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New York City greenhouse built & run with local high school students. Help us feed our community, teach our students, and lead the way!
New York City greenhouse built & run with local high school students. Help us feed our community, teach our students, and lead the way!
261 backers pledged $16,548 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

12 Hours!

Thank you all! 

Meeting our goal is a spectacular feat.

We are now trying to hit the $20,000 mark in our last 12 hours!

Why? Because the more money we raise, the more student stipends we can afford, and the more opportunities we can give our future leaders. 

We will leave you now with the words of Elmer Rodriguez. He is one amongst many of our stellar students, who wanted to share a few final words.

"There are so many reasons to have a greenhouse close to a farm, but a greenhouse in Bushwick Campus Farm has a special and deeper purpose.  The purpose of not just being a place in where the production of organic food is promoted, it is also a place in where students learn skills through practice (not just by theory), that would help them in the future.  This Greenhouse keeps alive the Bushwick Campus farm’s mission through the production of organic food, dedicated to be produced by the community for the community, changing the actual tragical statistical circumstances of our local residents bad nutritional system because of the limited access to healthy food. This Greenhouse itself, is the initiative to give access to the community during the year (even winter) to affordable local organic food.  It is a sustainable initiative created to improve our Community, City and Nation’s traditional system of food access."

Happy New Years!

Thank you!

The Bushwick Campus Greenhouse Team 

If you are reading this update after our Kickstarter has ended please consider donating to EcoStation:NY HERE

If you live in the Brooklyn area and want to volunteer or apprentice contact Maggie(at)



Thank you so much for your support and outreach!

We are now able to build the ultimate greenhouse!!

We still have 25 hours to go...

Lets try to make $20,000!

With this additional money, we will be able to pay our student stipends and continue to grow this incredible program.

A million thanks!!!

The Bushwick Campus Greenhouse Team



In this update: upcoming event details, budget information, inspirational greenhouse photos and special thanks.


For those who are in the NYC area, local Bushwick restaurants Northeast Kingdom and Momo Sushi Shack have generously agreed to participate in Eat To Give. On Thursday, December 29, they will be donating a percentage of the day's profits to our Kickstarter campaign. During the growing season, both of theses restaurants support Bushwick Campus Farm by purchasing our produce for their restaurants. We've eaten at both places and the food is incredible! We see this event as a great model for local restaurants to further support urban farming projects.

THANK YOU to our 200+ supporters!

Please consider increasing your pledges in these last few days or reaching out to others.

 YOUR DONATIONS will go towards….

Paying back the cost of the greenhouse structure:
  • Metal frame, lumber, hardware, and plastic- $3,500
  • Hydroponic systems- $3,500
  • Aquaponic system (300 gallon tank)- $875
 Management and Education throughout the winter before our spring funding sources kick in:
  • Curriculum design, teaching hours, cooking classes, website development, student stipends and more! – $7,125

 EcoStation:NY is a young and vibrant organization. This is the first full year of the Bushwick Campus Farm. Your donations will lay the groundwork for future support from foundations, such as Brooklyn Community Foundation, and enable us to provide programs year-round for our students, as well as give the people of Bushwick better access to fresh, healthy produce. We have a bright future ahead of us!

Below are some photos of both our current greenhouse, and of what we hope it will look like in the near future!

We will soon transform our empty greenhouse (above) into what will be a combination of the projects below, with the addition of mushrooms and worm bins. We will be using many of Growing Power's high density production techniques (below).

Boswyck Farm's roof top farm (above).

A model aquaponic system used at Growing Power, in Milwaukee, WI (below). 

Vertical hydroponics used at Boswyck Farms (above). 

Compost heated greenhouse at Four Winds Farm, Gardiner, NY (above).

 Special Thanks!

We would like to give a special shout-out to the good people at The Hurricane Club, a Manhattan restaurant. Not only did they donate, prepare, and serve an entire roasted pig to our Winter Solstice Feast, but have also pledged a generous donation to the Bushwick Campus Greenhouse project. Thank you so much!

 We would also like to give mention to the people behind the Occupy Wall Street Sustainability Working Group. With their involvement, we have been able to network with the highly motivated OWS audience. We hope for continued partnership with OWS as they reach out to other local food justice organizations, making the urban agriculture work in NYC a model for other cities across the globe.

 Share our Kickstarter with your friends and family today!

Happy Holidays!

 The Bushwick Campus Greenhouse Team

Stay tuned for our last update, tomorrow, written by our students!


We have ONE WEEK left to meet our Kickstarter goal!

Thank you all for getting us this far.

If you have already donated, please consider doubling your donation. If everyone doubles his or her donation, we will meet our goal!  OR...

  •  Send another round of emails to friends and family!
  • GIVE the GIFT of GIVING: Pledge for one of our prizes as a holiday gift to your loved one and have it mailed directly to their home.

 Below is a bit of a recap from Bushwick Campus Farm.

What a fantastic week!

