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Ever heard of lucid dreaming? Our book Oneironautics is a hands-on field guide that teaches you how to wake up within your dreams.
Ever heard of lucid dreaming? Our book Oneironautics is a hands-on field guide that teaches you how to wake up within your dreams.
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    1. Thomas 2-time creator on August 9, 2012

      @ Mikhail: Hey, great! Go over to to send through paypal. Let us know how the book helps your dreaming!

    2. Mikhail Ushanov on August 9, 2012

      Thanks for the book! I received it, and i received first one too.
      How can i send you money for the second copy ? I'll give it to my friend :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Carl Scheffler on July 13, 2012

      Got my book! It made it all the way to South Africa. Have been keeping a dream journal for about a week now and the dreams are definitely becoming more vivid and easier to remember. No lucidity yet, but all in good time. Thanks for the great work, guys!

    4. Amanda J. on July 8, 2012

      Hi there! I received my book -- thank you! However, I do have a question. I ordered the hardcover edition and it said it is supposed to come with a "compass totem." What exactly is that, and has it already shipped or is it supposed to be coming later? Because the only thing I've received is the book and I was expecting something else...

    5. Thomas 2-time creator on July 3, 2012

      @ Ernesto: Alright, Congratulations! So you were able to stabilize the dream by saying "stabilize" or by doing other stabilization techniques? How incredible was being lucid? After getting lucid just once, you know how profound these experiences can be. I'm sure this is only the beginning of many lucid adventures for you. Congrats Ernesto!

    6. Ernesto Provencio on July 2, 2012

      Forgot to ask, when is the social web site going live? Loved to share ideas and questions with the lucid community of Oneironauts.

    7. Ernesto Provencio on July 2, 2012

      I had a Lucid dream last night! (this morning) - even got to use "stabilize" a few times before I lost control. It was amazing and I remember how odd it was to ask myself if I was dreaming and become lucid when the answer was "yes, I am dreaming." wake back to bed didn't quite work... this time.

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas Holloway on June 29, 2012

      I still haven't received my book, soft copy. I'll send you a message with my address to check again

    9. Missing avatar

      Ann Boes on June 26, 2012

      I got the book a week or so ago, love it so far! Somehow, tonight I managed to remember four dreams. Pretty soon, I hope to be going lucid!

    10. Thomas 2-time creator on June 26, 2012

      @ Lanie, you should have received it this week. Has it arrived yet?
      @ Adam, we're glad you got it safely! And we'll let our talented canadian illustrator know his work is much appreciated. Thank you!

    11. Adam Buckheit on June 25, 2012

      Please disregard my last comment the book arrived today, I love it, give my complements to your illustrator.

    12. Adam Buckheit on June 23, 2012

      Hey have you sent out all of the hardback copies because I still haven’t received mine yet.

    13. Lanie Farnsworth on June 19, 2012

      a hardback cover book, right?

    14. Lanie Farnsworth on June 19, 2012

      Hey guys, I haven't received my book yet!! I sent you my address!! Did you send it yet?
      My address is:

      Elaina Farnsworth
      306 Young St. Apt. B
      Middletown, Ohio 45044-4353
      I gave you $100 so I get

    15. Mark Russell on June 18, 2012

      My book just arrived in the post! Looks fantastic, amazing illustrations! Can't wait to sit down with it and a cup of tea :)

      Thanks guys!!!

    16. Thomas 2-time creator on June 17, 2012

      @ Mikhail: Then you should have definitely received it! No worries, we'll send you another. Please let us know when you get it. Should be this week sometime.

    17. Mikhail Ushanov on June 17, 2012

      Softcover, and it was USA
      Michail Ushanov
      2972 Columbia St. Suite # 10647
      Torrance CA 90503

    18. Thomas 2-time creator on June 17, 2012

      Mikhail, did you have a softcover or hardcover? If softcover and it was international we sent them out last week. Let me know if you don't receive it this week. Should be en route.

    19. Mikhail Ushanov on June 17, 2012

      Hello! It's June, but i haven't received my copy of book yet :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Owen McEntee on June 16, 2012

      YAY!! Arrived all the way in New Zealand!!
      Can't wait to start reading tonight. Congratulations guys and all the best!

      Many thanks, Owen.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joanna Gaunder on June 15, 2012

      Got the book! Thank you so much! :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike R. on May 30, 2012

      Got the book in the mail today, it looks very well put together. Nice layout, lovely illustrations - it looks great! Looking forward to reading and learning, thanks Thomas (& team)!

    23. filias on May 17, 2012


      great! Congratulations :)
      I am not sure you have my correct address:

      Filipa Andrade
      Revaler Str. 11
      10245 Berlin

      Thanks a lot!

