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The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, May 28 2013 4:32 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $30,000pledged of $30,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, May 28 2013 4:32 AM UTC +00:00


The Perfect Shot is a game that is intended to be in the mobile platforms. It combines the challenge of a skill based game with the feasibility of a casual game with smooth gameplay physics and interface.

Being gamers ourselves, we understand what gamers want; casual and hardcore alike. So first and foremost we put the focus on the game engine (physics) itself first because we wanted the mechanics to feel smooth above all else. Below is our skeleton of the gameplay mechanics. Once we get the right feel for the game through our engine, we'll add all additional features around the mechanics.

Field of vision of the arrow is shown.

Basic start phase of the gameplay design.

Perfect shot shown. If the arrow goes through the center of the target, it becomes "The Perfect Shot".

Feature shown of hitting the bomb.

Some of the power-ups are shown. Of course, there will be more power-ups available on the final version of the game.

The game works by players accumulating enough points by shooting targets. As they start to go on streaks and accumulate points, new power-ups become available and they can multiply their multiply their points. They can use the points that they accumulate and unlock features of the game (that's right, your score do not go away). A ranking system would be given to show off player's skill in which they get a ratio of points per shot.

"Zombie mode" is an additional mode that we really want to implement that has the player fend off increasing wave of zombies as they close in to tear off the players' flesh. However making this mode requires additional extensive development time so we can only implement in if the pledge for this mode is reached.

Of course this is the basics of the gameplay. Final development product may vary depending on development progression.

To sum up as we mentioned before, final decision regarding how the game is going to actually play out will involve coding and getting the right feel for the game and basing the gameplay options around the physics engine. We want to make sure that that we get the feel of the gameplay mechanics right first where it feels smooth and then base everything else around it. We also want to make the gameplay challenging and fun at the same time, not frustrating. If we do decide to make additional features available through updates, we'll make sure that no one who invests in in app purchases has any advantage over a person who don't. In app purchases will ensure players with more options but NOT any advantages over skilled players because we want to reward skills.

Our team recently consists of people who just graduated from college or are recently going to graduate soon. As many who have attended college know that it's really hard to sustain one's self without any job and having loans to be repaid, let alone pursue one's dream. That's why we need the help of everyone to help make our dreams into reality so we can bring creative contents to people. Because I feel this project will not only help us spread the name of our team, but at the same time help us promote our creative ideas. I feel this project can serve as basis to sustain our team once successful. Making applications is our dream. It's what we love to do. We certainly have the capability and the creativity, however, what we're lacking is resources. That's why we need the help of Kickstarter.

Currently we're working with only 2 people. (Yes, only 2 people were involved in all of our mobile applications). However, because making a game is a long process, we'll have to bring in additional programmers to have the project done in time. (We already have a 10 year vet in game programming that we've been talking to). Because we want to be able to finish the game by the end of summer, we need to begin work as soon as we reach our funding. Unlike game such as angry birds, which took about $140,000 to make, we're not pledging for nearly as much. So most portions of the money will go towards paying the salaries of all the people that we'll include in this team (besides ourselves). Rest of the money will go towards maintaining the server for the game and advertisement for promotion (which is crucial for making people aware of our project).

Of course the initial $30,000 can make possible for the project to happen with the basic game modes (single player, practice mode, etc.), but we want to go beyond that. To truly make our vision for this project unfold, unfortunately additional resources are required to keep the team involved for longer periods of time.


$30,000: Complete Single player

$100,000: Additional feature

  • ZOMBIE MODDDEEE!!!!: Fend off waves of increasingly difficult zombies are they close off their distance to tear off your flesh. (We reaallly want to implement this on to the game).
  • More levels are power-ups in all modes

$300,000: Additional feature

  • MULTIPLAYERRRRR!!!!!: Fight against other players to see who is a better shot. 
  • We'll also try to put the game out for hardware gaming market such as PS store, Xbox live, etc.
  • Secret!! Please understand we can't just give it away

Note: The reason we're pledging this amount for multiplayer is because we don't have a server of our own and we have to use an external server which is relatively very expensive to maintain.

Thanks for all your support. Please invest in us so we can continue to use our creativity.


How can we contact you?

Ans: You can contact me through email (RumateR46@yahoo.com)

Do you have a website?

Ans: Yes, we do, but currently it's under construction. So if you wish to visit our works, there are couple of apps we put out in the android market (play.google.com) under "Creapptive Team". Once our website is completed, we'll list all our applications on it.

How can we receive our rewards?

Ans: Once the game is released, we'll put the game on the mobile app markets for $.01, exclusively for all our supporters within the first week (this is due to app not being able to be put for sale once its made to be free, hence we have to put a price on it so we can change it later). What we request that to make sure you leave your email once you donate. We'll remind you of the app's release once it's available on the market.

Risks and challenges

We've tried to keep our challenges to a minimum for this project. To pull off this project one certainly needs the right expertise which we certainly have. We have great designers as well as programmers in our team. We're certainly capable of succeeding in this project but we lack resources. And that's a challenge that only kickstarter can help us with.

Thanks again for everyone's support.

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