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I'm building a 15' opaque white, floating paper bridge.The sculpture's dimensions skew over the length and it hangs 5' off the floor. Read more

Santa Fe, NM Sculpture
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This project was successfully funded on May 11, 2011.

I'm building a 15' opaque white, floating paper bridge.The sculpture's dimensions skew over the length and it hangs 5' off the floor.

Santa Fe, NM Sculpture
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I'm amazed, honored and stunned. As I've been talking with people this week about the impact that putting my project on Kickstarter has had on me, I've been hearing incredible stories about bridges. To that end, I'm hoping hat you'll send me your stories, memories and/or photos to be compiled into a book that becomes a part of the piece. You can email me here on kickstarter or at

What's your project? I'm building a 15' opaque white, floating paper bridge that will hang mid-air (about five feet off the ground) in galleries and public spaces in New Mexico, Nebraska and next year on the East Coast. The sculpture's dimensions skew over its length, height and width so that wherever you stand, you see a truly unique perspective. It has 18 arched windows, 28 planks and is a hybrid of three bridges: a poured concrete bridge in Johnson, Vermont; the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City and a bridge that my father built from railroad parts to cross small creeks by the Chattahoochee River.

I've already built a basic exterior paper structure out of butcher paper. Once I have a template for the 'windows', I will be able to build them in nine pairs, as each 'window' has different dimensions in all directions. I plan to build the armature to support the piece out of dowel rods, because they are light-weight, environmentally responsible and won't show through the paper. Each intersecting point in the armature needs to have a customized joint, for which I need a dowel jig. I will suspend the piece using wire, eyehooks and a interior support system, based on a skewed ceiling grid that I have designed.  

What's the money for? Archival paper for the exterior (so that it doesn't turn yellow and fall apart in a year), Wood, Dowels, Dowel Jig, Glue (the fancy kind that won't turn colors and fall apart over time), Wire, 3-D Rendering to generate a template for the windows, Assistance with installation, Shipping/Transportation of the sculpture to Nebraska and then the east coast.  And then there's the free stuff: my labor, time, love and residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the Santa Fe Art Institute. 

My unbelievably sweet family is a little confused, they keep trying to contribute but then think they can't because I reached my goal (hooray)! So, here's the deal, you can contribute until May 11th. As you can imagine every dollar makes a difference in my work. Additional donations will be used to hire an assistant with the construction (15' x 3' x 31" gets tricky when its just me), take the people who have already helped me, out to dinner and then towards the expenses I've already incurred out-of-pocket. Kickstarter rocks and you guys are the best, thank you!

Why a bridge? I became interested in the bridge as symbol because it is the way we connect two isolated things, making it possible to go between them.  Whether that's two bodies of land, two thought connections or two different spiritual planes. As such these things are all encased in its iconography. I was interested to learn that military strategy dictates that bridges are the first things to blow up in wartime because they are so integral to transportation and communication. I am hoping that my bridge, being so fragile and simply floating in space, will create a heightened awareness of the beauty of bridges of all kinds and their potential to connect us to one another.

Thank you! Your contribution and support is amazing!

Feel free to email me directly at with questions. Here's a link to my website's page specific to this project, with images of a few past portraits for all you rewardees. . .


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    My unending gratitude and advance emails as the work progresses

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    Three- pack of handmade postcards drawings: "Bridges Around the World"

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    8" x 12" drawing of the bridge that I'm building

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    14" x 20" Drawing of your choice. It could be a portrait of your favorite Uncle, pet Fido or the Ludendorff bridge, that's up to you!

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    Small gouache representational painting based on the image of your choice. Haven't you always wanted to memorialize Great Aunt Tilda's taxidermy collection in a painting?

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    A small machette sculpture of the bridge I'm building!

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