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We're re-launching the multiplayer game SiSSYFiGHT 2000 as a free, open source project.
We're re-launching the multiplayer game SiSSYFiGHT 2000 as a free, open source project.
517 backers pledged $22,735 to help bring this project to life.

We. Did. It. (Now let's go even farther!)

Once and future SiSSYFiGHTers - congratulations! 

We reached our target goal. That means we will have enough funds to support bringing the game back online. SiSSYFiGHT will rise again! Your support is thrilling and humbling and we can't tell you how incredibly exciting it is to be able to bring the game back for you to play.

But - we still have a couple more days. The Kickstarter closes Thursday at midnight, which means we have just 48 hours to see if we can reach some of those stretch goals.

$22,000: more avatar options. If we reach $22,000 we will have the funds to create even more customization options for everyone who plays SiSSYFiGHT. Let's reach this goal and fill the SiSSYFiGHT playgrounds with amazing new avatars! We're so close!

$25,000: custom game modes. For a little bit more, we'll be able to implement new ways to play the game. You will be able to set up your own game "room," which you can make private to your friends via password. You'll be able to play classic SiSSYFiGHT, but we're also planning on offering a few other game options, including OPIUM DEN (no cowering) and TAINTED LOVE (tattle, tease, and licking only - no cowering, grabbing or scratching). These variants are based on popular gameplay traditions that our players already established. With this stretch goal, we really expand the ways to play the game.

Can we reach these goals? Yes we can - with your help! Your efforts in spreading the word through email and social media have been a huge part of our success so far. Keep it up - let's see how far we can take this thing!

Thanks again!
- Team SiSSYFiGHT 


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    1. Keith Burgun on

      Awesome! Good job, you guys. Really excited to play the game.

    2. Glenn M. Petrie on

      Congratulations! If it wasnt for the team, I would not have known that SF2000 was already there until it went off-line.