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The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
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Resetting the clock

Posted by Mellow Boards (Creator)

Dear Mellows,

We regret to announce that we won’t be able to ship earlier than in the last week of February, and that only a few first Mellowers will get their Mellow Drives that week. The Endless Ride will begin for remaining Kickstarter backers in March, with pre-order customers finally mounting up in April.

Three months ago, the goal of releasing a high-end in-wheel board changed into the need to take on the best-of-class belt-driven boards as well. Deeper testing revealed that, despite our edge in mid to high speeds thanks to advanced tuning and motor control, magnet size prevented further evolution.

We accepted the risk and modified our magnet order.

It was only our close relationship with our local motor supplier that made this huge last minute change possible. The supply schedule for the rare metals needed was tight, but still should have permitted us to manufacture and deliver in mid to late February, as we had announced. Unfortunately, we have been told that delivery will be only partial in the next weeks, enabling us to manufacture only 10 to 40 Drives in February, with the rest coming successively in the following weeks.

This is the last but largest piece of the puzzle figuring the huge list of extra features that we've added to the initial Kickstarter specifications in the past year, giving backers of this premium product the performance they need to prove it on the streets.

Thank you for your support in during these long months. Snow is still on the ground but spring is coming soon to Germany - we can't wait to ride with you.

If you got any further questions just shoot us an email or a suitable time to call and we will be in touch.

Speak to you soon!
Johannes & Kilian

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    1. Shawn Twomey on

      March sounds great! #100 here so hoping I'll get my first endless ride then!

    2. Missing avatar

      promisellee on

      A project delayed for like 1 year and sti doesnt have a exact ship time…what happend to "Germans always stick to their schedule. " I backed this project for my girlfriend's birthday, now she is my wife, and when Mellow arrived, I think she would be pregnant then.�

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Schiemann on

      Hey guys, no problem and thanks for the notice. If it helps, I would need mine only in July the earliest.

    4. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi Tim,
      the best estimate we can give you is the 10-40 units as stated above.
      But with #7 you are in a pretty good position ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Max on

      Argh Tim!


      Backer #94 here.

    6. Tim Ellis on

      Thanks for the update. Can you perhaps clarify "only a few first Mellowers"? Like, literally just the first three backers, or are we talking about the first 10 backers? 15?

      As backer #7 I am just attempting to properly adjust my expectations :)

      Vielen Dank!