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Battle creatures, collect loot, master magic, and build a Wizard Tower in a turn-based, rogue-like, dungeon-crawling, town-building RPG for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
Battle creatures, collect loot, master magic, and build a Wizard Tower in a turn-based, rogue-like, dungeon-crawling, town-building RPG for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
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Final Month to Launch + Pax

Posted by Spellbind Studios (Creator)

Greetings Wizards. We’re back from Pax and have been working on adding the final content game for the September 27th, launch on Steam!

Pax was just simply amazing. Not only did we get to meet a whole bunch of new gamers that loved the game, we were able to meet a bunch of the original Kickstarter backers for the game as well. We had great placement in the Pax Rising area, a curated selection of 12 games picked by the Pax organizers themselves!

Rogue Wizards at Pax West 2016
Rogue Wizards at Pax West 2016

We also got in the 4 pets into the game, each with a different ability. We wanted to make more of these, so we’ll look into that after launch.


And Phil has been busy cranking out the final item artwork. He’s been able to make a crazy amount of variations for a few of the weapon types so far … the rest will be ready in about a week!

Weapon artwork
Weapon artwork


Below are all the changes from August. Talk about them in our Steam forums and see the full set of changes in the Spellbind news.

Major Changes

  • 4 pets now show up in the game and can be recruited to join you in your next dungeon from the Inn
  • Dragon Whelp Pet: Melee attack and projectile fireball with burn magic
  • Snow Crab Pet: Melee attack and freeze enemy magic
  • Owl Pet: Melee attack and silence enemy magic
  • Pets now rest at the inn and can be selected to join you on your next quest when they are fully rested
  • Dragon Whelp, Crab, and Owl pets now show up in the first dungeon and in random dungeons
  • Random NPCs now have a chance to show up in story games
  • Steam achievements
  • 8 new sword art pieces
  • 8 new bow art pieces
  • 8 new axe art pieces
  • 8 new staff art pieces
  • 12 new proc item enchantments (burn, silenece, freeze, ring of fire, explosion, singularity, banish, electric field, collapse, shield, swarm)
  • New boots enchantment: Immunity to ground hazards (immune to trap triggers, fire, ice, goo, etc)
  • Non elemental staffs are now guaranteed to have one intrinsic proc style affix on them, even at normal quality
  • Item artwork now changes slowly over time as you level up using a new distribution system
  • All secondary story scrolls are now distributed throughout the levels
  • Reworked the Quest Log UI so that you can read all scrolls found at present

Minor Changes

  • Summoned Mystics now only heal 10% of health instead of 40%, because champion Mystics that summoned other Mystics is too difficult of a combination to fight when they all heal each other quickly. Mystics that were *not* summoned heal values remain the same at 40%.
  • Defense value tooltips now display the defense value in blue if there is a defense bonus on the property collection
  • Limited a few monster types from showing up until progressing a bit into the game
  • Adjusted when a new dungeon floor decides to generate a new set of monsters or use the same monsters encountered on the previous floor. Basically small floor sequences use the same monsters for consistency for a floor or two, and then a new enemy set is generated on the next floor where it felt good, this also slows the encounter of new monsters which is good too.
  • Buying and selling items now shows visual feedback of a floaty coin, this makes right-click buy/sell more obvious too
  • Caverns now have stalagmites in their foreground - Up drop rate for legendary and divine items by 2x
  • When items level up from use mastery, they now gain a new enchantment (great idea Jeff D!!!!)
  • Reduced the use mastery turn time by 50% for faster advancement


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hope on

      Getting the DRM free release after the launch issues are fixed sounds ok to me. But please make sure that later patches will find their way to the DRM free version, too.

    2. Spellbind Studios Creator on

      @Hope. Yeah, there will be a version that does not require Steam as promised. I've been talking with some of the online stores such as Humble and Amazon, and since Steam is what is handling the patching right now ... they recommend doing the Steam release, letting the build mature a little bit as some launch issues are fixed and then upload binaries to those outlets.

      If you'd like to talk about getting something out there that works for you in a different timeframe, please send me a private message on Kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hope on

      Any news on the DRM free options you promised to be available upon release? It would be great to have it on GOG.