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The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
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The Mellow Pre-Order Shop has launched!

Posted by Mellow Boards (Creator)

Hello Mellows,

this is the news we’ve been waiting to send out for the past couple of weeks:


We can’t tell you how happy we are. And of course you, our supporters from zero hour, are the first ones to get the good news. 48 hours later we will give a shout out to an incredible crowd of over 6.500 subscribers who have registered on our website and are waiting eagerly to place an order. We are flattered!

And we have another special offer for you. In case you want to add more accessories to your Mellow Box, please send us an email to before you order and we will provide you with a voucher code that will refund you for the extra shipping costs.

Speaking of shipping, this brings us to some news we actually never wanted to send out. You will notice that the expected shipping date in our online shop and thus our Kickstarter orders has shifted from May/June 2016 to September 2016.
We have definitely double checked all possibilities to avoid this delay. But as optimistic and strong-willed as we are, we had to learn that there are processes that we just can’t speed up, such as certification for instance. Because we want Mellow to be a state-of-the-art quality product, there is no question whether we would get all necessary certificates for the highest quality and safety standards. This includes such as the UL certificate for Bluetooth and battery, the EMC (Electromagnetic Compliance) certificate and the UN transport certificate.
So far, so good. But certificates are a legal thing and legal things can take awfully long. Our timeline was bombed when we were told that it can take up to six months.
As unsexy as this might sound, we chose to take the quality route and we know that in the end the extra time invested will pay off for all of us.

Tech News

For what’s more we would like to share some really sweet details on our motors with you all.
As you know, we do not use commercial RC-toy motors for the Mellow Drive as some of our competitors do. This would just not do it for Mellow in terms of quality and of course power. We spent lots of time and money developing a unique high power, high torque motor only for the use in our electric skateboard drive.

So what’s so great about it then? Here comes the nerdy part… This is the characteristics of a typical electric motor.

As you can see, maximum torque (best acceleration) starts from 0 rpm – that’s what makes it so much fun. The torque then stays constant until the motor reaches its so called rated speed. The motor will then go into the “field weakening range” where you will continue speeding up until you hit max speed, but more slowly than before.
Now check out what we managed to do.

We’ve pushed the rated speed to the end of the torque curve, so that the Mellow In-Wheel Motor will give you full torque any time, all the time, all the way up to its max operating speed of 40 km/h!! Can you imagine what that means? Oh baby! Hitting the throttle will push your eyeballs back into your head with as much G forces when you are at 35 km/h as it did when you screeched out of a full stop.
Furthermore we managed to up the maximum rated torque from 1.5 Nm to 1.7 Nm which will further increase acceleration and hill climbing power of the Mellow Drive. Both upgrades apply equally to braking, giving you better security as well as performance. 

 These hard facts are making us very proud. They are the results of extensive calculations, simulations and prototyping that is now paying off for us and all of our backers. 

 We do not copy any one, we do not buy off-the-shelf-components and call them a “product”. We get to the drawing board, do our homework and make the best product possible. This is what Mellow stands for and this is what we believe in. 

 There are two more fancy details about the Motors we will share in our next update so stay tuned!  

Now, please take your first stroll through the Mellow Candy Store and tell your friends that during the pre-order phase we still have special prices. The sooner you order, the better the price.
Over the next months we will add more and more accessories, so it will be worth stopping by every once in a while and check out the latest stuff.

To finally brighten up your day, we send you some happy faces from the Mellow summer smash we celebrated last weekend at Kilians place.

Speak to you soon,
Johannes & Kilian


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    1. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi there Mr. Kohlhaas!
      Love your name by the way :-)

      Nice thinking on the different levels of the charging! Not many people are aware of the fact that you would loose your breaking power if the battery is fully charged. This happens to customers of other electric skateboards quite a bit and that's why we came up with our additional "Thermo-Break-System" Call it TBS for now...

      Trains have it, big machines have it - Mellow has it!
      So what does it do?

      The TBS mainly consists of a massive resistor and a current regulator connected to it.
      When you break our software's first priority will be to charge the battery with as much current as possible to increase your range. When the battery is full the following happens.
      The current regulator will send the excess energy to our breaking resistor which will then simply turn it into heat.
      This way you will never loose you breaking power due to a fully charged battery.

      That's one advantage of the system. But there's more.
      Since you now have the TBS on board you can also break a lot harder than with regeneration only.
      What most people do not know is that the current you can send into a battery is rather limited and exceeding these limits will age the battery - meaning it will die a lot quicker. By using our TBS we do not have to charge the battery at its absolute limit all the time to achieve a proper breaking force but we can simply split up the energy and thereby protect the battery form being damaged thus providing strong breaking power for control and security.

      No one has ever done this on a electric skateboard before so we are really proud of it.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Stay Mellow!

    2. Missing avatar

      C. Kohlhaas on

      Will there be an option for specific charging levels? My car tends to not use regen braking when it's at 100%, so if I start on a hill with my board fully charged I'd loose the breaking power, which I wouldnt like very much. Like, if I could set it to only charge 80% I'd have full regen and most range...