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Dream with Me--A documentary that will change the face of public education in America.
Dream with Me--A documentary that will change the face of public education in America.
90 backers pledged $5,615 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kirsten Bonanza on

      So when's the film going to be released? I haven't heard anything in awhile.

    2. Calvin Fahey on

      Henri, I want to dream with you, but i need to get my project funded too! Henri, all kidding aside, I do need a little help, My name is Calvin, I am trying to get an invite, my pitch is on and I am a supporter on some projects, just don't know how to get an invite, if you can help my email is thanks and good luck

    3. Theodora Holt on

      Hi Guys! Congrats on reaching your goal! I love this project and am so happy to support it! I am wondering if you have a section in the film that is about taking action. Something for us to get involved in. Some way we can effect change. The story you are telling is an important one and it would be nice to know what I, as a member of society can do to help. Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jen Heitler on

      Henri & Kim, I'm so proud of you guys for making this. xo Jen

    5. John Moore on

      This is a project that is both inspiring and frightening. I'm frightened by what is going on in public school system. Apathetic teachers, apathetic administration, and apathetic students. I'm frightened by the thought of a school system pushing out students with no hope, no goals, and no dreams. I'm frightened by an entire generation of Americans giving up because they feel limited by a system that just isn't working. The last thing a student should have to worry about is surviving another day. I'm inspired by the fact that there is still time. We can still reach these students. We can still give them hope. Children should be concerned about which dream they want to follow, not which hallway has the most dangers. I'm inspired by the fact that there are still good teachers left, good students who care, and good filmmakers willing to expose the problems now so we can fix them. This is a problem that affects us all. Those with children and without children. The residual effects of a poor education can be the difference between a society that grows or a city that decays. Please tell your friends and family about this project. There's still time to help. We can transform our schools in factories for doctors, lawyers, business leaders, social activists, and artists instead of a pit stop on the road to poverty, crime, and dispair. We can still give these children hope. Dreams can become reality. Children can reach their potential. We can still make a difference. It's up to us. Let's not miss this important opportunity.

    6. Elizabeth McNamara on

      From a mom who has two boys who will be starting school in 2010 - THANK YOU! This is a very important subject to be debated and FIXED. Go Forth and spread the word. - Beth McNamara Brunelle

    7. Missing avatar

      Kari Coborn-Pearce on

      Kim & Henri - that trailer really shows the need from all of us to help the kids of today and that each and everyone should help a student. No matter where you live or if you are a parent with a child in school or not. WE ALL SHOULD do something to make a difference for the leaders of tomorrow. There are so many kiddos in school without parents who need role models and just someone to show them they care about their future, so if you don't have a child in school or children at all, think about all those kids without parents or parents that are just never around and rely on others to show them "a way" - not always the best, but they don't know one way from the other. I believe so much in what Kim and Henri have done and hope they can take this project to highest utmost number of viewers to make a difference! Love you guys! ~ Kari