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Ed Hamell AKA Hamell on Trial is recording an album titled The Happiest Man in the World. He needs your help.
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Hello Kickstarter supporters and contributors,

I had hoped, perhaps optimistically, that I would have your incentives ready by October. Here it is November and I thought it best to give you an update. Frankly I've been holding off because I've been anticipating some really great news, and you can feel warm and fuzzy, (I ain't shitting) in the knowledge that you helped make it happen. Never have the words, “I couldn't have done it without you” been so applicable.

Early this year I raised about $9,000 (when the dust cleared) on the Kickstarter program and utilized the money to record some music. Cut tracks for 15 tunes, got finished masters for 8 songs that I felt were the best material I've ever done. Friends like Ani DiFranco and members of her band, Kimya Dawson from the Moldy Peaches and Juno soundtrack fame, my dear friend Wammo, members of Alejandro Escevedo's band, The Butcher Brothers, Franz Nicolai from the Hold Steady, all chipped in to help. Very humbling.

I then reached out to my good buddy Tom Robinson at the BBC with the music. He was knocked out and agreed to support and 'World Premier' the music around December. I then reached out to an agent across the pond that I had worked with in the past, Neil O'Brien, and he took me on for representation and secured some dates for late January.

Although I was at the time signed to Righteous Babe Records, as I have been for the last 10 years, I felt it might be time to move on. I played a few months back at an in-store in Houston Texas which is owned by an old and dear friend George Fontaine who also is the president and owner of New West Records. Google them, pretty impressive roster. George was at the in-store, I ended up playing some of the music for him in his car and he came to my gig the following night, requesting some tunes deeper into the CD leading me to believe he had actually listened. He called me a week later and offered me a deal. I'll be signing to New West this week and releasing an 8 song digital download in early January to be augmented by a larger (hopefully!) physical release in late January to coincide with my Europe dates with the emphasis, at least for now, in that area. I'm pleased to say I left Righteous Babe on great terms all around. God Bless Ani DiFranco.

Bear in mind I'm doing this without management all myself and flying by the seat of my pants, but obviously, so far so good. It's kind of exciting and fun actually. A tad overwhelming and stressful but such is the way of the 'road less traveled' and I ain't complaining.

So, where does that leave you guys? I'm hoping to get all requirements met by late January. That having been said if you've got a painting coming I'll be posting some stuff I've been doing lately that I utilized for my new one man show 'Eddie's Bar' for sale on Facebook. I'll make you guys privy to that, so if I owe you a painting, and one of these catch your fancy, let me know, we'll make it right. Also, I'll be writing personalized songs like a madman in December so if you got one coming we'll do it then. If you're owed a house concert, let's do it!! I'll be touring the UK extensively Jan 11th through the 28th, hopefully we could fit one in.

Anyway, thanks so much for your support and your patience.

I'll keep you posted, please do the same.

My personal email is

You can get me on Facebook under Edward Hamell or Hamell on Trial.

Yer pal,




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