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The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
The first mountable electric drive that turns any normal skateboard into an electric skateboard – within minutes.
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The new Kids.

Posted by Mellow Boards (Creator)

Hi Mellows,

today we want to introduce you to the latest members of the Mellow team. Meet Tony, Julian, Chris, Titus and Ahad:

Johannes and Tony share a friendship since the beginning of their studies. When Tony graduated in Finance, Investmentbanking and HR he wrote his master theses about early-stage-financing of start-up’s. But his credo is, „No one will care about your idea until you have a plan how to execute it.“ So he rolled up his sleeves and dived head first into the start-up culture of Barcelona and Berlin. A couple of years down the line he has made himself a reputation as Head of Sales. Being a sports junkie he brings an energetic personality to the table. And with his data driven mindset, he’s taking impossible challenges and hits the goals. So when Johannes started looking for his right-hand man, it was more of a rethoric question who would be the right man for the job. Feels good to see you two working shoulder to shoulder for your own start-up.

Kilian says, „As long as there is space for his skateboard, his camera and his computer, Julian is ready to go pretty much anywhere.“ But besides living his gypsy lifestyle all over Europe he also graduated in Economics & Politics, as well as Engineering for Sportsequipment and has been working as a designer, engineer, consultant, web developer and project manager. You might have guessed it already, sleep is not one of his hobbies. Whenever he has a free minute he administrates and art directs an online video magazine about skateboarding and culture that he co-founded in 2012. Born as a leo, Julian is overflowing with energy. And even if he’s just 173,5cm tall, he will help us rocket Mellow as a brand through the roof. Can’t wait to grow with you.

Chris grew up as the next-door neighbour of Sigmund Jähn, the first German dude in space. Teaching him at an early age that there are no bounderies and that there must be something like an endless ride. After his West-German relatives managed to smuggle his first skateboard in the late 80s into the country, he was immediately hooked on it. Picking up surfing and snowboarding was just the logical consequence. This qualified him as one of Johannes best travel mates. But it also led him to his career as the manager of various skate stores. and later on a Sales Rep for Element and Fallen Footwear. Perfect conditions to collect all the experience needed to become a B2B expert. But because we like people with skew CVs rather than with polished portfolios, this is not where the story ends. Chris somehow graduated with 1st Class BSc (Hons) in Music Technology from London Metropolitan University to eventually become a video technician working on shows for artists such as Roísín Murphy, Archive & Hot Chip. What a Mellow guy you are! Love to have you on board, Chris.

We chose Titus as our Adviser because he is definitely wiser than all of us. Working as a reverend and entrepreneur for years, his heart beats for people who are acting socially and economically responsibile. Coaching governments, companies and non-profit organizations he’s been rated as one of the top 100 trainers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And because this all sounds a little too stiff for Mellow, we should probably mention that he’s a passionate breakdancer since 18 years. We definitely believe in you, man!

Ahad is what you call a true people’s person. His positive attitude is contagious to all those around him. His papers say, that he studied social economics and marketing in Hamburg and LA. But if you listen to his stories about his multicultural family and his years of working in eCommerce, it just tells you that this man can adapt to any situation. And that he will find creative solutions for all the challenges to come. The fact that Ahad speaks four different languages fluently was just one more proof for us of his multitalent. Really proud to have you in our Team, mate!

And of course Kilian wants to impress you with some nerdy details:

"So for all those wondering what happened to our Board in the acceleration measurements last week, here’s some results: First of all the Mellow Board was equipped with two high precision accelerometers. The first one was placed directly on the hanger, to measure the shocks the motors will have to withstand. These values will be essential for the dimensioning of the bearings inside the motors as well as for the motor itself. Every skater knows about changing bearings all the time…. The second accelerometer was placed on the aluminum frame of the Mellow Drive and the shocks it measured were already dampened by the rubber pivot cup and bushings – so they were significantly reduced already. Here we will see the impacts that our power electronics and battery will have to withstand.

During the measurements the following surfaces and tests were conducted. 1) Paved road, smooth 2) Paved road, rough 3) Gravel road 4) Cobble stone road 5) Drop test 6) Ollie Jump 7) Ollie of the curb Here are two examples of what the measurements looked like:

So what’s left to say? The testing went well and each measurement gave us a good insight into what maximum and what average shock each situation will bring to the system. Of course we can’t reveal all the results here for the industry to copy but let’s say it like this: The insights gained from these tests will provide us with the capability of ensuring highest quality and longevity of our system and lots of fun for you."

And there are even more good news: We just dropped the collector decks at the post office. Hopefully arriving at our backers before the weekend. Enjoy your maiden ride!

Speak to you soon!
Johannes & Kilian

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