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spacestation1985 is a live action science fiction psychological roller coaster coming to austin texas in september of 2012. Read more

Austin, TX Theater
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This project was successfully funded on September 13, 2012.

spacestation1985 is a live action science fiction psychological roller coaster coming to austin texas in september of 2012.

Austin, TX Theater
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spacestation1985 By Jeff Mills, Jason Newman, and Brent Werzner

Is a live action science fiction psychological roller-coaster coming to Austin, Texas in September of 2012. It is the story of two down and out NASA cast-offs, Dr. Richard Gergen and Lieutenant Norman James Kilroy, who are blasted into space in the year 1985 by a mysterious privately-funded space exploration group.

Their mission? 

To be the first men to mine the tail of Halley’s Comet. However, while working on 30 day alternating shifts, the mission begins to take a turn...into not only the deepest corners of our solar system, but the very darkest corners of the human mind.


puppets designed and built by James Godwin & Nate Wilson (The Chapelle Show, The Muppets)

original score by Graham Reynolds! (A Scanner Darkly, Bernie, Golden Arm Trio) sound design by Buzz Moran! (Intergalactic Nemesis, A Scanner Darkly) 

scenic design by Ia Enstera (Austin Critics' Best Scenic Designer 2012) lighting design by Natalie George (Austin Critics Table Best Lighting Designer 2012) costume design by Benjamin Taylor-Ridgway! 

the acting chops of Jason Newman & Bradley Carlin!! (Think Tank ATX)

with special guests: Jennymarie Jemison, David Higgins, Dallas Tate, Gricelda Silva, Kelly Hassandras & Noel Gaulin.

carefully managed by Dani Pruitt and Christopher Shea!

directed by Jeffery Mills!

Join us aboard spacestation1985....                                                     



Jeff Mills, Natalie George, and Jason Newman began working on spacestation1985 in NYC in the fall of 2009. The idea of a play set in outer space came from Jeff, but quickly spread into the hearts and minds of the others. Gathering friends and colleagues they began to work tirelessly on the script and the puppets. With very little money in their pockets they booked the Tank Theater in midtown and put up the show. In a workshop style performance they had all the basics together. With audience feedback and lots of reflection, they took another look at the show with a puppet focused workshop in NY and Austin. Now with the company all residing in Austin, we are ready to launch the final version of spacestaion1985.


We are hoping to raise $5,000, about 1/3 of our overall budget. This money will help pay for our venue, set, costumes, puppets, and most importantly our performers.

Q & A

How Does Kickstarter Work? Kickstarter is a tool for any creative to gather the help and support needed for their projects. Kickstarter’s platform allows artists like us to share our project with the unlimited Internet community.

What if the Goal is not reached? Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING proposition. We MUST meet our goal of $5,000. If we raise even a dollar short of our goal, we lose it all. At that time, all donations are refunded.

I'd love to gift my contribution, can I? Don't forget, You can easily donate to the film in another person’s name. To do this, just proceed with the normal donation process in your name (this is for billing purposes). After our fundraising deadline, we will send you a message that will ask you for the name of the person you want your donation to be in, address, cover any rewards to be delivered and other important information. Please just make sure to reply and tell us who you would like to receive the award or be named for the donation.

When do Get my rewards? Our rewards are exciting and we want to distribute them in a timely manner. Once the project is funded and the deadline is over, you will begin to see the effects of your contribution. After funding is complete, we will contact you regarding any rewards, special mentions and shipping address.

Remember - If we fail to reach our goal, We won’t receive any of the funds. If we are even a dollar short by the end of our deadline EVERYTHING WILL BE REFUNDED and no rewards can be given! PLEASE help us prevent this from happening!

Every dollar brings us a step closer and every dollar counts.

And a big thanks to Craig Staggs for editing our Kickstarter video! 


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