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1 to 4 players will make their last stand against the extraterrestrial FAZA in this tough cooperative game with a retro sci-fi theme.
1 to 4 players will make their last stand against the extraterrestrial FAZA in this tough cooperative game with a retro sci-fi theme.
309 backers pledged $16,147 to help bring this project to life.
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FAZA: A Classic Alien Invasion Game



The Kickstarter campaign will be done by July 25 at 2:57 pm EST. Since we are not using a pledge manager, you may not increase your pledge after the campaign ends. However, we will allow future pre-orders on our website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

FAZA is a dynamic and nail-biting science fiction cooperative game for 1 to 4 players lasting 90 to 120 minutes. 

In FAZA, your team must work together to save your city by destroying all three extraterrestrial motherships. Each round your team will move across the board using player cards, combat enemy drones using dice, leverage special abilities to influence the outcome of combat, and recruit rebels to attack each mothership. Over the course of the game, the FAZA will adapt to your strategy and fight back: dropping off more troops in attempts to overwhelm you, transforming the entire city to be uninhabitable, killing off your rebels to prevent you from attacking their motherships, and, of course, working to defeat you.

Where does the name come from? The name FAZA is the transliteration of the word "space" from Farsi. 

Note: The components shown above are prototype pieces.

Gameplay Snapshots

FAZA is played in two repeating phases: the Team Phase and the FAZA Phase

Team Phase

During the Team Phase, all players engage in simultaneous play, using any action at any time in any order. 

  • Use your player cards to move around the board.
  • Use your player cards to influence the roll of the dice and the outcome of combat against drones, then collect the drones as points.
  • Spend the points to recruit rebels.
  • Use your rebels to take down those motherships!
  • The FAZA retaliate after each mothership attack with a unique scenario.

FAZA Phase

During the FAZA Phase, the FAZA wreak havoc and will attempt to defeat you. Depending on the difficulty mode, the FAZA will overwhelm you in different ways. The common denominator between Easy, Normal, and Hard is mothership movement.

  • The Carrier moves and drops off more drones.
  • The Destroyer seeks out players to kill rebels and cause injuries.
  • The Former transforms the land to be uninhabitable to humans.

Note: The components shown above are prototype pieces produced by The Game Crafter.

Download the Rulebook

We recommend downloading the rulebook to follow along with the playthrough videos below.

 The playthroughs below are played in solo mode.

Tutorial Playthrough

Extended Playthrough 

FAZA includes unique artwork and a wealth of content. With our funding goal reached, we will use additional funds to further enhance the quality of components and also commission additional art for the game. We've outlined below how additional funds will improve the game. 

 We reached $11,000, and are going to apply linen finish on everything! This includes the game box, the cards, and all chipboard items. 

We reached $12,000 and will upgrade the three mothership cards and the easy, medium, hard difficulty reference cards. They will be enhanced from 300 GSM black core to chipboard, making these game pieces more durable. 

We reached $14,000! We'll enhance the art on the outpost, airfield, and deadly tiles. Each outpost will look unique, airfields will look like airfields and the deadly tiles will look deadly! 

We've reached $16,000! This means we'll upgrade the FAZA Drones, the FAZA Rebels, and the player pawns from plastic components to custom cut wooden meeples!

If we reach $20,000, we will increase the size of the board tiles from 2.5x2.5 inches to 3.5x3.5 inches. This will provide a little more space to place things on each tile. This will also ensure if the character standees are unlocked, multiple characters will all be able to fit on the tile together. 

If we reach $25,000, we will upgrade the player pawns to 8 unique chipboard standees with all eight characters in action poses. This will also include 4 plastic clips to keep the characters upright. This stretch goal will require us to commission new art for the character standees.

An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Story: FAZA is an apocalyptic science fiction story exploring how humans struggle and persevere together.

Focusing on Player Choice: FAZA requires you to make tough decisions and trade-offs. Your choices are designed to be both difficult and rewarding. 

Replayability: The board is modular, the motherships adaptable, and the game difficulty is adjustable. With 8 characters to choose from, 16 tiles making up the board, 34 unique FAZA cards describing harmful and beneficial events, and 3 difficulty modes, no two games will ever be the same. 

The FAZA Mothership Algorithm: The steps outlined on the FAZA mothership cards create a challenging game where the enemy intelligently adapts to your actions.

Communal Turn: The game is organized to allow everyone on your team to perform actions at any given time, playing in any order that is advantageous to your group’s strategy. Everyone feels like a tactician preparing for battle.

The Art: Aesthetic inspiration comes from places such as Fallout 1 and 2, the old and new Doctor Who, and Star Trek: The Original Series. The art brings to life FAZA’s retro science fiction story and was illustrated by the award winning cartoonist Scott Chantler. 

Diversity: The variety and diversity of characters represented in the game makes for the empowerment of different ethnicities, ages, sexes, and species.

We think FAZA is  great, but you don't have to take our word for it. 

