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Send mail to kids' toys from your phone. Our toys will speak them back in their funny voice, or yours.  Kids can reply too!
Send mail to kids' toys from your phone. Our toys will speak them back in their funny voice, or yours. Kids can reply too!
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Last Chance to order a Talkie!

Hi Kickstarter Supporters,

Today is your last chance to order a Talkie, and get it before December 24th. ORDER HERE

As you may know, Talkies are the Mailmen 2.0.  As seen on Shark Tank earlier this year, they let kids voice chat with approved contacts.  Talkies also receive games and content from the Toymail cloud. It's hours of endless play and connection.

We're giving you 20% off today!  Promo code KICK20 will automatically fill in your cart at checkout.

ORDER HERE and get it by 12/24!

Much love,

Toymail team

Talkies by Toymail
Talkies by Toymail



Toymail in the Tank

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Tune in to Shark Tank tomorrow night to see what happens when Toymail enters the Tank!

Watch with us by joining our Facebook event and tune in to ABC on Friday at 9/8 central -

We can't wait to hear what you think!

Last Chance to Order a Talkie for the 24th!

 Order now to receive your Talkie by the 24th! We have free shipping on our website for orders over $50. 

Toymail Talkies are the perfect gift for your kiddos! Spread the word so your kids can message their friends and cousins too. 

Make sure you get your gift in time!

Toymail Talkies are shipping!

Toymail Talkies
Toymail Talkies

 Toymail Talkies are a breakthrough way to let kiddos voice chat with friends and family, without putting them in front of a screen! Send voice messages to your child’s WiFi connected toy and your kiddo can reply right back. Now with Talkie-to-Talkie messaging too! After two years in development, the Talkies are ready to find a home and help families stay connected all over the world! We are taking orders for Talkies! Orders now ship within two to three business days.

Using the free Toymail app, create your trusted circle to let kids stay in touch with parents, grandparents, and friends. Sending Toymail is a cinch for little ones. Push a button on the back of the Talkie to message a grownup's phone or another kid's Talkie. Send messages phone-to-toy using the free Toymail app.

Talkie-to-Talkie Messaging!
Talkie-to-Talkie Messaging!

 What are people saying?

“I just received the new Toy Mail they are ridiculously cute. We bought one of the original ones that were a hard plastic but these are soft and cuddly. Love this product looking forward to having lots of "chats" with my grandchildren. Great Customer Service” -Sheila

"these are totally worth it! Dad is in Iraq right now and my boys getting to have messages sent just to them in his voice is so special, it really makes their day. Thank you for keeping my family connected!!" -Tracy


Toymail Launches the Talkies

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Toymail has launched a new line of plush toys called the Talkies, that let family and friends send voice messages to the kids they love, and kids can reply right back! Read about it on TechCrunch!

The new Talkies will feature the following:

  • Friends and family can send voice messages to the Talkie toys from our free app
  • Kids can directly message their friend's toys, too 
  • Kids can play with filters on the toy to change their voice into funny ones 
  • Send cute sound effects ('audible' emoji's) to your child from our free app

Pre-order yours today at and as one of our earliest supporters take 30% off with code KICKSTARTER.