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A fast-paced card game where you become the Principal of a creative agency and battle with your friends for the biggest Ego around. Read more

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A fast-paced card game where you become the Principal of a creative agency and battle with your friends for the biggest Ego around.

About this project

Final Hours!!!

We are in the final hours of our campaign! Your support has been amazing and we are so close to our funding goal! But we still need a few more people to jump in. Check out the video below for our last update.

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About the Creators

Creative Clash is brought to you by The Infantree, a branding and graphic design agency near Philadelphia. We're big nerds about both design and board games. We thought we'd combine our two guilty pleasures into one quirky game experience. If you've ever said this after cutting yourself on an X-acto blade, "Hey look, my blood is Pantone 187 C!" then this game might be for you!


Creative Clash is a humorous card game for 2-4 players, based on the unpredictable events of the creative industry. In this game you will take on the role of Principal of your own creative agency, hire Employees, complete Projects and buy lots of cool Stuff all for the purpose of growing your Ego to mammoth proportions! And of course you will have loads of fun along the way sabotaging your friends in your climb to the top of the creative heap.

The game is easy to learn and plays in about 30 minutes. It's perfect for any casual game enthusiast or creative looking for an enjoyable half hour with their friends.

Get Your Hands on a Free T-shirt!

We decided to send some love to our backers and future fans and add a free t-shirt to their reward. Everyone who pledges $25 and above will receive a free shirt. You can choose from either an Infantree shirt (light gray on charcoal) or a Creative Clash shirt (white on charcoal). We're not allowed to edit our reward levels at this point since many have already pledged, but we'll make sure to ask for your t-shirt size and selection when we send out the survey.

We will be ordering shirts from Next Level Apparel, which produces a really comfortable tee. Screen printed by the meticulous Dan Herr of Lancaster Printworks.

New Holiday Art

We've been hard at work on some new illustrations, just in time for the holidays! Christmas Party lets you skip an opponent's entire turn. It's quite timely in just the right situation. Craft Brew is one of the Stuff cards. Use your Cash to surround yourself with the goodies you love and boost that Ego!

The cards are split between two decks, the Principal deck and the Nine to Five deck. Below is a handy overview of the card categories. We also have a complete set of 125 cards for you to preview, so you can get a good feel of how the cards will interact with each other. Download our play test versions of the Principals and the Nine to Five cards.

Principals start agencies. Principals also run agencies into the ground. What kind of leader will you be? Each Principal has a unique ability that either helps or limits you throughout the game. Each one also has an Ego goal. Be the first to reach your Ego goal to win!

How the heck do you get Ego? Good question, keep reading.

Agencies take time to build. In the beginning of the game you will have a small amount of Cash and no Ego. Play Project cards to earn both Cash and Ego. Some Projects offer small rewards while others require a large force of Skilled Employees to capture the best prizes.

Most Projects require Employees. The biggest Projects require a lot of them. Use your Cash to amass a horde of dedicated grunts and carry your name to glory. No Principal worth his salt is going to do all the work by himself!

The best Projects require a team of Employees with the right combination of Skills. Play Skill cards on your Employees to boost their abilities and earn a continual amount of Cash every round. Skilled Employees become extremely valuable as your little empire grows.

With success comes plenty of competition! Beware, your rivals will be armed with a variety of Event cards to sabotage your greatness. But you are not without protection! Many Event cards will allow you to defend your dominion or go on the offensive yourself.

With a mighty agency at your disposal and your treasury full of Cash, now it's time to inflate that Ego. Buy Stuff cards to amass tons of goodies and quickly reach your Ego goal. 

As you get closer and closer to your Ego goal, the target on your back grows larger and larger. Protect and invest in your agency with the right Person or unleash one on a rival that's moving in on your territory.

The game is fast-paced and very easy to play with an average time of 30 minutes. 

Game Setup

Randomly give a Principal card to each player. The Principal is your permanent "leader" for the game and defines your Ego goal. Deal 8 cards to each player from the Nine to Five deck. Each player then discards their hand down to 5 cards to begin play.

Turn Summary

1. Collect income
2. Draw 2 cards
3. Play any number of cards
4. Discard your hand down to 5 cards
5. Reach your Ego goal and win!

You can also skip your entire turn to gain 3 coins or discard your entire hand and draw an equal amount of new cards.

The videos below are lengthy but informative. The first video is a great overview of the cards and how to get the game started. The other two walk you through a full game.

Video Explanation of the Game

's video poster

Gameplay 1

's video poster

Gameplay 2

's video poster

We plan to produce this game as professionally as possible, through a printer that specializes in games. We know that creatives and gamers demand the best!

125 Custom Cards  The cards are sized to 2.55 x 3.93 inches, which is larger than the average playing card. It's very similar to the size of the cards in 7 Wonders. We plan to print the cards on a 14 or 15 point stock (durable, not flimsy) with a linen texture. The cards will feel high quality and beautiful.

4 Player Mats and 8 Tokens  Track your Cash and Ego in one handy spot. Produced on heavy cardboard stock for durability and awesomeness. This will feel similar to other games you're familiar with, like the boards in Puerto Rico and the heavy tokens you enjoy from companies like Days of Wonder.

1 Rulebook  Learn the ways of the masters! Includes easy playing rules and strategy tips on how best to dominate. All backers at our $100 level will get their name and web address in here. Kickstarter backers only!

Conceived by obsessive perfectionists with an eye towards quality and detail. Rest assured we'll produce this game the right way. Designed by designers! How nice.

