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$2,012 pledged of $9,500 goal
$2,012 pledged of $9,500 goal

The final hours

Hi everyone,

Well, we've got about 72 hours left, and with less than $2,000 raised, we'd need a pretty big spike at the end to reach our goal. We have very high hopes for the Safe & Sound case, and aren't ready to throw in the towel, no matter what happens in the next 3 days.

Unfortunately though, I am having surgery in the morning, and will be out of comission for a couple days (bad timing on my part). As a result, I wont be able to follow the project as it sees its final hours. I want to thank everyone that has shown support, especially the backers! Rest assured that if this attempt proves unsuccessful, it wont mean that we're giving up. We'll tweak, revamp, and rebudget whatever we have to to come back and try again as we stive for your continued support. One way or another, we're determined to get you your Safe & Sound case, and we won't stop until we do!

Don't just sit back and wait though, three days is a long time. So tell your friends, post a tweet, send an email, do whatever you can to help us spread the word!

Thanks again,




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