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Be a part of the photography book "Retracing our steps" and experience the Fukushima no go zone with us.
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25 millions cubic metre !

Posted by Bression (Collaborator)

We have just finished a new series, the 6th of this long term Fukushima project ! It will be featured in our book! A part of it can already be seen on the dedicated website of the project. 

Thank you again for your help! We cross our fingers for the last 13%!!25000000m3-english/f36ur 

25 millions cubic metre : 

Black bags, piled up on 5 floors until the eyes can’t reach the end. Geometric, endless, the fresco «25 million cubic meters » transposes the organized and methodical nature of the decontamination project in Fukushima, as well as its excessiveness. This « great cleaning » project of radioactivity, of an unprecedented scale, will eventually generate 25 million cubic meters of nuclear waste, equivalent to 10 000 olympic pools full of contaminated branches, leaves and soil. The decontamination, supposed to give back Fukushima’s lands their virginity, ends up visually polluting the region’s landscapes. The black bags, like ominous birds, bring back the memory of the nuclear accident and jeopardizes the population’s potential return.

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