time was a big risk, for us and for them. Looking back, I think it's safe to say they weren't ready.

      This will have caused massive problems, and while Henry and his team have proven that they can deliver when they are on top of things, this was of another scale. Being a good PM in that situation is an incredible difficult thing, and I don't doubt that Henry has given it his all. He wants this project to succeed more than any of us. And there is a project - both we (through updates) and others (playtesting) have seen the progress.

      When things start to go wrong, the situation is at risk of spiraling out of control. Delays have big financial impact. Financial issues means cutting staff, which is why I think Rosie no longer responds. Which again causes delays, etc. I think Henry knew this, tried to limit the negative impact for everyone involved. Imagine the stress of running this business and this project when everything goes well. Then add to that financial worries, trying to save everything, having to let go of people because you can't pay (people that you really wish you could keep for your sake and for theirs), taking another job or two trying to stay afloat both as a business and as an individual, etc etc. Actual production and shipment are the last but also the most expensive things. If money ran out, there's simply no way that Henry can make this work without fresh investment.

      All of this would have its toll on anyone, both physically and mentally. These things can cause depression easily, and with that, it's not unusual that there's avoidance of this project. It's not right, it's not logical, but that's depression. The illness is genuine, I don't doubt that, and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the cause of the state of this project, but the result. Or a bit of both. Either way, I wish you all the best, Henry.

      If Henry is unable to complete the project, there's other things he can do to fulfill his obligations to us. Update us on how funds were used, what the status is, deliver a P&P with everything that he has, sell the game to another company as it is with the clause that they must fulfill backer's rewards. I have had it happen with other projects that I backed, and we all knew this was a risk going in.

      I am not saying this to excuse what's going on. But if I am right, then the possible outcome for all parties involved will only be achieved if Henry does the above. Not admitting this would be a mistake of both parties, creator and backers. Openness and understanding from all sides is the only way forward.

      Or I could be wrong and Henry has retired and moved to a tropical island enjoying cocktails. If so, I am equal parts upset with him and admiring him. Upset is obvious. Admiring because to me it seems like an impossible task with just 22k.

    48. Missing avatar


      I'm inclined to believe the illness is genuine but other members of grublin have made official announcements in the paat so I see no reason why they cant update with something.

    49. Nate Hasiak


      I doubt there is any money left.

      If I had to guess, Henry overspent on Art or payroll at Grublin by delaying for 11 months, and now doesn't have enough money to get the game printed (If it is, in fact, finished, as some claim. I seriously doubt it, they haven't followed through on anything else yet. Why start now?).

      I'm starting to smell BS with this illness excuse at this point. The illness that has somehow prevented him from updating us, but not logging into Kickstarter, seems a little too convenient.

    50. Scott Owen Lucas

      I just requested a refund. Not feeling confident I’ll even get a reply.

      Are there any genuine legal avenues we can take?

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