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Das Bier Bike is a full sized mobile bar propelled by the riders for the enjoyment of the people during Burning Man 2013.


Das Beir Bike is an interactive art installation brewed up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a mobile bar powered solely by the power of burner legs. The goal of this project is to provide the burning man community a party on wheels that does not utilize fossil fuels, and can help with your beer and bicycling needs. The bar will be fully stocked with every sort of beverage that suits your fancy and have lights and sound to keep the groove on. This project aims to bring the Burning Man community together by truly celebrating all that is Burning Man in an art installation that is environmentally friendly and unique to the playa. 


The design of DBB is going to base off a 12’ x 4’ bar area that will have 6 bike frames attached to it. These bike frames will be attached to the bar such a way that the bikes will be facing backwards when DBB is traveling forward.  The back wheels will be free spinning and are there to help support the load of the rider along with allowing the Bike to be completely maneuverable. 

The cranks of the bike will be attached to a chain that runs up to one of two central drive shafts (see dotted lines in image below). The drive shaft is separated into two sections so that the two drive wheels can spin independent of each other giving DBB more maneuverability. The three riders closest to each wheel will be in control of that wheel. This will give DBB the ability to make sharp turns with minimal forward movement. It will also add to more interaction of the riders. 

The bike will have one Captain who will be sitting in the front of the bike.  The Captain will be given control of the general steering and braking. He/she will be in control of a front steer tire that will guide DBB in the general direction desired. The Captain will also be responsible for ensuring safe passage through the intense jungle that is the playa. 

The bar will be outfitted with lights and speakers that will be powered by a generator. There will be a place for a DJ to set up as well as places for people to sit. Once the metal frame is complete, wood panels will be added around the bike. These will be painted a solid color prior to heading out to the playa. Once the bike is assembled on the playa, paint and brushes will be provided to anyone who would like to join in the decoration.

Design Team

The design and build team is headed by Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Nevada, Reno. All the work is to be done in Reno with the help from local businesses and professionals. The team plans to use engineering to ensure a safe and structurally sound build.


The funds allocated for DBB go as follow:

• $1100 - Steel for frame structure

•$500 - Generator and Kegerator 

• $200 - Wood for panels

• $250 - Miscellaneous Hardware

• $500 - Sound and Light equipment

• $200 - Tires, Rims, and Chains

• $150 - Various Tools

• $100 - Painting and Decoration Supplies

Any excess funds will be put into stocking the bar with plenty of delicious BEER.

Thank you all for checking out our project and we hope that you donate to help make this Das Bier Bike a reality.

Hope to see you out on the playa )'(

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main risks of this project are going to get the drive system working. The goal is to have the bike ridable by the beginning of August. Once it is done we want to be able to test the bike for the better part of August and make any design iterations that we see fit.


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    Das Bier Bike full vehicle command 2 hrs. You and as many people that can fit on the bike are given complete control of the bike and fully stocked bar. All of the above products will also be included.

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