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The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
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Endless ups and downs

Posted by Mellow Boards (Creator)
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Dear Mellows,

DPD came this week for pickup, BUT we didn’t get as many batteries as promised from our supplier. So only a few packages could finally be shipped. This is very frustrating for us! We rely on the commitment of our suppliers and share the dates and numbers confirmed by them directly with you to be as transparent as possible. But then things turn out differently again and again :( 

Thus we can do nothing other than disappointing your expectations over and over again. We’d want nothing more than having already fulfilled all promises and expectations long ago. But sadly we cannot change the situation as it is. 

Battery supplies for further shipments 

We’ll get further battery supplies next week. Two shipments are already on their way. But quite honestly, we have no idea how many new batteries will arrive in total during the next days and weeks. As the process of iterating this unique type of battery, custom made for the Mellow Drive, is truly complex and challenging, even our supplier now has restrained from giving us tangible forecasts. They are actually producing reasonable quantities every day now. But we want to stop raising false expectations. So we don’t have concrete figures for next week but will give you an update next Friday on what we’ve actually achieved. 

We are confident that as soon as processes are up and running we’ll reach the quality and quantity we need. 

International deliveries 

Meanwhile, we are making progress on a solution for international deliveries. We will have a test run next week with yet a different provider and will let you know how it will work out and if we can pick up global shipping soon again. 

Safety and legality of e-skating 

For some tips on safety and legality when riding your electric skateboard check out our latest Mellow School episode: 

Mellow School #4: Safety Tips
Mellow School #4: Safety Tips


Talk to you soon,
Johannes & Kilian 

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    1. Nate Wilson on

      Dang that's really a bummer about the international deliveries. I didn't realize that it was a matter of if they will be delivered rather than when they will be delivered. Do you have a contingency plan if you ultimately cannot find an international distributor? Can you perhaps ship batteries by sea with fewer restrictions?