Independent Reviews

 "Faza follows in the footsteps of other challenging but enjoyable co-ops such as Forbidden Island and Pandemic. Playthroughs can painstakingly devolve from the edge of success to utter defeat in short order, snatching defeat away from you just when you feel you have a solid chance at victory. But it does so in that intoxicating way good co-ops do, having you mutter “Next Time” as you begin picking up the pieces. With a wonderful dose of retro sci-fi artwork, an appealing table presence, and dynamic team-centric turns where everyone gets a say over the best course of action, Faza makes for an engaging, tough, and often unpredictable game of daring survival." Ryan LaFlamme from The Cardboard Republic

“This game is not easy and it ratchets up in tension quickly … It reminds me of Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert, but it has a relentless nature to it - kind of like playing Eldritch Horror. And it is a tense game. But somehow the ‘Mars Attacks’ theme that's put on top of it keeps it kind of buoyant, keeps it kind of fun.” - Boardgames and Bourbon

“The game draws you in so quickly with its beautiful artwork, but you’ll want to stick around for the solid mechanics and thematic gameplay. After you and your friends spend an hour or two with this one, you may be looking to replace Pandemic as your go-to cooperative game.” – Ric White and Ryan Gutowski of One Board Family

 “I really like and enjoy Faza. I liked it when I got to play a small demo at UnPub 8 and I enjoyed it even more when I had it on my table. If you like cooperative games, Faza includes some interesting takes on the genre … I would consider Faza to be a touch more intricate than contemporaries Pandemic and Flash Point: Fire Rescue.” - Kurt Miller from Two off the Top 

 "FAZA is a ball-buster. The conditions on the battlefield start bad and get worse immediately. But the reward when you win—if you win—is worth the effort ... the celebration of that victory will be worth the pain of previous loss and failure. ... I’ve been playtesting this game for more than two years and have been privy to many developments along the way. ... it’s a game worth backing." -David Noller from Traverse City Board Gamers

"If you’re a fan of traditional co-op games like Pandemic, FAZA is right along those same lines and has a bit more meat on its bones. If you want to really collaborate with others to weigh your options, order your actions wisely, and figure out when and where to press your luck, this is the game for you." - Marc Davis from The Thoughtful Gamer

Player Quotes

 “My gaming group and I agree- FAZA is the best co-op game we’ve ever played.” – Alex Coulombe, Judge for the Big Box Challenge on The Game Crafter 

Paid Previews  

  • You’ll get a great game!
  • The kickstarter campaign offers FREE shipping to anyone living in the USA.
  • We need to order a large number of games. The minimum quantity of games our manufacturer requires is 1000 copies. By backing this project, you’ll help us reach the financial threshold needed to produce FAZA.
  • You’ll help improve the overall quality of the game by allowing us to afford component materials at an increased quality.
  • We have two future expansions planned for FAZA. Any funding beyond our planned stretch goals will go toward designing, illustrating, and developing these future expansions.

We are planning to work with fulfillrite to ship copies of FAZA around the USA. 

All shipping costs are charged during the campaign. As soon as you decide to pledge, based on your location you will be charged based on the chart below.  

Update: There's enough support from the EU to offer EU-Friendly shipping and fulfillment. 

Ben Farahmand is an award-winning game designer based in Philadelphia. When he’s not gaming, he can be found building robots, long distance running, spending time with his wife and daughter, and working for an education company as a product manager.  

Scott Chantler is the acclaimed cartoonist behind the Eisner-nominated graphic novels TWO GENERALS and NORTHWEST PASSAGE, and the Joe Shuster Award-winning THREE THIEVES series. 

Anthony Amato is a game and graphic designer from Philadelphia and one half of Cardboard Fortress Games, designers of RESISTOR_ and Lazer Ryderz. He has done work on a number of indie games such as Ursa Miner and Grow. 

We’ve been very fortunate to be a part of the Game Makers Guild, Philadelphia and also Unpub. Both groups have been immensely helpful and supportive throughout the design process. They encourage getting together, playtesting fellow designer's games and giving each other feedback.

We hope you’ll back FAZA and also tell your friends about it. We really do need your help to ensure this project succeeds. If at any time you have questions or concerns, write us comment on the campaign or send us a message through our website. We’ll do our best to address every comment or question you have.

Thank you Kevin MacLeod for letting us use his song Black Vortex for FAZA's kickstarter video. It's licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License:

Finally, we have to thank Fonzie, FAZA's mascot, for accompanying us at conventions to tell people about the impending doom of their world. From time to time, Fonzie likes to say "exterminate!" and "resistance is futile" and occasionally sings daisy bell.

Risks and challenges

While this is our first Kickstarter, we’ve spent a great deal of time, effort, and personal funds to make FAZA ready for manufacturing. This means all of the core artwork and graphic design has been completed and paid for upfront. Only stretch goals will require additional art and graphic design.

FAZA has been 3 years in the making and has gone through more than two hundred playtests. The rules are fully developed and available to download under the Gameplay section.

The project creator, Benjamin Farahmand, brings 6 years of small business experience from working as a UX Designer and Product Manager. He has also spent a full year going to tabletop conventions, making industry connections, and learning how to deliver a game funded through Kickstarter. The board game creators he’s met have graciously offered invaluable advice and support.

On the manufacturing side, we’re planning to work with a reputable manufacturer, Longpack Games. They have extensive experience creating tabletop games, so we know they’ll be attentive to making FAZA the best it can be.

To minimize any complications with packaging and shipping copies of FAZA, we’re going to work with fulfillrite to quickly deliver the game to you.

We understand sometimes there are unforeseen challenges, and so we’ve learned communication is key. If anything comes up that would cause a delay, we will contact you.

We have confidence in the experience and expertise of our manufacturing and shipping partners to help make FAZA a reality. We will keep you, our backers, up to date on each step. After the campaign, we will be reaching out to you at least once a month until the game is delivered. We’ll be available to answer any questions that you have in a timely manner.

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