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Update #5

Come On Down to St Lou Fringe!

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TWO DAYS LEFT - ONE DAY (today) of performances, and one GREAT after party.  If you haven't stopped by yet, be sure to come in and claim your Kickstarter Prizes.  Hand-printed shirts, buttons, and friendly faces galore!  Oh yeah, and an impeccable season of shows.  This can never be reproduced again!

Update #4 - For backers only

The Fringe is HERE!


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Update #3

Funding Allocations


We received a request to clarify how the funds we raise (if we reach our goal in the next two days!) will be allocated.

The Kickstarter funds will support the operating expenses of the festival, supporting our mission to directly fuel the creative economy of St Louis.  We have kept our production costs to the bare minimum (the maximum participation cost for performers was $150, as compared to other festivals that can cost up to $800!) thereby maximizing their return for the work they produce.

Unrestricted funds from the campaign will be allocated solely for Festival production to keep everything running smooth, clean, and pick-of-the-litter.  Examples include:

  • Equipment for spaces (audio and lighting)

  • Structural accommodations for performers (aerial rig, etc)

  • Hardware to temporarily convert found spaces and available real estate, showcasing them as performance spaces

  • Front-of-house materials to keep the show running smoothly and securely (lock boxes, bank bags, walkie talkies, etc)

  • Signage to clearly notate festival grounds and navigate the patron experience

  • Transportation assistance to aid the accessibility of participating venues (trolley or rickshaw)

  • Etc

We will create a festival environment that showcases well what St Louis is already offering - innovative and thriving arts and culture.

Thank you for the question, Andrew - and I hope that this response helps answer what may have been on other folks' minds as well!


Em and the St Lou Fringe Crew

Update #2

The danger of the plateau!


Dear wonderful supporters,

Without you, we would have no hope!  Thank you so much for what you've offered so far, which is ensuring that the Fringe will happen.

But, I fear we are not out of the woods.  Since we hit the 1/2 way mark, donations have dramatically dwindled.  We need to make sure word continues to spread if we are to reach our goal, and if your donations are to make it to us!

Would you spread the word to some friends or family that might be able to help us make our goal?  If each of you, who've already donated, knows 3-4 people who can donate just $15 each - then we will make our goal!!

Every dollar will make a difference.  And, will draw us ever Nearer to The Fringe.

Thanks all,

Em (et al)

Update #1

17 backers and counting...


We can't say how incredibly grateful we are for all the gun-jumpers who were so ready to support us!  The warm fuzzies are almost overpowering.

We hope you are willing to help spread the word about us as well.  We want to raise friends just as much as we want to raise funds!  So please...share our video, share our website, share the love as you share the Kickstarter.

And let's keep the momentum going!  There have been talked going around the Fringe office of what we might do if we even surpassed our goal...and they're all pretty delightful...

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    Danke, schoen! Not only will we thank you on internets, you can keep your kitchen hip with a one-of-a-kind "refringerator" magnet.

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