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Steam Squad is a turn-based wargame for PC, Mac and Linux. It takes place in an alternate universe during World War I.
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What are we doing and what's the plan?

Posted by Bretwalda Games (Creator)

Last month our main resource (a.k.a. Andrey Mishkinis) was working on the final polishing of the game logics core.

When we are done with this the game will be stuffed with the following important features:

- Tanks and cars that are driven by soldiers.

- Steel-and-concrete fortifications, stationary machine guns, anti-tank guns. - Soldiers are able to get out of trenches spending some of their action points.

- In a little while they will be able to overcome small obstacles such as fences. In contrast with the previous feature, we haven't finished the animation for this bit yet.

- Small objects can be destroyed.

Furthermore, we're modelling different weaponry now. In the release each of the nations will have a great variety of guns to choose from.

We keep on putting all the missions together (there are 30 of them excluding multiplayer arenas), which takes loads of time due to the high number of them.

What won't be included in the forthcoming upgrade, but will be presented in the release?

- You can choose and equip your soldiers before each mission.

- Multi-player

- Your soldier's skills slightly evolve in time, moreover you can name them and even see game statistics for each of your recruits. - Some large objects can be destroyed

Finally, right now we're about to upload a new build, which has much fewer bugs than the previous one. Fortunately, it will be available in the end of the week for all three main platforms.


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