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By David Perez
$89.00 pledged of $20,000 goal

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.


After losing my hearing last year, I was looking for something like this but nothing was on the market, so I decide to create it myself. What this device is going to do is using a magnetic clip attached to a person shirt, it will send via Bluetooth what the person is saying to the actual device and display it in words. Also, because deaf people can’t talk, this device will be able to say what the deaf person types in on the device keyboard. Although it might sound simple (which is better) it will help thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people become more independent, be able to communicate with people on their own and not rely on an ALS interpreter. In school, Deaf or hard of hearing people will be able to hand the Bluetooth clip to their professor and read what the professor is lecturing from the device. There is nothing out there like this, which I have looked for and didn't find. I want to be able to create this because I know that it will not only help me but thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people all around the world.

Risks and challenges

Because there is nothing like this out there, the rewards will be greater than the risks once this device is manufactured. The challenge that I have right now is with funding. I am currently talking to companies to help me manufacture the device, and they advised me to file for a patent which I'm currently working on with a patent attorney, and also work on getting funds so that they can help me with product development and design.

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