We welcomed a group of 80 second graders from a local elementary school for a tour of our farm and greenhouse! What a brilliant group. They asked amazing questions about why we should eat vegetables, why greenhouses are called greenhouses, and learned all about what the fish will do for our plants and bodies when we build our aquaponics system.

In this, our final week of the year, we also continued working with an after-school program from the organization Hostipal Audiences, Inc. (also known as HAI). This group of students has helped us throughout the fall at both the farm and greenhouse, so we decided to throw an end-of-the-year party! We harvested from the farm on Tuesday, talked about the menu, and then, with the help of Chrissy’s Cooking Club, cooked up a feast on Thursday!

(All of the photos posted in this update were taken by our students!)

During our Tuesday class we harvested collard greens, kale, carrots, and herbs from the Campus Farm. The last harvest of the year.

We started our party off enjoying a donation of delicious pizza from Roberta’s Restaurant. Organic pizza was the true test for students that “ewwed” and made faces whenever I first mentioned the word “organic.” I would say we passed by a landslide. With these slices to fuel us, we made traditional Italian Wedding Soup with all organic ingredients, including fresh collard greens and herbs from our farm.

We also made a Mexican hot chocolate with both soy and cow milk. Using a traditional Mexican frother (molinillo), we bubbled it up and created a sweet treat for our celebration. 

Our students from HAI look forward to cooking and learning more about food in the new year. With your help, we will be able to have more activities like this. Cooking produce grown right at the school really “connects the dots” for our students. They can taste the difference that fresh, local, pesticide-free produce makes. They get excited about becoming futures chefs, farmers, and teachers. At the end of the class, many ask how they can apply for a job at the farm. 

With your help, we can fill our new greenhouse and make Bushwick Campus Farm a year-round center for learning. Help our students grow food, cook food, and eat food grown right on their campus. Help us spread the word and fund our greenhouse!

If you would like to hear an interview of the Bushwick Campus Farm Manager, Maggie Cheney, tune into Heritage Radio Network's live broadcast.

Below are more pictures from our end of the year celebration. 

Two Weeks To Go!

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our project thus far. We have now raised over one third of our goal! Please continue to help us in these last two weeks.

The greenhouse build is on hold until our Kickstarter campaign is finished. For the past week we have been focusing our energy on giving tours and connecting with the community about Bushwick Campus Farm.

Just this past Tuesday, one of our freshman classes, in the BeSmart School for Math and Research, organized a farm tour for fifteen representatives of New York City’s Department of Education (DOE). I stood back while our brilliant fourteen and fifteen year olds talked about tilapia, cover crops, the importance of using vertical space, and the superior taste of fresh carrots. They lead a fantastic tour!

Our students invited the DOE representatives because they want Bushwick Campus Farm to be a model for other public schools. They also used our farm to support their efforts as a new school in Brooklyn. Three of the four schools on the campus are under-enrolled. This means that the more we can prove to the DOE that we have a bright academic future, the more likely they will want to support our schools’ efforts to enroll more students, instead of risking a closure.

This past week I also met with the Principal of the Academy for Environmental Leadership. We brainstormed about the Kickstarter project together, but got quickly sidetracked when she and her administrator took me to visit some of their school’s indoor plants. They are excited to move some of these into our greenhouse soon! 

Last night, the Bushwick School for Social Justice hosted their parent/teacher conferences. With the help of the school’s parent coordinator and honors society students, we set up a table and slideshow about the greenhouse project in the entrance hall. It was great to talk to some new parents about our program. Once again, I talked to students who were asking me how they could apply for a job at the farm - a common question. The evening also gave me a chance to talk to two of our students about the work they have been doing with NYC’s Youth Food Council. They gave rave reviews. They described some of the theater activities that helped them to understand why many of the decisions at the state level are guided by the priorities of the wealthy suburbanites, and not the poorer urban neighborhoods. “The role-playing made me understand in a new way. It made it more real,” one student said.


Already, the Bushwick Campus students have done a huge amount to get this greenhouse project off the ground. Our students have volunteered at the farm, and dedicated their energy and skills to greenhouse builds on their lunch breaks, after school, and on weekends. They are working in the rain, in the snow (yes, during that pre-Halloween blizzard, they were there!), and at 8:00 AM on Saturdays and school holidays. The ideas are there. The enthusiasm is there. We just need the money.

Bushwick Campus high school is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Please do what you can to help this community take control over both their education and their access to fresh healthy food! Help our students engage with hands-on learning opportunities year-round.

Spread the word about our project: contact friends and families personally, bring this campaign to your community center or church, or alert politicians and local businesses. We need to reach our goal of $15,000 before December 30th. If we do not receive $15,000, we won’t get anything at all. Don’t let that happen. Make a donation, tell people about the project, and use your network, knowledge, and community to help this amazing project.

Many thanks,

The Bushwick Campus Greenhouse Team


Join us tonight at EcoStation’s annual Winter Solstice Feast! We will be serving a huge meal in celebration of the Bushwick Farmers Markets and Bushwick Campus Farm. There will be music, dancing and all around good cheer! 7:00pm to 12:00am, @ Brooklyn Fireproof, 120 Ingraham Street.