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Steampunk Musha is a Victoriental feudal land, torn between honoring the old traditions and embracing new technologies.
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Jason Stoffa

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2nd Adventure

The 2nd Adventure will be written by Rick Hershey and co-written by Jason Stoffa. This 64 page adventure will be for levels 4-6 so you can play characters created and used for the Introductory Adventure.

The Adventure will take place in the Kokushoko Akuchi, the southern lands of Rosuto-Shima that are covered with a swampy landscape flooded with black waters. This adventure will be a dungeon crawl in a sunken temple of the Yuuhi Butsumon, also known as the Setting Sun Priesthood, who dominated the area before the War of the States and made a deal with dark gods in order to gain favor with the Emperor.

It will also feature the city of Linan, which lies in the heart of the Kokushoko Akuchi. Linan is the only city in Rosuto-Shima that closes its gate at dusk and does not allow anyone to enter the city after dark. This tradition started when the yuuhi butsumon lived in the marshes near the city. The strange creatures which were dealt with by the Setting Sun Priesthood caused the people of Linan to fear the priesthood; it was a messenger from Linan who aided the Emperor in discovering the treachery of the dark priests.

Expect a healthy dose of horror, mystery, secret societies, and dangerous creatures in this adventure, as you explore one of the darkest secrets of Rosuto-Shima!

And if you are a Nikobo level and up, you'll be able to help design the adventure by voting on key elements of the adventure! Work hand-in-hand with creator Rick Hershey to help tell this amazing tale!


    1. Creator Jason Stoffa on May 25, 2012

      Just got an email I've been waiting for, Alana Abbott will be picking up her pen and co-writing the adventure with Rick!

    2. Creator Morgan Boehringer on May 24, 2012

      Wow! This is the sort of adventure I could get my teeth into!!!
      I'm hoping for this milestone almost more than any of the others!!!
      Oh the waiting is killing me!!!