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The first episode of our graphic adaptation of James Joyce's *Ulysses* won a big battle for free artistic expression -- help us make the next one!
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40 days and 40 nights till BloomsDay!

Hello and welcome back!

Most of you by now have joined us as subscribers over at our main blog;

If so you know that since your generous contributions at the end of 2010 we've been able to keep the power going in the studio, complete the "Calypso" chapter, make a fresh update to the iPad app with all the new content, and take ULYSSES "SEEN" worldwide (mostly) as of January 1st, 2012.

If you're a regular subscriber there or on on our facebook or twitter feeds you may know that I and the original pages from the comic will be in Dublin for the first time this BloomsDay.

There will be new pages of the coming "Nestor/Lotus Eaters" chapter going online for the holiday... but I'm not allowed to tell you where yet.

Today's news isn't about the comic, however. Today it's about telling you all how I and my partners at Throwaway Horse are getting behind the folks at Boston College who are developing an smart-phone based walking tour of Dublin with ULYSSES as the key. It's called JoyceWalk and it looks fantastic.

Professor Nugent and his students have created a tour of the town that accesses shows the paths of Stephen and Mr Bloom and gives you all of the relevant spots, the deeper histories, the most significant monuments and the truly outstanding pubs, complete with related images and quotes, all in time for my first-time visit to dirty, dirty Dublin. Now we need to help him out a bit so we can get it on our phones by Bloomsday.

The tech has been designed and the content work is done, but there hoping for a little kickstarter push to get code written and submitted in time. As someone who's dealt with this before... I feel the worry.

So I'm sending out this call for help to all of you who have helped us so much before. Making this novel more accessible relies strongly on making people see how Mr Joyce's love and humor is still part of our everyday experience and that his Dublin and our own modern cities are not so very far apart.

I'm committing new drawings and original art from the comic as rewards to this wonderful kickstarter drive and I'm hoping all of you who have supported us in the past will send the love to Professor Nugent and his students. You can receive original drawings from my Dubliners sketchbook there for a donation of just $35. There will also be pages of original art from our "Calypso" chapter offered there for a $300 dollar pledge of support.

I really, really would like to see this project make it. As a Joycehead like yourselves, I really want someone to just say, "hey, sure it's hard to understand. But if you bring it up on your phone there then I think we can give you a little glimmer of just why you'll want to read it."

Thanks so much and standby for further updates as Bloomsday draws nearer,


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Calypso is online!

Hello all,

The Calypso episode of Ulysses "Seen", up to page 27, is online now with corresponding reader's guide entries. We'll be posting a new installment every Monday until Bloomsday. We're quite happy with the way this chapter turned out, and we can't wait to show you the rest of it.

Calypso preview link


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A special treat for our supporters...


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Rewards shipping process (FINALLY) about to begin.

Hello again everyone,

We're happy to announce that the incredibly and unnecessarily arduous process of getting the rewards items produced has finally come to an end. Our shipping materials have also begun to arrive, so we're ready to begin sending them out to you at last. We'll start by sending out the packages that fit into the containers we have and continue to ship others as the appropriate containers arrive. Thank you all so much again for your patience.