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Protect the iPhone from accidental drops without covering up the phone's design. Read more

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Protect the iPhone from accidental drops without covering up the phone's design.

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About this project

We all have done it, all it took was a moment of carelessness, a distraction, trying to multitask, or playing with the kids and we dropped our phones. A quick slip of the fingers and at the minimum we have some nasty scratches. More often, we have caused serious damage to our delicate & precious iPhone.

The problem is a lot more common than many of us would like to admit. In fact, the most common cause of iPhone failure is due to a drop of the phone according to a study done by SquareTrade.  Cracked screens abound.

Covers or bumpers could help, but the main problem with covers or bumpers currently in the market is that they cover up the iPhone design. This makes little sense. We buy the iPhone because of its beautiful design, and now we're going to cover it up with a cheaper plastic???....:) 

At Fika, we believe there is another way to protect your iPhone from accidental drops without covering up the phone’s design. 

We approach the iPhone wristlet with an emphasis on details, love of materials and an intimate understanding of how the product feels in your hand. Playful yet functional, each iPhone wristlet begins with top-grain cattle hide. The leather is then cut, oiled and conditioned by hand to ensure the highest standards and attention to detail. The resulting leather is both sturdy and beautifully finished. With use and time, top grain leather gains character and style with every bit of wear and tear.

A simple sleek form, the leather wristlet provides comfort and control to the slippery iPhone. Most importantly, it balances aesthetic and functional demands. The detachable strap is available in two candy-sweet shades: tangerine and mint-green with sand-color undertone accents. The Fika logo on silver tone hardware brings a sophisticated vibe to the childlike colors.

A playful word, kys (kiss), adds punch to the white or black USB connector. Each connector is molded to exacting specifications to ensure a perfectly sealed and secure fit. Extra clear coats have been applied to the top surface to protect the design from scratch. 

Each iPhone wristlet comes beautifully packaged in a white and transparent acrylic box.

So why do we need your support? While we had invested in the initial cost for samples, manufacturing is still expensive.  Our plan is to use the money for production set up and for working with a pre-selected factory and suppliers to produce this first edition family of products. With your support, we hope that we can create a well design & quality product to prevent your iPhone from an accidental drop or fall. A product that embraces the design sensibility of the iPhone and instead of covering it up. 

So what are you waiting for? Show the love and help to fund this project. Your support is greatly appreciated!   :)

We hope that you are inspired and excited by the idea and choose to support our project. Please spread the word and share with your friends.

Note:Fika phone strap will retail for $75 in retail. Apple iPhone, Apple logo and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


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