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They depended on each other, even in death. And the world feared them. A World War II Sourcebook for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG.
They depended on each other, even in death. And the world feared them. A World War II Sourcebook for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG.
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Just in time for Halloween

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The zombies are coming!

“A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses.”
― George Orwell

Today we begin the final shipping of the hardcopies of Band of Zombies, with the Zombie Master Screen and Character Journal.

It has been a long road getting to this point - be we could not have done it without your support... and we appreciate it.

Tomorrow I will send you all the PDF link for the character journal as well - so keep an eye out in your inbox for that coupon code to redeem with DrivethruRPG.

Once again... thanks!

The PDFs are dropping now!

You should be getting an email with a coupon from our partners at DrivethruRPG to download the final PDF of Band of Zombies! The Character Journal will follow in a few days.

Id like to also thank one of our backers and Unisystem fan, Joseph Davis, who helped with the bookmarking on the PDF. Thank you sir!

Also, once the journals come in from the printer (hopefully next week Im told) I will begin to send out the physical rewards. Please check your mailing address on the survey you sent out! I had a bunch of return packages from our other Kickstarter and the price of shipping isn't cheap anymore :)

Once again - thank you all for your support and patience on this project.

GenCon next week

Everything is at the printers and the screens will be done today so I can go pick them up (we had these printed at a local printer - same place we got the Conspiracy X screens done).

The printer will have a few cases of the book ready for us when we leave on Tuesday for GenCon next week. Anyone wanting to pickup their copies of the screen and the book, please drop me an email via Kickstarter so we can flag your account and set aside a copy for you to pickup during the show.

The physical copy of the AFMBE character journal wont be ready until after GenCon so we wont have those at GenCon :(

The author, Jason Vey, will be at the booth at various times during GenCon signing copies of Band of Zombies, so if you are going to stop by - say hi and bother him to sign your copy!

Our booth number at GenCon is 672.

Finishing up...

Sorry for the delay of an update... 

My previous Kickstarter for the Conspiracy X Conspiracies book was shipping the last few weeks and that tasked a lot of time from me, more than I had budgeted. One of the delays was the lack of pledge holders telling me that they have moved - so its very important that if you have moved since the survey went out... please send me a message with your correct mailing address.

But the good news is Band of Zombies is leaving for the printer in a few days. I emailed them yesterday with the project specs and asked for a print window. Ive asked them if they could get me copies for GenCon and they are looking into it. 

They already have the Band of Zombies ZM Screen file which I signed off on yesterday, which I will now give to you all:

Once I sign off on the printers PDF of the book and journal, I will email you all the final PDF link as well (which should be in a few days).

I apologize for the delay on this project. It had a lot more hurdles than I previously thought - rewrites, late artists, more text development. 

As compensation, if anyone wants a free PDF of any Eden Studios product, just send me a message of what book you would like and I will email you the download code via - you can see the list of products here:

If you do not want the code and want to send it to a friend, that is fine as well... in the email send me the email of who you would like to gift the PDF to and what PDF to give them.

So if the printer can get me books for GenCon, I will make it available for pick up there. If they cannot, then we will have the books waiting for us when we get back and will begin shipping them all to you.

I thank you all for your support.

As with each Kickstarter I do, I learn from my mistakes and I will continue to do the best I can and thank you all for your continued support and kindness.