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$53.00 pledged of $70,000 goal
By Will Rubel
$53.00 pledged of $70,000 goal



In 2013, my family and I went to Haiti to help at God's Littlest Angels orphanage. While there, I became interested in gardening, because it was the primary source of income for many, and I wanted to go back and help them with hydroponics and other gardening solutions. 

When I came home from Haiti, I began learning about home gardening and hydroponics, but could not find a good solutions which would work for our home, or help those in Haiti - until now.

When Ikea announced the Ikea Garden, I thought this was perfect!  Not just for our family, but for those in Haiti and other countries.  

My Plan:

Since I'm not a very outgoing person, I was resistant to do this kickstarter, but friends really liked the idea and encouraged me to do it.

So that got me thinking...how much money do I need to get this project going.

Well, I figure I can still work full-time,  get a CNC machine, manufacturing facility, necessary materials and website, and machine the materials during the evenings and weekends.

I figured the materials will cost about $800 (including weather proofing and packaging materials), and it will take 8 hours to CNC a single unit.  Then, I will need to pay shipping, which might be very expensive.   Depending upon demand, I may need multiple CNC machines, and may need volunteers to help.  Note:  My goal is set to $70,000 because I will have to pay taxes on the income. I actually very confident I can complete it for much less than that, but once I get it completed, I will want to make sure I have the necessary CNC machines and materials, so I can provide the Ikea garden to others.

I'm estimating the uninstalled cost at about $2,000 to $2,500 - this includes the cost of materials, waterproofing, packaging, and delivery.  I am also estimating the installation time at 4 hours, and the installation cost at approximately $500.   NOTE: I am assuming I will be able to convince Ikea kitchen installers to also install the Ikea garden, or will be able to find local installation throughout the United States.

Future Modifications:

I would also like to have a raspberry Pi accessory for solar powered irrigation and feeding.   This will take a little time to determine the proper parts which are needed for this configuration, and how best to install the irrigation lines.

I would also like to develop modifications to Ikea's design for smaller areas, and to make them modular for moving outside during the summer, and moving inside during the winter.   I would also like to modify the materials so the configuration is expandable and more made from more light-weight materials.

Well....that's my plan.   If you like the idea, please support it, and I will build it, and have the machinery and expertise to build it for you.

Materials Listing:

13 sheets of plywood - 18mm

4 sheets of plywood - 4mm

Milled Parts:


    Installation Steps:

























Risks and challenges

The only risk I see is the shipping and installation, because those are elements I can not control. While I am anticipating shipping cost of $500, I will not know the actual cost until I can package all the materials and determine the weight and size.

The other risk is local installation, but I do not anticipate this to be a problem. Anyone who can follow basic Ikea installation instructions, should be able to construct the garden. I anticipate local handymen should be able to complete installation within a reasonable cost.

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