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Skallops are laser-cut clips that attach to regular playing cards in dozens of ways, letting you build anything that you can imagine.
Skallops are laser-cut clips that attach to regular playing cards in dozens of ways, letting you build anything that you can imagine.
1,028 backers pledged $65,904 to help bring this project to life.

Free Shipping on Skallops at E&M Labs, last day for Siege Toys!

Hi Skallops backers,

This is Evan from E&M Labs. It's been a busy but exciting Thanksgiving holiday for us over here, where we're getting ready for another very fun, very creative holiday season!

Just in case you're thinking about giving great creative toys as gifts, we're holding a sale on our website now through the end of Monday: free shipping on Skallops and the rest of our products, including the Trebuchette, to anywhere in the USA.

Just go to our online store and when you check out, choose "FREE USPS Shipping"! No codes or tricks, just a free-shipping Thank You to everyone for supporting us.

By the way, our Kickstarter project for new Siege Toys is almost wrapped up, finishing tomorrow morning. So if you're on the fence about some fun desktop launching, today is the time to act!

Siege Toys parts, and a few more Skallops, too!
Siege Toys parts, and a few more Skallops, too!

Wishing you the best for your holidays,

Evan and Mike

New Siege Engine Toys from E&M Labs

Hi all,

Evan from E&M Labs here. Almost two years ago, you helped us bring Skallops into being here on Kickstarter. We had an amazing time making and sending out Skallops to you, and we're back on Kickstarter now with a new set of toys that we hope you'll love.

You might have seen that we started on Kickstarter in May 2011 with a laser-cut snap-together trebuchet, The Trebuchette. We've always been itching to complete the Siege Toys line with a catapult and a ballista, and now is finally the time. We finally did, and our two new siege machines are now live on Kickstarter!

The Siege Toys catapult and ballista - now live on Kickstarter!
The Siege Toys catapult and ballista - now live on Kickstarter!

We know it's pretty close to the holiday season, and so we're paying extra close attention to our production timing. For that reason, we've limited the number of catapults and ballistas that we can guarantee we'll be able to ship by Christmas. We wanted to give all of you, our backers, the first chance to check these out.

Thank you for your support, both in 2012 with Skallops and today. We wouldn't be here without you!

Mike, Marshall, and Evan.

Breaking news: collector's edition Skallops packs on sale now!

We've been busy here over the last month! For instance, we've been cranking out Skallops on the lasers, getting comfy in our new space in Mountain View, and working on revamping our packaging for a new round of printing. We're also putting the finishing touches on the Skallops Design Community website, and we'll have a nice shiny update here once it launches. In the meantime, we have some exciting new additions to our shop website: limited-edition collector's Skallops!

Wish you had more of those brown, black, or red Skallops (2nd, 3rd, and 4th from the left, respectively)? We're never planning on making them again-- just birch from here on out-- so now's the time if you want in on them!

Hoping to get your hands on some awesome black and white cards?

Want to display a few more juicy "lot 001" packs on your mantlepiece?

Dreaming of getting the old packaging before it goes out of print?

Head to our website for all your shopping needs! Remember: once these packs have sold out, there won't be any more of them ever!

On the road again!

Hello happy builders!

It’s been a while-- how have you been? We’ve been busy, moving to our own workshop space in Mountain View (drop by if you’re in the area!), working on setting up the Skallops Design Community website, updating our packaging, and generally cranking out more Skallops!

We’ll have a shiny update for you when the Design Community goes live, so keep your eyes open for that. In the meantime, we’ve been posting pictures and design ideas on our Facebook page. Head over there for all the latest fun, like instructions for building your very own Skallop-y Mars Curiosity Rover. Don’t forget to Like us while you’re at it!

The big news now is that today we’re packing up the cars for the Magical E&M Labs Mystery Tour! We’re headed to Seattle for PAX Prime. We had a blast at PAX East in Boston last April so we’re really excited to be going to Prime as well. If you’re going to be at PAX, come say hi-- our booth is at the Grand Hyatt at 7th and Pine. We’ll have tons of Skallops to play with, and building challenges complete with fabulous prizes. Also, if you’re waiting in one of the many lines, keep an eye out for little bags of Skallops and custom PAX Prime cards that will be handed out for your entertainment. We’ll even be posting 12-Skallop creations to to help jumpstart the creativity.

It's been an exciting summer and it looks like autumn will be even more so! Keep your eyes on this site and our Facebook page for all the new developments!

Happy trails,

-Evan, Marshall, Mike and Robin

Roominate - A toy for young girls to experiment and create

Hi folks,

We don't do this often, but I want to show you another Kickstarter project: Roominate. They're awesome enough and close enough to what we're doing that I'm sure a bunch of you will love them, too.

Roominate is a modular, customizable dollhouse with working electric circuits. It's designed to encourage young girls to experiment and learn about science, engineering, and making. Kids can build and decorate their own houses, and experiment with doorbells, lights, fans, and other electric systems in their own dollhouse.

Their project is only open for another 19 hoursso go check them out now!

We met Alice, Bettina, and Jennifer, the creators of Roominate, a little while ago. They were looking for advice on laser cutting different wood materials. We helped them out with a few details, and also lent them a little bit of laser cutting time.

I've had a chance to play with a Roominate set, and it's a ton of fun. If you you're looking for a creative learning toy for a young friend or relative, I definitely recommend it!

Now, I also have a little Skallops news:

We've shipped all the Kickstarter rewards except for the custom cards! If you haven't received anything yet, it's probably because:

  • You never filled out the survey or emailed us your address! Email us! Please!
  • You're an international backer, and your customs office is being cranky.

Custom cards backers, you'll continue to get emails directly from us about the progress of your cards.

We're also hard at work on the Skallops Design Community, and it's almost ready for you! Expect another update very soon with details about that.