    24. Missing avatar

      Vicki O'Day on May 14, 2012

      Hi and congratulations! I am not sure whast address you have for me. The correct one now is...
      Vicki O'Day
      111 E. Kellogg Blvd #2910
      St. Paul, MN 55101
      I am looking forward to playing with the book to dream up some magic in my life.
      Thank you!

    25. Missing avatar

      Noah Fowler on May 14, 2012

      Hi Thomas,

      I have a new address!
      Noah Fowler
      970 Bergen Street apartment 2
      Brooklyn NY 11216

      Thank you! can't wait to see the book. Congrats.

    26. Adam Buckheit on April 12, 2012


      So I guess this means we get to bug you with the second pertinent question.

      When is the site going to be up? :)

    27. Thomas 2-time creator on April 12, 2012

      Hey you fabulous lucid dreamers! The book is finally out of our hands and we are waiting for over 1000 books to arrive on our doorstep. (Wonder what a box of 1000 books will look like...) We thank you so much for your patience, and are so excited for you to receive it. The book looks great and we're so happy with it. We will take some pictures as soon as this large box arrives and send it out.

      If you have changed addresses recently please let us know. If you have already sent us your new address no need to send us another email, we modified your address and you're good to go!

      If you haven't had a lucid dream before, we're pretty confident that after reading the book your mind will change on how simple and easy it can be. We can't wait to hear all of your stories and experiences!

    28. Missing avatar

      Carol on April 10, 2012

      When is the publishing date?

    29. Ricardo Bojórquez Alfaro on April 2, 2012

      How is the project going? Any news on the publishing date?

    30. Ian Lutz on March 26, 2012

      This wait is KILLING meeee. XP

    31. Sooz Fassberg on January 6, 2012

      Good progress.... but link to PDF in recent update seems not to be working... pls advise...
      sweet dreams, Sooz

    32. Andrew C on November 26, 2011

      Still on track?

    33. Thomas 2-time creator on October 3, 2011

      For those of you who may be moving to a different address, hold off on sending any updated information. Before we send the book out, we'll make sure to ask everyone for their final address. Thanks!

    34. Michell Green on October 2, 2011

      As it looks like from your last Update that you won't be shipping until the end of the year or start of next year, how do I go about updating my shipping address? I'm not sure if I'm going to be at the original address I used for much longer. And I'm sure I will not be the only one in this situation...

    35. Missing avatar

      Reed Martin on September 27, 2011

      Hello? Is this thing on? 42 days with no updates...

    36. Ernesto Provencio on September 15, 2011

      How's it coming along? Curious about the networking site portion of your project.

    37. Missing avatar

      Phil Matarese on August 16, 2011

      This book is going to be sick. I can't wait. I have been dealing with this shit forever, I am optimistic about getting a little control over this.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Sommovigo on August 3, 2011

      So ... when's the book coming?

    39. Michael McGregor on July 14, 2011

      beast of a survey finally completed. really psyched for this, but bummed i wasnt able to grip a totem at the film fest....i was stuck in the DJ tower

    40. Ernesto Provencio on July 13, 2011

      I can't wait for more! I started practicing waking up properly and it really improved my recall dramatically. I want to get a dream journal started and I found this other project that makes custom bound journals. Maybe we Oneironauts can vote them to include a map of the lucid dream state? Check them out

    41. Missing avatar

      Joerg Ewald on July 12, 2011

      Hello there. I tried to fill in the Reward Survey, but without success. I always get the message "error: Please enter a response for all questions.", no matter whether I just fill in my address, or all the additional answers below that.

    42. Thomas 2-time creator on July 5, 2011

      While we might not be able to film at the festival, we will definitely be taking pictures. We will also be writing up a post about the experience as well as out interaction with other lucid dreamers (or those who want to lucid dream).

    43. Steven Garcia on June 30, 2011

      For the ppl not able to make it to the KS festival in NY can you post a update video of ppl that your helping in their journey of lucid dreaming. so we backers not in NY aren't missing out?

    44. Espen Mathisen on June 22, 2011

      I also read what you said about the shipping, so I threw in a "couple" of extra dollars. Let me know if it's not enough!

    45. Espen Mathisen on June 22, 2011

      Got kind of nervous when I got the reminder e-mail, but I just decided to go for it. Wouldn't get this chance again. Now a happy and excited backer!

    46. Steven Garcia on June 13, 2011

      one way i always have dreams is sleeping on a uncomfortable area.. the floor or the couch that isnt comfort try it out and having a cold room

    47. Missing avatar

      herbclouds on June 8, 2011

      Inception is like the greatest movie ever, so if my reality can become like that, awesome.

    48. Bronwyn Davies on June 5, 2011

      Great project! I have bought on e copy but would be interested in the future of buying more. I'm in Australia so let me know if the postage is an issue. I posted your widget on my blog congrats from down under!

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