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$701 pledged of $44,000 goal
By Jake Washenfelder
$701 pledged of $44,000 goal

Project has been cancelled

Despite my best efforts to make sure this project was 100% in compliance with both Kickstarter Guidelines and Bethesda's Terms of Use for their Creation Kit, I have been asked by Bethesda's legal department to cancel this Kickstarter project immediately.

I want to make something very clear right here and now: My mod is hosted on Bethesda's Steam workshop (A.K.A. their servers) and was made using art assets and code that officially belong to Bethesda Game Studios. They have every right to tell me how and in what form I may use their Creation Kit and their servers. The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1 could not have been made if it weren't for them. They have been super cool about this and told me there will be no legal action so long as I cancel the kickstarter and never try to ask for funds for any other Skyrim mod in the future. I have agreed 100% with their wishes. I love Bethesda and wish them the best of luck in all that they do. The idea of being paid to make Skyrim Mods was always just a Dream, I had no clue what would happen when I made this kickstarter project, but I knew that not all dreams come true; so I was mentally prepared for failure.

I'm sorry to all my fans, but this means there will be no Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 2. If I where to move forward with no funding it would take me so long to finish people probably wouldn't be playing Skyrim anymore by the time the sequel came out! I know there are other mods out there that add (or will add) as much content as Part 2 is trying to, but those are all made by TEAMS of people working together. My project is a solo affair, and any potential sequel would have to be as well, so I'm sorry, but Part 2 is never going to see the light of day.

However, that doesn't mean I won't be making any more mods! I'm already halfway finished on a dungeon mod which should come out in a few months. (I'm REALLY enjoying working on a project that features no Voice Acting, Quests, or even a plot! After DBR I needed a break!)

I MAY create a DBR -related mod at some point in the future, but such mods will not contain anywhere near as much content as part one did.

In conclusion: I'd like to Apologize to Bethesda Game Studios and Kickstarter Inc. I'd also like to apologize to all my fans for getting your hopes up and then letting you down. At least we have Dragonborn to look forward too!

Thanks for playing,

Jake Washenfelder


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    1. Zombra on November 16, 2012

      Blah! Sorry to hear that. I guess it makes sense. You do good work and I'm sure Part 2 would have been incredible. Oh well - looking forward to your new dungeon and other mods :)