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I'm building a 15' opaque white, floating paper bridge.The sculpture's dimensions skew over the length and it hangs 5' off the floor.
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Judith Hoffman

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Most of the windows are made!

I've been busy on the bridge since Thursday and almost all the windows are done! These are a photo from mid-day and the evening...

Here's how I did it:I got an accurate 3D rendering and used it to create a template. I then did some math (thanks to Kate Crowe for all of those years of geometry coaching in college) to create 5 pieces for each window, each one has different dimensions (height, width, depth) and at least sixteen ways to cut, score, and fold it. This was a ton of work and exercise in patience just getting the paper cut. Today I decided (with some very helpful outside input) to put a frame around the windows too, which should be easy. Next step is the how to connect the rails to the planks!

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