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      C. Kohlhaas on

      Will there be an option for specific charging levels? My car tends to not use regen braking when it's at 100%, so if I start on a hill with my board fully charged I'd loose the breaking power, which I wouldnt like very much. Like, if I could set it to only charge 80% I'd have full regen and most range...

    2. Mellow Boards Creator on

      Hi there Mr. Kohlhaas!
      Love your name by the way :-)

      Nice thinking on the different levels of the charging! Not many people are aware of the fact that you would loose your breaking power if the battery is fully charged. This happens to customers of other electric skateboards quite a bit and that's why we came up with our additional "Thermo-Break-System" Call it TBS for now...

      Trains have it, big machines have it - Mellow has it!
      So what does it do?

      The TBS mainly consists of a massive resistor and a current regulator connected to it.
      When you break our software's first priority will be to charge the battery with as much current as possible to increase your range. When the battery is full the following happens.
      The current regulator will send the excess energy to our breaking resistor which will then simply turn it into heat.
      This way you will never loose you breaking power due to a fully charged battery.

      That's one advantage of the system. But there's more.
      Since you now have the TBS on board you can also break a lot harder than with regeneration only.
      What most people do not know is that the current you can send into a battery is rather limited and exceeding these limits will age the battery - meaning it will die a lot quicker. By using our TBS we do not have to charge the battery at its absolute limit all the time to achieve a proper breaking force but we can simply split up the energy and thereby protect the battery form being damaged thus providing strong breaking power for control and security.

      No one has ever done this on a electric skateboard before so we are really proud of it.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Stay Mellow!