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The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
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Kickstarter deliveries to Europe accomplished

Posted by Mellow Boards (Creator)
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Dear Mellows,

As announced last week, we finally accomplished the feat of sending out the Kickstarter deliveries to our European backers. There are only 39 packed boxes left, waiting for pick-up on Monday. This means we’ll have all our German and European Kickstarter shipments fulfilled by then. This was only possible with the help of an alternative shipping provider thanks to one of our suppliers, since TNT’s deliveries for hazard goods are still down.

Now only 32 international deliveries are left. We are still working on finding a new solution for these.

International Kickstarter deliveries

Why does finding an alternative for international shipping take so long? If you're not using a full-service expeditor, the process turns out to be very complicated - not only due to the batteries that are declared dangerous goods but also due to the handling of taxes and customs for a product of this value.

In spite of this, we are of course more dedicated now than ever. We are in the process of evaluating two concrete options and hope to be able to let you know our progress here next week.

Pre-Order deliveries start beginning of August

Normally, we have enough Drives on stock to proceed right into pre-order deliveries, BUT batteries continue to be the bottleneck. The next shipment of batteries with the improved sealing will arrive at our lab in the first week of August instead of this week as originally promised. This sucks - we absolutely agree with you on that! Yet we can only wait as Mellow is a complex product, dependent on its many suppliers.

We'll inform you as soon as we can inspect the shipment and give numbers in an exact timeline for the kick-off of the pre-order deliveries.

Mellow School - how to get started

In the meantime, we pulled Alexis in front of the camera and started a video series to help you understand your Mellow Drive better. We cover basic questions like, how to mount the Drive on any deck of your choice, how to pair and charge Remote and Drive, how to get your board rolling, accelerating and braking, and what the different signals given by each mean exactly.

Mellow School: Mounting the Drive
Mellow School: Mounting the Drive


Watch and enjoy the show and, who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky winner of some Mellow sunglasses!

Talk to you soon,
Johannes & Kilian

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    1. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi MechaGear,

      could you please write an email to
      I cant find you with your "Kickstarter Name".

      Stay mellow!


    2. MechaGear on

      Hey Mellows, did you send out a shipping mail to the backers? I didn't get any, yet would like to track the status of my shipment. Could you provide a tracking ID?
      Thanks in advance.