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Little Isabella escapes her room to discover that her world of fantasy can be broken by the smallest mistake. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 24, 2011.

Little Isabella escapes her room to discover that her world of fantasy can be broken by the smallest mistake.

About this project

We are looking for funding for our narrative portion of the film. We have locked a beautiful 1800's home that we plan on finishing our project in. Half of this film is already finished and we need your help to finish it. 

Our funds would be going to the following items:

1. Film Stock

2. Location

3. Post production- Visual effects, Film Festivals, DVD's.

We are so close to finishing this project that started almost 8 months ago and we would appreciate any help!


Ryan Spacone, Ryan Barton, and Sam Smith

Synopsis: Isabella, a little girl who lives in New York City in 1896, dreams of one day becoming a ballerina. One snowy night, after her mother reads her Isabella’s favorite fairy tale, she sneaks out of bed and finds her treasured music box and opens it. As she turns the key to the box the ballerina figurine spins. Isabella closes her eyes and imagines herself as real ballerina dancing on an empty stage. She spins around her room, faster and faster, while the ballerina on the stage slowly loses control.

What we need: Since this film is a period piece, it requires a very large amount of production design to correctly and accurately accomplish our vision. Much of Isabella's location requires some type of prop or set to be built. The money will be used to go towards props, set building, and wardrobe.

This is being shot in 35mm. We need help with money for ECN-2 processing and a 2k transfer.

This is our cinematographer's (Ryan Spacone) final film of his college career. He's putting up the first 75% from his personal savings because he fully believes in this project and our team. We hope to raise this money to help him pay for the above as well as equipment rental, transportation and food for cast and crew.


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