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Skallops are laser-cut clips that attach to regular playing cards in dozens of ways, letting you build anything that you can imagine.
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Michael Woods

1,028 backers pledged $65,904 to help bring this project to life.

Everything is here! Did your address change?

Hi folks,

Well, the big day is here! The Skallops cards and the packaging both arrived at the end of last week, and we dropped off the first batch of everything on Friday morning to the assembly shops we're working with here in the Bay Area.

We're getting ready to start shipping kits in the next few days. Pictures and more details are below, but first: did you move? If so, please send us your old address and new address via Kickstarter message or email to . We'll update your form, and make sure your kits go to the right place.

This morning, I picked up two final check-off samples of fully assembled kits!

(Bigger here, and sorry for the slightly off white balance)

And take a look at those cards---they're pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself:

(Bigger here)

There's actually a neat little printing trick you can't really see in the photo: the Skallops S shape is printed in a slightly glossier finish on the card, and when you catch the light just right, you can see the outline of the Skallops shape in the card. They look really great, and we're all pretty excited about it.

This is a good spot to mention again that everything in your Skallops kits are produced and assembled here in the USA. We're pretty proud of that, and happy to support the local businesses helping us make Skallops a reality.

So what next? Well, we're nearly complete with the laser cutting of the Skallops themselves, so we'll be taking loads of unassembled pieces and bringing back assembled kits.

One slightly complicating factor is that the colors need to be assembled in big batches, so we'll be shipping kits in bunches based on the color or colors you requested. We're still trying to ship in first-pledged, first-fulfilled order, but there'll be bigger batches going out at a time as we get kits of all the different clip colors rounded up.

We're excited to get these out to you, and hear back what you think! We'll keep posting updates as we have news. For more frequent updates, check us out on Twitter at @skallops, too.