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The legendary story of a 123 year old victorian mansion located in San Francisco, California. Read more

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 22, 2011.

The legendary story of a 123 year old victorian mansion located in San Francisco, California.

About this project

123 years in the making..


HOUSE OF LEGENDS: aka The Old Russian Embassy, is an upcoming feature documentary exploring the roots of San Francisco's Westerfeld Mansion and the colorful inhabitants who've occupied the house over it's 12 generations...

Since it's construction in 1889, by german immigrant William Westerfeld, the mansion would later become a magnet for musicians, artists & performers including the The Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Co., Janis Joplin and experimental filmmaker Kenneth Anger, to name a few... 

Before being converted into a low rent apartment building during the 1950's, the Westerfeld house was once occupied by a group of Russian Imperialists, who established the it as the "1st" Russian Imperial Embassy of San Francisco, hence the "Russian Embassy" nickname that would stick with the house through out the 60's and 70's. 

Current owner James Siegel purchased the home in 1986 and has since restored it to reflect it's long eclectic history. The Westerfeld Mansion is listed as San Francisco's Historical Landmark #135.


We're asking for your support to help raise funds needed to produce three specific things:

- first, we need to acquire and clear the best possible archive material we can, the royalty costs for good archive can be expensive. In addition, we need to scan and digitize all the archival material.

- second, we need to spend time on making this film look and sound good. it's not as easy as it may appear.

- and third, we need to get the word out. Even with the knowledge that we have a great film project, which has a lot to offer to audiences, festivals and distributors, the challenge remains getting noticed in a world full of great small films trying to get noticed.

This film is an independent production.  The people working on it all have full time jobs in the industry, but for this special project they're giving their services, to get this film made.  We've had no commissioning money and no access to conventional funding.  This has all been self-financed from our own pockets and has only been made possible through the humbling generosity of friends and collaborators.

In appreciation of your support, pledge rewards are being offered including: Limited Edition DVD's, Mansion Tours, Mansion Parties, Movie Credits, Premiere tickets and more! 


HOUSE OF LEGENDS is the only film, to date, which focuses on this subject. If you like where this project is headed, please remember that it can't get there without YOU. 

More then just helping to produce the film, this is an opportunity to connect with and prevserve a cultural legacy, by making a financial pledge which will go towards immortalizing one of San Francisco's most impressive landmarks.

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    "Street Side" Package: At some point, you've passed by or encountered the house and wondered "what's the story with this place?" We agree and appreciate your curiosity...
    GIFT: Production Updates + Access to Online "Behind the Scenes" Material.

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    $10 reward

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    "The Lost Tourist" Package: Welcome to the House of Legends' Go ahead, ring the door bell...
    GIFT: Digital Download + "Thanks" on our Website + Previous Package.

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    "The Maid's Quaters" Package: Roll up your sleeves!
    GIFT: DVD (When Released) + Previous packages.

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    "The Garden" Package: Be enchanted!
    GIFT: T-Shirt + HOUSE OF LEGENDS Movie Poster + Previous packages.

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    "The Game Room" Package: Play, won't you?
    GIFT: Limited Edition DVD Box (When Released) + Previous packages.

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    "The Visitor" Package":
    GIFT: Limited Edition DVD (Signed by Cast & Crew, When Released) + Previous packages.

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    "Grand Ballroom" Package: Angels Trumpets & Devil's Trombones! You are invited to the
    Pre Release Mansion Party! + Previous packages.

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    "Trophy Room" Package: Exhibit and be proud!
    GIFT: "Special Thanks" Movie Credit + Mansion Pre Screening + Previous packages.

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    "Room of Taxidermy" Package: Where perspective is gained...
    GIFT: Private Tour + Previous packages.

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    "The Study" Package: Where your knowledge expands...
    GIFTS: "Associate Producer" Movie Credit + Photo Session + 2 Tickets to the Premiere + Previous packages.

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    "Master Bedroom" Package: You seek further when entering the master bedroom of legends!
    GIFT: Private Dinner & Prescreening with mansion's owner & the film's director + Previous packages.

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    $5,000 reward

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    "Look Out Tower" Package: Great Heights are attained when you've reached the mansion's highest point!
    GIFT: "Executive Producer" Movie Credit + Previous packages.

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