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This film is a comedic parody of the dependency society has on technology, and how our beloved G.P.S. system can also be our enemy.
This film is a comedic parody of the dependency society has on technology, and how our beloved G.P.S. system can also be our enemy.
37 backers pledged $5,100 to help bring this project to life.

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Hello everyone,

Our website is up and running.  

For more content you can visit:

Best Regards,

-A Star is Scorned Production Team


Hello Everyone!

Great news today, we just found out that we will be receiving the ARRI Alexa grant which includes a Alexa Camera, the best digital camera on the market today.

The ARRI grant is a highly competitive grant that is offered to 1 group each semester.  The grant is meant to encourage young filmmakers to maintain the integrity of cinematography, and to push the limits of their minds and their cameras. The ARRI grant includes: A new and top of the line ARRI Alexa camera, an ASC mentor for John DeWhitt (Director of Photography), a loaded grip truck, and special lighting equipment that we may need for the film. Ultimately this grant is thousands of dollars worth of gear, and priceless support and knowledge from professionals.  

This semester the 4 groups competing for the grant were full of extremely talented crew members,  so we are very lucky to be the fortunate recipients of this particular grant.

Special thanks goes to ARRI and former CSUN Alumnus, and Vice President of ARRI Bill Russel for supporting all of the CSUN student films, and for helping us out with this grant.

Thank you everyone for your support! we are only 19 days away, and still need to reach our goal of $5000, so please spread the word and donate!

Best Regards,

-A Star is Scorned Production Team


Update comment Re-Posted as Update.

Hello Sponsors,

Thank you for your support! As the wheels spin on our production we continue to make progress both creatively and financially. Last week on Thursday we had our fundraiser at Chilis restaurant and Bar, and our producers are starting up momentum for our March Madness fundraiser coming in the next few weeks. Currently, we are at about 15% of our overall goal.

On the creative end of this project we have met with a storyboard and concept artist who will be designing some character mock-ups for us to fortify the feel of this film. Furthermore once we have that content we can give you all a visual idea of what where doing, and the feel of the film. In addition to the storyboard artist, we have added two composers for film scoring, and a visual effects artist to the crew.

A promotional video will be up in the next week, along with artwork and our new website designed by Tony Rome, so keep visiting our page for updates!

Thank you all for your support, and for those of you have already donated we greatly appreciate what you are helping us to accomplish. This is going to be a great project and we are so happy that you are a part of it, and so grateful that you are helping us see it to fruition.

Again we are only at 15% of our overall goal, so please help out and donate whatever you can.

-The A Star is Scorned Production Team


Hello Everyone,

More good news!  Recently we have been featured on as one of the home page films.  This is good for our community outreach, and also great for recognition in funding.  Have a great week.

-The A Star is Scorned production team

Closer to our goal

Hello everyone,

We are one step closer to our goal with our separate Oscar Ballot fundraiser that we have raised about $300 dollars with.  The oscar ballot fundraiser was a great way to get people on campus involved in the project.  We charged $10 dollars for the ballots, and $5 of those dollars go to our project, and $5 go to the winner(s) who get the closest to predicting the oscars.  This fundraiser has given us just enough money to cover one days worth of Craft Services for our cast and crew.  

For those of you who have donated, thank you very much for your support, and your contribution will be put to a very good use.  This Thursday we will be submitting our applications for two grants -the Fotokem grant, and the ARRI grant.

We hope to have a website up next week that gives you a more detailed idea and feel for our story.

Again, thank you so much to those of you who have donated.  For those of you who are still thinking about it, we could really use your support, and the money will go to good use.

Updates soon to come,

-The Star is Scorned Production