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Humberto Ramos' and Paul Jenkins' acclaimed Graphic Novel - a tale of two unlikely friends who risk everything to remain together...
Humberto Ramos' and Paul Jenkins' acclaimed Graphic Novel - a tale of two unlikely friends who risk everything to remain together...
1,642 backers pledged $95,100 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jessica Lynch on

      I am so enormously disappointed in the "rewards" I earned from my not insubstantial donation. If you like the series, great. But do not waste your time pledging extra money for additional perks. This team took years to follow up, and their end result surpassed disappointing and went well into the realm of insulting. If I could withdraw my money I would. Again, I urge anyone looking to pledge extra money toward perks like future characters to reconsider. You will be offended by the result and embarrassed at your earlier enthusiasm.

    2. Paul Jenkins 4-time creator on

      Just a little over 4K to go on the Fiction Squad Kickstarter raise and we'll be fully funded! If everyone can spread the word and tweet this nifty little link, I'm sure we'll make it!

    3. Terence Soetedja on

      @Paul - Holding out on us hey? LOL I like it...I look forward to your updates sir! :) *fingers crossed for sketches*

    4. Paul Jenkins 4-time creator on

      Terence, there might be some "stretch goal" stuff, you never know. :)

    5. Terence Soetedja on

      Thanks @Paul.
      can't wait to receive the book! No option for sketches this time around?

    6. Terence Soetedja on

      Did anyone else miss out on the Fablewood story download? The link seems to have expired already.

    7. Antonio Garcia


    8. Antonio Garcia

      Book 2 is in the works and we should have news about it soon. :)

    9. Gabriel Meunier on

      @Industrial Scribe
      No news since last update, so I guess we haven't missed anything...

    10. Narfle the Garthok on

      I don't remember if i came on and mentioned that I got my statue! thank you guys so much, i hope the next one is not as stressful for you.

    11. Antonio Garcia

      @Danny: Share the video!

    12. Nikki on

      Just got my signed statue. And that is the last part of my pledge. Thanks.

    13. Robert Saggers on

      I too am yet to receive anything

    14. John Idlor

      Anyone else still waiting for a shipment?

    15. Terence Soetedja on

      When's Vol 2 coming out????? The wait is killing me!!! O___O

    16. Steven Cheng

      Any news on the red and mister woof statues?

    17. Todd Chamberlain on

      @Nikki, glad to hear that I am not the only one who still hasn't received their items. Have you had recent contact regarding your items? It's just that I have been having trouble getting any response. I'm really looking forward to getting my items as my friend has got his and it's awesome.

    18. Nikki on

      @Todd I've received some of my stuff. Still waiting on the second half.

    19. Todd Chamberlain on

      I was just wondering if anyone is in the same boat and me and has not received anything.

    20. Eiji Anthony on

      Just got back from WonderCon Anaheim 2013, Thanks for taking some pictures with me and my Kickstarter Fairy Quest Mr. Ramos!

    21. Industrial Scribe on

      Any news on Vol. 2 ???

      I got my signed Edition (and it is great). The raised cover treatment really stands out.

      The project went above and beyond after the first book that was detailed for me seemed to not arrive. They got straight on it and sent it out a second time. It didn't come with the kickstarter extra's but seeing as how this project has gained a second wind to sort out any problems, no one can fault them for that.

      I got my lovely BIG comicbook and that is what is important. Thanks to all the team and your hardwork.

    22. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      Got my Deluxe Edition, T-shirt and Mug today :)
      So happy I even made a video to show some friends :)

    23. Terence Soetedja on

      Finally received my copy of FQ signed and number edition! Gotta say, the print and make of the book is absolutely gorgeous. A couple of small dings here and there from shipping, but overall, an awesome book!
      I think I'm going to definitely go for a certificate numbered copy OR a head sketch copy for Vol. 2!!!
      Good work Paul & Humberto!! Hurry and release Vol. 2!!!!

    24. Jonathan Nguyen on

      Woot woot! Love the deluxe edition! It's got an awesome look and feel to it!

      Thanks Paul, Humberto, Melinda, and everyone who worked on FQ!

    25. Amanda on

      Very excited about my book. It looks amazing. I also saw the comic in my local comic shop the other day and was very excited. Just out of curiosity - has anyone received their statue yet? I did get confirmation that my order was processed, but I was trying to figure shipping times.

    26. Steven Palchinski on

      Hey Paul. Just got my package today. I'm blown away. First of all, the head sketch far surpassed my expectations (I have wanted a Humberto Ramos sketch for years, but can't afford one) and on top of that it was 1 of 10! Booyah! the book is great and all the freebies rock. Thanks again Paul. Send my thanks to Humberto as well. Well worth the wait.
      Can't wait for volume 2 to hit Kickstarter though!

    27. Missing avatar

      Peter Robinson on

      Got my book at the weekend and just wanted to join in with the its beautiful and amazing comments well worth the wait. Also a big thank you to Paul, Melinda and the whole Fairy Quest crew for a truely outstanding job. looking forward to suporting the next book. cheers Pete

    28. Missing avatar

      MelasLithos on

      I just received my book. Thank you, it's beautiful!

    29. Karyn Khor on

      I got my book literally three days after I last messaged. Thank you Paul and team!! I love it sooooo much :D I'll be getting any sequels you churn out for this I'm sure xx

    30. Terence Soetedja on

      Hi Paul, just sent you a private message.

    31. Victoria Pagac on

      got my stuff havent had a chance to look at it yet aside from mom showing me the outside cover but its here thanks everyone

    32. Paul Jenkins 4-time creator on

      Michael, you have no reason to apologize. We understand, believe us: we are very frustrated that the shipping issues have caused such delays. But the good news is that we are closing in on getting everyone everything that they pledged for. #2 is going to be a lot smoother!