$10  Get a pack of 3 postcards printed on archival paper. The set features Principals from the game, signed by Ryan and Ryan. We still have 6 more Principal illustrations to complete, so we'll give our backers a say in what Principal cards they'd like to get.

$35  Get the game! We'll ship it to you FREE anywhere in the US. Includes 125 cards of depraved creative mayhem.

$50  Get the game AND a limited edition set of 4 letterpress coasters with illustrations and snarky sayings from the game. The coasters will be printed in 2 colors front and back on extra thick 220 lb. Lettra Pearl White. Letterpress printing yields a beautiful production value with a printing impression you can see and feel. Expertly printed by our friend Scotty McClelland at Paper Meets Press in Philadelphia. This is a Kickstarter exclusive set! Includes free shipping within the US.

$100  We'll ship you two copies of the game AND the set of limited edition letterpress coasters. Share one with a friend! We'll also put your name and web address in the rulebook as a Kickstarter supporter.

$300  We'll give you everything from the $100 level AND we'll illustrate your face and name onto an Employee card! Limited to 8 backers.

$1,000  Finally, the Grand Prize! Get 3 copies of the game, the letterpress coasters AND we'll illustrate your face onto one of the Principal cards. Look at you, boss man! PLUS we'll travel to you to personally deliver all of your rewards and spend an afternoon with you discussing ideas for the expansions. Limited to within 200 miles of Lancaster, PA. Limited to 2 backers.

Thanks to our many playtesters:  Kyle Sollenberger, Tim Hoover, Steve Zimmermann, Dan Groff, Derrick Nolt, Andrew Nolt, Derek Hollister, Brooke Martin, Erica Smoker, Kasey Hults, Jordan High, Mark & Bev Krans, Carrie & Rick Beachy, Michael & Alison Schmucker, Michael McNulty, Michael McMullen, Donald-Craig Wellington Whitaker II, Mary Stauffer, Tony Guasco, Scott Nothwehr, Ashley Hill, Betsy Basom, Abraham Walters and a host of others. If you played this game with us, please remind us and we'll get your name on here!

Special thanks to:  The entire Infantree team for your creative ideas and effort in bringing this game to life. Thanks to Steve Zimermann for your insightful copywriting. Thanks to Michael Schmucker for your film skillzzz. You have no idea how valuable you've been to making this happen.

Risks and challenges

Howdy everyone, it's time for a little transparency!

It's true, we're not a game company and we have no prior experience producing a game. However, we are obsessive and detailed graphic designers with a desire to produce this game with top notch quality. Our reward level of $35 takes this desire into account (see the What's in the Box section for more). We've played and enjoyed popular games like 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Agricola and many other favorites. We know what kinds of bits and materials both creatives and designers enjoy. Help us reach our funding goal and we'll reward you with a gorgeous game you can both see and touch.

With this in mind, we truly need your support to make this game happen!

Creative Clash has been a labor of love for our whole office. We've all teamed up to work on the game design, graphic design and illustrations. It's been a lot of long hours outside of our normal 9-5 work day. We're super pumped to get it to this stage.

Right now we've finished the illustrations on about 30 cards out of 125. Now that it's up on Kickstarter, we're using this time to finish the illustrations and get the word out. Every day brings a new opportunity to finish another card. As we get them done we'll share them with you!

The good news is that the game play has been tested with a variety of creative types and gamers alike. Over the past few years we've refined the game play to the point that we feel like we've got a great product to share. Your support will help us cover the cost of printing and speed up the process of getting this game to the world.

Thanks in advance!

The Ryans

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  • Well... truthfully we're Kickstarter newbies. Dang. We thought it would be reasonable to get 600 backers excited to fund the game at our $35 level ($21,000). It also seemed like the best value when we quoted the printing and shipping costs. We're perfectionists and sticklers when it comes to print production value and we didn't want to cut corners. Many other card games on Kickstarter offer their game at the $35 reward level (shipping included), so our pricing isn't necessarily off.

    We're currently thinking through ways to add value to our levels and throw in some stretch goals and extra prizes as we head down the stretch. Stay tuned!

    In the meantime, simply tell your friends about the project. It won't be hard to reach our goal if we drum up enough backers. In fact, at our current average pledge of $50 we only need 400 backers. We're well on our way but we need to get some more commitments. If you've been thinking about backing and are simply unsure if it will get funded, now is the time to cast your vote of confidence in us. We need all of our fans jumping in right now to get the excitement for the game moving.


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  • As we have said in the Risks and Challenges section, we have never produced a game before.

    However, we are professional graphic designers and illustrators. Both Ryan and I have 10 years of experience in the industry and we know how to produce a memorable thing of beauty. When it comes to stocks and paper thickness, we know what it means to push for the best.

    We're also big board game nerds ourselves. We know how much a game is improved by great bits, beautiful illustrations and a high production value.

    In short, you can trust us. Give us your support and we won't disappoint you!

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    Get the game and a set of 4 limited edition letterpress coasters. Put your favorite beverage on these hilarious and snarky comments from the game. Or display your designer quirk with pride and simply set them on a shelf with your other swag. Includes free shipping within the US.

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    ULTIMATE EGO!!! Get 3 copies of the game, the letterpress coasters, your name and web address in the game rulebook AND your face on a Principal card. PLUS Ryan and Ryan will travel to you and personally deliver all of your rewards, spending an afternoon with you to play the game and discuss ideas for expansion cards. LIMITED TO WITHIN 200 MILES OF LANCASTER, PA.

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