      More items can always be ordered at So if your friend wants a book, please send him in that direction!

      Again, everyone, we're closing in on getting the shipment situations worked out. At the moment we are working on specialty orders and multiple orders. You may be getting a message from us if you have not yet been shipped to because we have to confirm things that some people have received so far.


    33. Michael Erpelo on

      My apologies Paul and FQ team. As we have already been discussing this via KS PM, much appreciated your efforts. I thought the Comments section would be appropriate for sharing experiences and concerns as well as feedback of merchandise. Obviously I am wrong and again I apologize for that.

      As you've said earlier, it's a learning process here and I know better next time. Also, as a sign of good faith and apology on my part, I will be part of FQ2 when you are ready for funding. :)

      On a side note...IS FQ1 available for order somewhere?? My close friend and co-worker is kicking himself in the arse he did not see and fund this project and wants one BADLY. Cheers!

    34. Rangun on

      I've received my signed and numbered book today (270/400), it looks great and I read it immediately!
      Big thanks for this wonderfully drawn and captivating story!
      Can't wait for book 2... ;-)


    35. Paul Jenkins 4-time creator on

      Michael (and everyone),

      I do understand that this is a shame but why not simply message us and tell us about the problem? Simply put, items can get damaged in shipping. We cannot control the mess the shippers make of a book. But posting it as a general message as opposed to simply alerting us to the problem seems a little counterproductive. We care very deeply and work hard to replace any damaged books. All you have to do is write to us. In fact, with the Deluxe Editions I have had a couple of damages before and have replaced them with personalized Deluxe books.

      Melinda and I are doing everything possible to get everything out after inheriting a tough situation. Michael, we'll get you a new book. But please, folks, don't make it a public complaint session. We are more than happy to simply get you a new, upgraded book if there's shipping damage that we cannot control.


    36. Michael Erpelo on

      Finally got home and thoroughly inspected the carnage.

      So much for a SUPER DELUXE edition. The sleeve actually got quite a bit of folds and creases, protecting as much it can the book itself. I just noticed too that the bottom left, the bottom spine, received the most damage. Small piece was actually torn off. Almost looked like the package was dragged and slid on surfaces and dropped a number of times. Like I said, the bubble envelope had holes where the book corners were. I was so excited to show this to my 2 friends and I kid you not, both in separate occasions said the exact same thing, 'what the heck happened to the corners?!'

      Unfortunately, this has affected quite a great deal any inclination I might have in backing a FQ2 project. This might just be a 'pick up at the comic store' least it will be in mint condition.

    37. Michael Erpelo on

      Got my DELUXE edition today, 44 of 275. The colours and paper are top notch! I love how vibrant it is. The embossing of the sleeve and cover are very very nice touches.

      The only thing that makes me a bit sad and disappointed is the top right and bottom left of the book is banged up. :( The 4 corners of the bubble envelope was quite damaged there are HOLES, I can actually see the book inside. Luckily only 2 corners are damaged and not all 4.

      Thanks again guys.

    38. Sacha Cohen on

      My ULTRA-RARE Deluxe Edition has arrived, turns out mine is numbered 1 out of 275, which is pretty cool! Like many people I'm a little disappointed it took so long to get to me, missing two opportunities to gift it to the intended recipient (Their birthday in October, then Christmas) But I suppose giving it as a random present won't be too bad. The embossed cover isn't as impressive or high quality as I expected it would be, but the book itself looks fantastic.

    39. Karyn Khor on

      I don't know how to message you directly but I haven't seen anything of my parcel yet... I pledged the $66 or more ultra-rare edition reward, just checking in to see how mine is? I hope this is the right way to get through to you ><

    40. Terence Soetedja on

      @Paul - thanks for the update. Haven't moved addresses at all. Unfortunately I still haven't received it, but I'll wait off another couple of weeks to see what happens. Hopefully it'll come through soon.

    41. Steven Palchinski on

      Paul sent me a message saying my package is at he warehouse. i'm excited all over again!

    42. Steven Cheng

      Paul, thank you for the quick response. Can't wait to receive my order, and I'm looking forward to FQ #2.

    43. Paul Jenkins 4-time creator on

      Folks, a couple of notes:

      First of all, if you have any issues with receipt, please message us directly because it is a lot easier to address as opposed to discovering inquiries here. Some specifics:

      Terence, your book was shipped out a while ago and should have arrived, as many others have. It may be that you have changed adresses? Certainly, the warehouse has records of your book being sent to please message us.

      Steven, actually, good timing from you. The Art prints are here and being shipped now, so your order is being processed in the warehouse, minus the signed statues, which Humberto has not signed yet. That will be shipped on later.

      One more update: as you all may know by now, the main problem Melinda and I have is that the person keeping our records indicated many people who have not received good as having been shipped to. And vice versa: just yesterday I had to write to a few folks to ask them if they got their stuff. One person who is listed as not being shipped to has had their stuff for a while. Obviously, this is really frustrating for Melinda and I and we are determined never to let anyone else handle our Kickstarter from now on. But while FQ #2 is in the works and will be put up soon, we must clear up this problem now.

      We hate this. We're so sorry for any delays, and that will not happen again. But for now, I have to do a bit of clean up, which slows things down. All of the art prints are now here, the Deluxe books are finished and shipping out (or shipped) and the statues are here, minus the signed versions.

      Again, please write to us directly. We answer all messages as quickly as we can.


    44. Steven Cheng

      Hey, I still haven't received anything yet. I don't mind waiting for the items, but an update would be appreciated.

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